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<noocsharp> i don't think that patch will make it in
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<Torr> noocsharp: That'd be great.
<wael[m]> noooo bash noooo linux nooo
<wael[m]> how dare you masahiro yamada
<Torr> virutalmachineus: > how do we stop them
<Torr> Well, a kernel fork solves it.
<Torr> But it's an uphill battle.
<ehawkvu> We could fork minix and implement a linux compatability layer :)
<ehawkvu> There is also hyperbk (which is a 1-3 man fork of OpenBSD's kernel)
<Torr> ehawkvu: As I mentioned before, the main appeal of Linux is the driver stack. If one has drivers for the Openbsd kernel, I see no reason to also use the whole OS, as its userland is of uttermost quality.
<Torr> And Minix is horrible.
<Torr> Anyways, a lot can happen.
<Torr> Will have a walk now.
<Torr> See ya
<ehawkvu> I know, I'm just putting it out there - I don't seriously recommend any of those systems
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<wael[m]> tar: unrecognized option '--owner=0'
<wael[m]> in kernel building
<wael[m]> apparently tar is also dependant on fuckin gnu tar as well
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<virutalmachineus> <wael[m]> "how dare you masahiro yamada" <- yeah how dare he!!!!
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<virutalmachineus> ban masahiro yamada from linux /s
<testuser[m]12> Hi
<virutalmachineus> HI sir
<wael[m]> o///
<wael[m]> o/
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<travankor> of course, the maintainers don't care about a bash dependency but when google wants the kernel to compile with clang, portability is suddenly important
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<testuser[m]12> bruh why does firefox need 18gb ram to build now even outside tmpfs
<testuser[m]12> i was able to build it fully in tmpfs last time
<virutalmachineus> how much did it use last time?
<testuser[m]12> less than 16
<wael[m]> is there a method to edit MIME types in KISS? xdg-utils is a bash mess and isn't packaged but i have a program that i need to somehow add it to mime list of some sort
<wael[m]> similar to xdg
<wael[m]> -mime
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<Ogromny> is there any document about acpid (busybox) ?
<Ogromny> s/document/&ation/
<wael[m]> probably
<wael[m]> maybe with posix man pages or alpine docs
<phoebos> acpid isn't posix
<phoebos> but you could use some of any implementation's documentation
<wael[m]> I wish busybox had bloody man pages already
<phoebos> tbf they are all smaller versions of existing tools, and are mostly similar in behaviour
<phoebos> and differences are written in comments
<phoebos> but it's certainly not ideal
<wael[m]> I just want to quickly pull up a man page to know the features and notes and flags among other things not look at source code
<phoebos> well that's what the --help flag is for
<phoebos> did you disable help output?
<wael[m]> usage: program
<phoebos> you may need to enable extended help output too
<wael[m]> where
<phoebos> in busybox's .config
<phoebos> it is enabled in repo's busybox
<phoebos> what program was that for though
<wael[m]> single argument apps that I got used to on gnu coreutils
<wael[m]> like the util-linux replacements in busybox
<phoebos> such as?
<phoebos> what specifically
<wael[m]> or really any program
<wael[m]> I only faced this problem with busybox ash because I wanted to look at it's specific man page
<phoebos> some don't have extended help, but `busybox ls --help` should for example
<phoebos> sh doesn't have that kind of documentation
<wael[m]> wouldn't --help be the same for -? or -h
<phoebos> use the freebsd manpage or posix
<phoebos> no
<wael[m]> I'll look into it
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<testuser[m]12> ioraff: what are your pc specs?
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<ioraff> 11th gen i5, 16g ram, nvme ssd
<testuser[m]12> Nice
<testuser[m]12> ioraff: do u have backtrace from chromium crash with gcc build
<ioraff> no. I tried building with symbols some time ago, but still couldn't get a backtrace for some reason. I'm currently trying a build with 12.2
<testuser[m]12> u can get some form of a backtrace by using the original build dir
<testuser[m]12> I got it even without setting symbol level in build config
<ioraff> with gdb?
<testuser[m]12> Building with symbols is impossible
<testuser[m]12> Yeah
<ioraff> okay. I'll try if this 12.2 build still has issues. ccache is a lifesaver for this
<ioraff> are you still without a computer?
<testuser[m]12> Im back
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<testuser[m]12> ioraff: how does ccache work out if the old version of compiler miscompiled the object file
<ioraff> it rewrites the cache if a different version of a compiler is used
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<Guest3> Is it convenient to use this distribution? Show a screenshot of the desktop.
<ioraff> not particularly. it's less "convenient" than say, gentoo. there is no canonical desktop for this distribution.
<midfavila> it's convenient only if you want or need total control over the system at every level
<midfavila> basically it's LFS with a package manager
<testuser[m]12> ioraff: btw did you have to add any extra patch or build flag for building with clang?
<ioraff> no, just the $CC check I carried over from your/kiss-xorg's build.
<testuser[m]12> nice
<testuser[m]12> Also do u have any issue with tab dragging? I forgot if it was an nvidia issue or sway issue
<testuser[m]12> Had to disable hw accel for some component to get it to work
<Guest3> In what fields of activity is this distribution used?
<dilyn> some data scientists use it
<dilyn> it's mostly tinkerers
<midfavila> ^
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<noocsharp> what data scientists use it
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<dilyn> some fellow I haven't seen in a while
<dilyn> yellow or some such... idr
<virutalmachineus> sbase+ubase when?
<noocsharp> when you go do it
<ioraff> they're both in community
<dilyn> gotim
<ioraff> testuser[m]12: decided not to drop those packages?
<ioraff> mutt
<midfavila> sbase+ubase has been a thing people here daily for a while
<midfavila> there's at least a handful of people who do so, myself included
<phoebos> kiss isn't really better for science than a more mainstream distribution
<phoebos> binary packaging yada yada
<midfavila> depends on the sort of research you're doing idk
<phoebos> most stuff is a bunch of python modules
<phoebos> kiss helps control my rage since when something goes wrong i'm angry at myself not some obscure maintainers
<phoebos> lol
<phoebos> necromansy did sciencey stuff
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<dilyn> ^
<dilyn> also them
<dilyn> KISS isn't "for" anything in particular, except to get out of your way
<dilyn> if you want to do "DaTa ScIeNcE", maybe use a data science focused distro. but if you just something that does what you want because you set it up that way, KISS is fine
<dilyn> like Nix but less esoteric
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<noocsharp> one thing is that python modules that have c/c++ have to be built from source since they don't have precompiled musl binaries
<noocsharp> which is a giant pain and slow sometimes
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