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<hellboy_> hi
<hellboy_> ash have some vi mode?
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<dilyn> Ogromny: I haven't built it yet
<dilyn> Ogromny: you should be able to disable xwayland and remove the xlib requirements with -Dxwayland=disabled
<dilyn> considering the makefile just uses cmake, you should probably use meson... :thinking:
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<testuser[m]12> Hi
<ioraff> hi
<ioraff> i
<dilyn> o/
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<Ogromny> dilyn: thanks !
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<Ogromny> Hi
<wael[m]> Hii
<Ogromny> I made a small script for updating `git` package if there's update available for them
<Ogromny> #/bin/sh -e
<Ogromny> TMP_FILE=$(mktemp)
<Ogromny> # Ogromny <>
<Ogromny> # color
<Ogromny> BLUE="\033[1;34m"
<Ogromny> RESET="\033[0m"
<Ogromny> log() {
<Ogromny> printf "$BLUE[info] %s$RESET\n" "$@"
<Ogromny> }
<Ogromny> # get git package
<Ogromny> kiss list > "$TMP_FILE"
<Ogromny> while read -r package version; do
<Ogromny> case "$version" in
<Ogromny> git-*) log "Found package $package" ;;
<Ogromny> *) continue ;;
<Ogromny> esac
<Ogromny> cd "$HOME/.cache/kiss/sources/$package/$package"
<Ogromny> log "Checking if there's update available"
<Ogromny> git fetch
<Ogromny> # get remote/HEAD branch name
<Ogromny> REMOTE_BRANCH=$(git remote show origin | grep "HEAD branch:" | xargs | cut -d" " -f3)
<Ogromny> if [ $(git rev-list HEAD...origin/master --count) = "0" ]; then
<Ogromny> log "No update available for $package"
<Ogromny> continue
<Ogromny> fi
<Ogromny> log "Update available for $package"
<Ogromny> done < "$TMP_FILE"
<Ogromny> if [ -n $PACKAGES_TO_UPDATE ]; then
<Ogromny> log "Everythings is up to date !"
<Ogromny> else
<Ogromny> log "Will update $PACKAGES_TO_UPDATE"
<Ogromny> kiss build $PACKAGES_TO_UPDATE
<Ogromny> fi
<Ogromny> (sorry for the spam lol)
<wael[m]> What the fuck man
<wael[m]> seriously should have linked a gist lmao
<wael[m]> also does kiss not update got packages?
<wael[m]> s/got/git
<Ogromny> Yeah sorry I'm starting to get pretty drunk
<Ogromny> Nah kiss doesn't check `git` package
<Ogromny> My script seems to work fine tho
<wael[m]> make a patch for the package manager itself
<wael[m]> I don't think having an entire script is a good idea
<wael[m]> Actually
<wael[m]> Is it a hook?
<Ogromny> Nah it's just a script
<wael[m]> I'd love it if it was made to be a kiss hook
<wael[m]> Make it a hook then
<Ogromny> I think you can make a pre-update hook or anything similar to that but not sure tho
<Ogromny> Yeah good idea I'll look that
<wael[m]> I can't make a hook rn I just left home lol
<wael[m]> But it doesn't seem hard
<wael[m]> See 006 of package manager wikj
<Ogromny> NP let me look at that x)
<Ogromny> Ty
<wael[m]> To know the details and of arguments and whatever
<Ogromny> ty
<wael[m]> Also, for any kiss community members of the github group
<wael[m]> I wish we had a little repo with kiss hooks
<Ogromny> Dilyn can you create `kiss-hooks` or whatever repo please
<wael[m]> Yes something like that
<illiliti> i had this idea before(see init-hooks btw). i wish i had more time to work on it, but for now i can't. if someone could, that would be awesome
<illiliti> i can create empty kiss-hooks repo if you like
<wael[m]> Simply opening kiss-hooks repo and just have people submit their hooks!
<wael[m]> I assume KISS supports multiple hooks so I hope that's possible
<wael[m]> Also, could be possible to have hook snippets to put them inside one giant hook, maybe.
<Ogromny> For the git-updated I don't know if it can be made into a hook
<Ogromny> s/git-updated/git-update/
<illiliti> here
<illiliti> kiss supports multiple hooks yeah
<illiliti> you need to colon separate them in KISS_HOOK
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<hellboy_> hi guys
<hellboy_> is libelf sed still needed to build 5.19 kernel?
<hellboy_> or nah?
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<ioraff> libelf sed?
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<hellboy_> i mean
<hellboy_> this section in the install wiki
<hellboy_> a fix for kernel
<ioraff> ah. no, it is no longer necessary.
<hellboy_> bruh
<hellboy_> maybe this is why i have the issue with my graphic card
<hellboy_> or not
<hellboy_> maybe some pci error for using multiple linux distros
<hellboy_> will see
<ioraff> I'm almost certain that isn't what's causing problems
<hellboy_> so i dont know
<hellboy_> sometimes i get up
<hellboy_> sometimes not
<hellboy_> is alive lol
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<hellboy_> bruh
<hellboy_> see this
<hellboy_> kernel wont build
<hellboy_> this is kernel 5.19
<hellboy_> need bash wtf
<ioraff> yeah. I just submitted a patch
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<wael[m]> Wtf lmaooo
<wael[m]> ioraff, thank you DEARLY for stepping up and putting a patch out there.
<ioraff> you betcha
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<illiliti> fuck, why they constantly fail to acknowledge that bash isn't the only shell people use
<illiliti> this upset me so much
<illiliti> thanks ioraff for the patch nonetheless. hoping and praying they won't reject it
<ioraff> me too. also hoping that if they do, it doesn't take until the next mainline to see a release
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<hellboy_> yo
<hellboy_> someone have a discret graphic card?
<hellboy_> i think in test if is kiss fucking my system or something
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