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<testuser[m]12> Hi
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<Ogromny> Hi
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<Ogromny> Hum how do you update git package ?
<Ogromny> I mean, I have neovim (git) installed but when I do `kiss u` it seems that everything is up to date
<Ogromny> I can do `kiss b $(kiss l | grep "git-1" | cut -d" " -f1 | xargs)` but I will rebuild everything even if there's no update
<Ogromny> s/I will/it'll/
<testuser[m]12> That's the only way
<testuser[m]12> manually updated
<Ogromny> That's sad
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<wael[m]> can variables exported by a kiss hook be read by KISS to be forwarded to the build?
<ioraff> no, unfortunately, since the hook is executed rather than sourced. you'll need to have the hook insert the exports into the build file
<wael[m]> wouldn't that overwrite the existing build file?
<wael[m]> or do you mean to have to insert the variables manually into the build files?
<ioraff> yes. I make a backup of the original to /tmp and then restore it upon build failure or completion
<wael[m]> interesting
<wael[m]> i only need to set 3 variables, so i guess i can have a pre-install file in the package directory to set that variable?
<wael[m]> or is that just executed and not sourced too?
<ioraff> the hooks in the package directory that are executed are post-install and pre-remove
<ioraff> do the variables have anything to do with the build?
<wael[m]> they set the compiler
<ioraff> as far as I know, you can either run CC=... kiss ... or insert CC=... in the build file.
<wael[m]> thing is, its for many packages, so im simply trying to save like 10 kilobytes lol.
<ioraff> as per the hook I sent, you can add each package in a case statement
<wael[m]> does your hook directly modify the build file and save the old to a temporary file, and once the build is complete it brings the old build file back?
<ioraff> yes
<wael[m]> oh wow your hook displays the time
<wael[m]> i didnt know hooks could be that useful
<wael[m]> i will try to do something similar, thanks!!
<wael[m]> ~~also by similar i meant shamelessly copying~~
<ioraff> as did I, from dylan. reminds me to add a license
<wael[m]> is it still a good idea to instead add the variables directly to the build files or to do what the hook does
<ioraff> that's up to you. it's just my personal preference that environmental variables be modified via a hook, since they only need to be prepended to the build file, while all other changes warrant a fork of the package
<wael[m]> you know what? i guess it wouldnt hurt to add a few variables to each build file
<wael[m]> unless...?
<wael[m]> does sed support inplace ?
<ioraff> busybox sed does, yes. as does ed, which I use. the backup is only for "safety"
<wael[m]> hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
<wael[m]> okay fuck it
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<wael[m]> is there a way to prevent kiss from cleaning? i want to make simple post-compilation changes to the build file, and i have to constantly recompile for whatever change i did.
<soliwilos> You want to keep the temporary build dir? I think setting KISS_DEBUG=1 does that.
<wael[m]> not exactly, i want to make use of the existing build dir for tiny changes. however the build directories are by processor, i think a better solution is to use ccache to speed it up some more for recompilation.
<wael[m]> how can ccache be used with KISS otherwise?
<wael[m]> nvm found the wiki page for it.
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<phoebos> wael[m]: i like to put a `sh >/dev/tty` somewhere into the build script
<phoebos> i also tweaked kiss so that you can run `kiss continue` from within /tmp/$$/pkg/pkg/ to finish the build after installing
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