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<illiliti> imho society should abolish traditional telephony
<Guest46> I have a xioami phone that has ads on stock applications.
<illiliti> cuz it's fucked
<illiliti> xioami... hate those things
<Guest46> traditional as in gsm?
<Guest46> I wish I knew how to build graphene or LineagOS on it.
<illiliti> gsm, ss7, all of this
<illiliti> it's all fucked
<Guest46> I remember in 2000 many people in my family refused to have a mobile phone.
<Guest46> They said: If someone wants to meet me, my house is open.
<illiliti> i remember people in 90s didn't even have mobile phones
<Guest46> The guest room is almost  empty all the times now.
<virutalmachineus> yeah we need the 90's back.
<illiliti> sad
<Guest46> I propose the popup car headlights as well.
<sad_plan> try not having a phone these days. its really strange
<illiliti> i did that sad_plan
<illiliti> it's quite challenging
<illiliti> you just need internet
<illiliti> i remember hacking wifi at burgenking...good times
<illiliti> in country where i live, it's mandatory to have phone in order to access public wifi
<Guest46> In my limited experience the smartphone even as a tool, people changed when they relied on it like today. I mean the very people I know.
<Guest46> illiliti because of phone number.
<illiliti> yeah
<illiliti> but you know the bypass right?
<Guest46> accually no
<illiliti> ok
<illiliti> i'll tell you
<illiliti> you just need to change your mac address to mac of registered user
<Guest46> how would I know the mac of a registered user and how to change it ? root right?
<illiliti> someone connects to wifi, register there, you intercept the traffic and get mac of someone, change your mac to that mac, profit
<illiliti> aircrack could help with that
<illiliti> but it's secret
<Guest46> haha thats...
<illiliti> don't tell anyone
<Guest46> TIL
<Guest46> Thanks
<Guest46> I'm trying to get the most cheap vs hackable android phone...any recommendations? sad_plan
<virutalmachineus> pinephone
<Guest46> If I could build custom roms I would but...xiami doesn't release drivers of thier phones.
<virutalmachineus> you even run kiss
<Guest46> I think it's expensive and not android right?
<illiliti> which level of hackability do you need?
<illiliti> ability to flash custom rom is enough?
<sad_plan> pinephone is probably fine for tinkering, yeah. its really slow afaik though..
<Guest46> illiliti yes thats the level
<sad_plan> if custom roms, one plus' has had a good track record for being popular
<illiliti> pixels
<sad_plan> that would be the best. and flash graphene. screw everything else
<Guest46> That's what I thought too. And that's why I asked about esim.
<Guest46> thanks for suggestions.
<sad_plan> iirc to activate esim youd need the playstore
<sad_plan> lemme check
<sad_plan> yep
<sad_plan> says so in the settings
<Guest46> do you use the playstore?
<Guest46> Also, a problem on most phones now... very beg screens and wrist crushing weights.
<Guest46> might as well use them as barbells.
<illiliti> then pixel 4a is for you
<illiliti> i hate big phones too
<illiliti> i call them "shovel"
<Guest46> Pixel 4a is a nice phone
<Guest46> I phone se is nice too. I wish it was more... open?
<illiliti> never had iphone, can't tell
<illiliti> i usually avoid them as a plague
<macslash1[m]> Went to samsung one day from iphone, never looked back
<macslash1[m]> Its honestly quite nice
<Guest46> I never had I phone too.
<Guest46> iPhone*
<Guest46> I had S4 Galaxy mini....died on my hand.
<Guest46> It was a nice comrade.
<macslash1[m]> I got the mini tablet of a phone the S22
<illiliti> i remember i had htc one mine
<illiliti> mini*
<illiliti> nice phone
<illiliti> was..
<Guest46> I killed a whale........I mean htc wildfire is my second phone after flashlight nokia
<Guest46> 3.something inches
<Guest46> phones got bigger since then.
<illiliti> and i don't fully understand why
<macslash1[m]> Slightly, my phone is 6.4 inches in height
<macslash1[m]> 3 inches width
<Guest46> I made a pledge I will never buy 5 inches phone..
<Guest46> new updated pledge is to never buy 6.5 inches
<macslash1[m]> Lol, this is probably one of the biggest phones on the market rn
<macslash1[m]> "Phone"
<Guest46> They trully are shoveling us with the 6 inch shovels.
<virutalmachineus> next up is tablets will become phones and tvs will well become tablets
<macslash1[m]> I mean either that or they realise they are unwieldly and minitureise them until we have a phone as small as a nokia with the power of a super computer
<illiliti> with full of tracking and ads, so you won't be able to access its raw power
<Guest46> I think they should make smaller phones that are powerful and can be used with the dock.
<macslash1[m]> illiliti true.
<Guest46> with keyboard and stuff and opensource and open hardware.
<Guest46> supermobile laptop
<illiliti> you know that's impossible
<illiliti> especially truly open hardware
<Guest46> no I meant you attatch  keyboard and usb things.
<Guest46> ohh. ok
<illiliti> you could do it already, no
<virutalmachineus> is risv-v ever going to take off?
<macslash1[m]> RISC-V is already sort of taking off I'd say
<illiliti> it should, but dunno
<virutalmachineus> s/risv/risc/
<macslash1[m]> I saw smth I forgot what it was but it had an option for RISC-V arch and it was pretty cool
<Guest46> I don't know only seen it on some samsung devices..
<Guest46> re: illiliti: <you coud...>
<Guest46> risc-v is interesting
<sad_plan> dilyn is all about risc-v iirc. he made a blogpost about it even. theres talk about framework laptops getting risc boards everntually. even arm too.
<macslash1[m]> I think I saw framework on LTT?
<sad_plan> yep
<sad_plan> he's an investor now
<macslash1[m]> Really really cool I'd honestly probably get one
<macslash1[m]> Yeah I remember
<Guest46> arm and risc-v have the same goal but different opinions. Am I right?
<sad_plan> Im getting keen on one too.
<sad_plan> I have no idea
<Guest46> Intel and AMD : nobody make x86 but us. ARM: Make ARM but be loyal to us. Risc-V: Make Risc-v.
<Guest46> or somestory
<macslash1[m]> Yeah ARM is proprietary RISC-V is not
<macslash1[m]> Both are reduced instruction set though
<macslash1[m]> Lol RISC-V is thinking about 128 bit systems too
<virutalmachineus> $55? that's so cheap
<macslash1[m]> virutalmachineuser very cool
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<illiliti> hmm, implementing support for $ORIGIN is really hard
<illiliti> because we need to get dir to which lib will be installed
<illiliti> hmm, maybe we could get rpath, prepend pkg_dir, pass it to LD_LIBRARY_PATH and call ldd on lib
<illiliti> this way ldd will deal with ORIGIN for us
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<testuser[m]12> Hi
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<ioraff> hi
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<testuser[m]12> Is there any distro other than carbs that uses libressl
<ioraff> hyperbola
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<virutalmachineus> <testuser[m]12> "Is there any distro other than..." <- are you distro hopping
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<raph_ael> who's not ? :)
<testuser[m]12> illiliti: there must be some way to change sysroot for ldd?
<testuser[m]12> nvm
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<testuser[m]12> illiliti: thoughts? I got rid of some of the case statements aswell
<testuser[m]12> i mean the globs in case statement
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<nvidiaLinuxUser> Can someone explain to me why some build files fix lib to lib64 when lib64 is a symlink to lib? Is this done to increase speed?
<nvidiaLinuxUser> s/lib to lib64/lib64 to lib/
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<midfavila> you guys might find this page of interest
<midfavila> of particular note is the FileSelect widget; it includes a demo program that could be very nice to use with scripts
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<wael[m]> what reads /etc/inittab ?
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<soliwilos> wael[m]: Possibly your init daemon, depending on what it is.
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<illiliti> testuser[m]12: why you didn't strip prefix here?
<illiliti> "$pkg_dir/$repo_name"
<testuser[m]12> O
<testuser[m]12> I'll fix that
<testuser[m]12> Didn't notice in ur pr
<testuser[m]12> Otherwise its ok? The field splittimg
<illiliti> there are some style issues
<illiliti> for str; do => for str do
<illiliti> "(NEEDED)"|"=>" => '(NEEDED)'|'=>'
<illiliti> lib_rpath="" => unset lib_rpath
<illiliti> ${cat} => $cat
<illiliti> i think we should ignore readelf failure yeah
<testuser[m]12> you mean ignore file on readelf failure
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<illiliti> no
<illiliti> we should ignore file if ldd failed
<illiliti> cmd_elf could be ldd as you see
<illiliti> so ldd -d ... will fail
<illiliti> actually i don't like that cmd_elf can be ldd
<illiliti> because what if ldd can accept -d option?
<illiliti> i think we need to check cmd_elf for readelf first before calling it with -d option
<testuser[m]12> Is there even an ldd that accepts -d and outputs exact readelf format
<testuser[m]12> Also is there a system where readelf doesn't exist
<illiliti> yes, but it doesn't output readelf format
<illiliti> if it's possible to keep readelf optional, i would rather do that
<illiliti> so we can't naively pass -d option to cmd_elf without checking if it's readelf first
<testuser[m]12> Yeah
<testuser[m]12> But my point about readelf is that if it's not available, then the bug that introduces wrong dependencies cant be avoided
<illiliti> i would inline this with case statement
<testuser[m]12> Ok
<illiliti> yeah, the bug will be present
<illiliti> any idea how to get rid of prepend func?
<illiliti> it isn't a hack, just want to keep things simple
<testuser[m]12> cd into the prefix before running ldd
<testuser[m]12> tho idk how different ldd implementations react to relative paths
<illiliti> what if rpath isn't relative
<illiliti> cd won't work in that case
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<testuser[m]12> Bruh fucking neovim
<wael[m]> bruh is fucking the neovim? damnn
<illiliti> you didn't fix for str; do
<illiliti> drop semicolon
<testuser[m]12> illiliti: check
<testuser[m]12> Wait
<testuser[m]12> bruh it keeps ruining the space
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<testuser[m]12> Let me redo the commit
<illiliti> check readelf here
<illiliti> case $cmd_elf in *readelf) ...
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<illiliti> could we redo this a bit
<illiliti> > # *) Already resolved for ldd ;;
<illiliti> move this comment at the top
<illiliti> inline *readelf check and drop ;;
<testuser[m]12> illiliti: done
<testuser[m]12> illiliti: btw is objdump or some other command mandated to be present in toolchain? We could use that if it is
<illiliti> what's the point
<testuser[m]12> bruh i forgot to fix the quote again
<testuser[m]12> illiliti: If objdump is mandatory we don't have to check for readelf
<testuser[m]12> final commit done u can check now
<illiliti> i don't think there's portable way to get rpath
<illiliti> so neither should be mandatory
<illiliti> lgtm
<testuser[m]12> illiliti: is diff guaranteed to return 1 if any diff is found?
<testuser[m]12> Oh it is
<phoebos> yeah it's posix
<illiliti> cmp!!!
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<sad_plan> hi
<ioraff> hi
<virutalmachineus> hi
<phoebos> oh cmp -s is better
<sad_plan> is there any clever way of bypassing the usage of xargs -I? toybox doesnt have the -I flag it seems
<phoebos> posix defines -L not -l, but for gnu they seem to be the same
<sad_plan> toybox doesnt have any of them
<sad_plan> but sure, posix is important here imo. I just noticed sbase doesnt have those either
<phoebos> then toybox is shit, patch it
<sad_plan> im not sure I know enough C to be able to do that though
<phoebos> oh you said -I not -l sorry
<sad_plan> yeah
<phoebos> proportional fonts smh
<sad_plan> lol
<illiliti> why do you need xargs
<sad_plan> its just some script that I use for opening videos in a dir I have.
<sad_plan> I dont *need* it per say, but its more convinient for me to do it this way than cd into the dir and run mpv manually
<sad_plan> instead Im using dmenu to select the video, and mpv plays the selected one
<sad_plan> I have one for opening pdfs aswell, which is basically just the same thing
<ioraff> you don't need -I or {} at all since the argument just goes at the end
<illiliti> ^
<sad_plan> oh
<illiliti> i think you can also replace for loop with find command
<sad_plan> nah, it seems itll just list word for word instead. and mpv will just error out
<sad_plan> but yea, im sure I could switch to find instead. listing things in a directory has been a somewhat pickle for me. one could just use ls instead, but I dont wanna do that. soo I ended up using the loop
<illiliti> don't use ls
<sad_plan> I wont
<sad_plan> I dont know why people do that tbh
<sad_plan> even the old svc from suckless used ls.
<illiliti> that sucks
<sad_plan> yeah.
<sad_plan> but ... xargs mpv wont work. mpv will just try to play each for as a separate file.
<phoebos> if not for the dmenu you could use find -exec
<sad_plan> im not locked into using dmenu in reality, its just better that way, as I dont need to actually open a terminal for it. I could however make it use a terminal instead, but then id have a terminal open, which is what I was trying to avoid
<sad_plan> why doesnt dmenu work with find -exec?
<phoebos> i meant you could use -exec instead of xargs to construct the command
<ioraff> `find . -type f | awk -F "/" '{print $NF}' | dmenu | xargs mpv` should work
<phoebos> oh right dmenu just picks one
<sad_plan> hm. still treats each word as file
<phoebos> oh
<phoebos> escape the spaces
<sad_plan> yeah, I figured. im trying to sed them away as we speak