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<Torr> ridicule*
<illiliti> wael[m]: run `uevent` command, unplug/hotplug device and send me output
<wael[m]> its very large so ill send whats what i want in particular
<wael[m]> nevermind i can't find the atmel-dfu name so ill give the full output of me setting it to bootloader mode and then unplugging replugging to get back to normal
<illiliti> tl;dr: you cannot redistribute these files without written permission by IEEE
<midfavila> reeeeeeeeeeee piracy
<illiliti> what hwdata does is a clear violation
<illiliti> so someone send DMCA right now
<midfavila> you can't do it yourself?
<phoebos> damn
<phoebos> but it doesn't make sense for man-pages-posix
<wael[m]> i thought it was removed from rpm because it was CC0
<phoebos> it's not CC0, it's the posix standard
<phoebos> the documentation can be distributed with permission but not modified
<phoebos> which makes sense
<phoebos> because IT'S A STANDARD
<illiliti> midfavila: i'm not in position to send DMCA notices fortunately
<illiliti> wael[m]: SUBSYSTEM=usb;PRODUCT=3eb/2ff4/0;.* root:wael 777
<wael[m]> and mdev -s right?
<illiliti> yep
<illiliti> phoebos: it does because man-pages-posix is non-free
<illiliti> it violates DFSG
<wael[m]> actually yes that works but sv restart mdev made it work not mdev -s
<wael[m]> thanks!
<phoebos> it doesn't make sense to apply the open-source criteria to documentation
<phoebos> unless they want to change the er, formatting
<illiliti> > 1. Free redistribution.
<illiliti> is it open-source criteria?
<illiliti> it should apply to documentation too
<illiliti> otherwise non-free
<phoebos> ah, ok redistribution
<illiliti> because how distro would ship documentation to users if redistribution is not allowed
<illiliti> we're violating copyright guys
<phoebos> so is the permission to distribute man-pages-posix only given to michael kerrisk, and not extended to distros?
<phoebos> even though the distros are only packaging it
<illiliti> they should grant permission to everyone, not only distros
<illiliti> so yeah, it is complicated copyright situation
<phoebos> agreed that they should, but i think packaging it is currently permitted?
<illiliti> no, packaging is redistribution
<phoebos> binary packaging ok, but surely our sources and build files are not redistribution
<illiliti> it's complicated
<illiliti> i would say that it is 50/50
<phoebos> we distribute convenience rules to download and install the project, not any of the project itself is distributed
<phoebos> if that violates copyright, then it's messed up
<midfavila> our sources files aren't a violation of copyright
<midfavila> we're redistributing a way to access the originals, which are under the control of IEEE or open group or whomever
<illiliti> only court can prove that, IANAL
<midfavila> we're not redistributing the material
<midfavila> period
<illiliti> does man-pages package contain LICENSE or something?
<phoebos> posix manpages all have the COPYRIGHT section
<illiliti> ah, i see
<illiliti> good then
<illiliti> it is also unclear whether hwdata can redistribute pnp.ids
<illiliti> doesn't grant explicit permission to do so
<illiliti> > Q27. Who has been granted permission to excerpt materials from the standard?
<illiliti> clear violation of DFSG
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<wael[m]> does muon use itself to compile itself?
<wael[m]> also, about pr #51, couldn't it just be merged for packages that have been tested and working? or does it get merged when all are working?
<illiliti> 1. yes
<illiliti> 2. the latter
<wael[m]> so once all packages have been tested and working it shall be merged?
<illiliti> yes
<wael[m]> which also includes the very large mesa
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<wael[m]> what is the difference between ssu and su -c "$@"
<illiliti> su -c is not portable
<wael[m]> portable as in doesnt work on all systems?
<wael[m]> similar to POSIX compliance?
<illiliti> yeah, it doesn't work everywhere
<illiliti> su isn't posix
<wael[m]> what about something like opendoas?
<wael[m]> i like doas for it's feature to run a command instantly as root, though that has security concerns, same goes to persistent feature i assume.
<illiliti> if you don't need password authentication or extra configuration, consider ssu
<illiliti> otherwise sudo or doas is fine
<wael[m]> i have been using su -c purely because it is on my system and i dont need another package/program
<wael[m]> i wonder if toybox/ubase has -c
<illiliti> keep using it. there's nothing wrong with it. just keep in mind that its flags and semantics are not portable
<illiliti> ubase doesn't have -c
<wael[m]> 'unportable' in ubase was a lie!!!!!!
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<ehawkvu> The post-install hook seems broken:
<ehawkvu> In kiss ^
<ehawkvu> KISS_HOOK=/path/to/hook/with/post-install-case sh -x kiss b pkg
<wael[m]> what does the hook do?
<ehawkvu> I'm trying to write a hook that automatically runs 'makewhatis' after installing a package with a man page
<ehawkvu> But the code in the 'post-install' part of the case statement never runs
<ehawkvu> Here's the hook:
<ehawkvu> Doesn't actually run the makewhatis, just tries to print to the screen
<illiliti> run kiss i pkg
<ehawkvu> Still nothing:
<ehawkvu> It looks like it's calling it with SIGEXIT
<illiliti> add KISS_HOOK here
<ehawkvu> Still the same result
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<illiliti> try to run as root and get log
<illiliti> doas kiss i pkg
<illiliti> > /home/ethan/git/uni/kiss-personal/hooks/kiss-mangz-hook post-install entr /var/db/kiss/installed/entr
<illiliti> should work
<illiliti> hook is executable right?
<ehawkvu> Yes
<ehawkvu> The hook did work when ran as root
<ehawkvu> I just don't know why it had to
<testuser[m]12> Hi
<illiliti> hi
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<wael[m]> o/
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<sad_plan> does ruby not build with libressl on the later versions? I seem to recall reading that somewhere. dont recall where though.
<wael[m]> later as in latest?
<sad_plan> yes
<sad_plan> 3.1.2
<wael[m]> currently compiling
<sad_plan> I got it installed now, but i dont remember if it initially were built with openssl
<sad_plan> lmo if it builds :D
<sad_plan> s/lmo/lmk/
<wael[m]> yeah it doesnt compile but i dont think its a libressl thing
<wael[m]> actually it is
<wael[m]> ossl_pkey.c:681:69: error: invalid use of incomplete typedef
<sad_plan> same error I got
<wael[m]> so yes it might need a patch i guess
<sad_plan> perhaps. Ill dig around and see what ill find. I did notice couple others having it packaged, but it was 3.0.x instead of 3.1.x. so might be an issue with 3.1.x..
<sad_plan> wait, not it should build. ruby was updated before I built kiss on my desktop. I have to recheck that when I get home
<sad_plan> s/not/no/
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<sad_plan> ruby failed in a fresh chroot aswell.
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<midfavila> wael[m] my vote for privesc utility is sup
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* illiliti hates compile-time configuration
<illiliti> yeah it is suckless way, but in practice it sucks
<Torr> Same
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<Torr> Not as troublesome but also annoying are Json config files.
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