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<wael[m]> is Nim available in KISS/
<wael[m]> ?
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<wael[m]> thanks! i still really hate it when some packages aren't in the mainline repositories when they should be there lol
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<jamesnuegss> how can i make my own kiss rootfs?
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<wael[m]> ouch
<ioraff> lol
<wael[m]> the kiss linux 'logo' at the moment is pixel art of a red lip, but the kiss community logo currently is a high quality lipstick, would it be possible to make it pixel art instead? i just finished making the kiss linux logo using ansi color escapes and was wondering if i could do the same for kiss community
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<Ogromny> Hi
<wael[m]> that is a really terrible logo holy shit
<testuser[m]12> Hi
<testuser[m]12> wael: they're not there cuz stuff like nim you'll use once then never use again and the package will rot in community and be dropped anyway
<testuser[m]12> So ig people just don't submit
<wael[m]> i wanted to package it for something that i quickly said 'wait, i don't need this' so i didn't
<wael[m]> testuser: o/
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<Ogromny> wael[m]: :'(
<phoebos> wael[m]: I made a smaller lipstick logo for the favicon for
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<phinxy> I use this fitting image as GRUB background:
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<riteo> hiiiii!
<riteo> how's it going?
<testuser[m]12> riteo: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
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<riteo> hi testuser[m]12!
<riteo> how's it going for you?
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<testuser[m]12> Good
<phinxy> I'd like to compile KiCAD with a different mesa driver, but also I want my current system unchanged, could a chroot with overlayfs help with that?
<riteo> well, gotta reboot and do some godot testing, byeeeee!
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<testuser[m]12> phinxy: aren't mesa drivers dlopen'd
<testuser[m]12> Wdym compile with different mesa
<testuser[m]12> I mean the gpu drivers are dlopened not main mesa code
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<casskat> can someone explain to me, why xorg depends on wayland
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<ehawkvu> casskat: it doesn't?
<casskat> Ah it was my mistake, because i  installed mesa from Wayland repo, not from xorg