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<testuser[m]12> Hi
<noocsharp> ioraff: wow, that's actually a much bigger speedup than i thought it would be
<noocsharp> hi
<noocsharp> phoebos: js
<noocsharp> also wysiwyg bad
<ioraff> me too
<noocsharp> did you do multiple trials or just one each?
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<ioraff> did a second one, yeah
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<illiliti> i wonder what speedup we would get if we liberate linux from gnu make
<illiliti> btw has anyone tried to accomplish that? how hard it is? just curious
<wael[m]> is gnu make that bad too
<wael[m]> also, in almost every subdirectory there is a make file
<wael[m]> I'd rather work my ass off to get Linux working with TCC rather than get it working with non gnu make lol
<illiliti> iirc you can build linux with tcc
<illiliti> linux 4.9 to be exact. i don't remember the details though
<wael[m]> modern kernels like 5.19
<wael[m]> we'd have to make a Linux fork in order to liberate most of the GNU stuff, since patches will not be very sufficient I think
<illiliti> ah no, i was wrong. you can't buld linux with tcc
<wael[m]> damn that sucks
<illiliti> if we could achieve that, patches will be another story
<illiliti> i'm pretty sure people who pushed clang to linux would be very interested in it
<illiliti> imagine non-gnu linux lol
<wael[m]> IIf only
<wael[m]> What package provides
<wael[m]> Wait it is existent, why it is telling me 'No such file or directory' when running ldd on it wtf
<Ogromny> find / -type f -name "*" 2>/dev/null
<Ogromny> echo "$LD_LIBRARY_PATH"
<wael[m]> this is what trying to get multilib on KISS does to a mf
<Ogromny> Maybe exist but it's not in the good path
<wael[m]> Ogromny: currently compiling mesa since it provides it
<Ogromny> I had this problem, I packaged a thing without `--prefix=/usr` so pkgconf was unable to find it
<wael[m]> OK libgbm is fixed yay
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<phoebos> thinking about adding a page like this
<phoebos> make it easier to find answers to common problems
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<wael[m]> phoebos: unironically, i actually unironically had one of these as a problem
<wael[m]> but what kind of serious errors would users face? it would generally just be the ones listed on the page
<phoebos> i'm not sure I understand your question. my idea is that this page copies and points to infomation which helps with common problems
<phoebos> I've asked in a few places with no reply, but does any of you know if freebsd sh has been ported to linux?
<phoebos> i spent a while fighting cpp and the linker just for it to segfault :p
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<wael[m]> freebsd sh? why not use oksh
<illiliti> oksh man
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<phoebos> oksh is nice, but i'm looking for a portable freebsd ash
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<phoebos> illiliti: thanks, perfect
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<wael[m]> why do most KISS or 'POSIX' scripts avoid -i flag in sed actions?
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<ioraff> wael[m]: sed -i isn't defined by POSIX
<wael[m]> alright
<wael[m]> just a bit sad cuz its really good
<ioraff> indeed
<ioraff> ideally (imo) we'd use ed, but busybox ed doesn't support regex
<ioraff> sed -i used to be the one exception that dylan made