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<SMB784> Howdy everyone, I'm having a problem loading a bitstream onto a SQRL Acorn CLE-215+ via PCIe
<SMB784> I have flashed the litex PCIe bitstream onto my Acorn after generating it via ./sqrl_acorn.py --uart-name=crossover --with-pcie --build --driver --flash
<SMB784> did that using jtag
<SMB784> then I try to load the bitstream again over PCIe this time using: ./litepcie_util flash_write ../../gateware/sqrl_acorn.bin 0
<SMB784> but I get an error message saying "could not init driver"
<SMB784> which I have come to learn means that it cant find the device
<SMB784> lspci -tv tells me that the PCIe port is definitely recognizing the device: +-01.0-[05-37]----00.0-[06-07]----01.0-[07]----00.0 Xilinx Corporation Device 7024
<SMB784> , but for some reason I cant get litex to load anything via pcie. I get the same results when invoking "./litepcie_util info" or any of the other tests using litepcie_util
<SMB784> always returns "could not init driver"
<_florent_> SMB784: have you loaded the kernel driver? cd kernel; sudo ./init.sh
<SMB784> yeah it tells me that the kernel is already loaded
<SMB784> says module is already installed
<_florent_> ok, with dmesg, do you see the kernel messages? Similar to: https://twitter.com/enjoy_digital/status/1456622505972703235/photo/2
<SMB784> yeah this is waht I get after removing the driver (rrmod litepcie) and then running init.sh:
<SMB784> [ 5662.789287] litepcie 0000:07:00.0: [Probing device]
<SMB784> [ 5662.790146] litepcie 0000:07:00.0: Version LiteX SoC on Acorn CLE-101/215(+) 2021-11-06 12:57:19
<SMB784> [ 5662.790222] litepcie 0000:07:00.0: 1 MSI IRQs allocated.
<SMB784> [ 5662.790232] litepcie 0000:07:00.0: Creating /dev/litepcie0
<SMB784> oh christ
<SMB784> rmmod litepcie followed by sudo ./init.sh makes it work again
<SMB784> i have no idea why that was an issue but now its fine, lord
<SMB784> thanks for your help lol
<_florent_> np, before flashing, you can test the litepcie_util info command just to verify access to the registers
<SMB784> weirdly it looks like I have to reload the driver every time I want to write to the flash via pcie
<SMB784> but rmmod litepcie followed by ./init.sh makes it work every time.  just a little odd behavior
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<DerekKozel[m]> It's possibly/probably that the /dev/litepcie# files aren't created until the module is loaded, and then the init.sh file also sets the correct file permissions. But if the module is already loaded the init script will exit before setting the permissions
<DerekKozel[m]> As the comment in init.sh says, the filesystem permissions really should be handled by udev.
<DerekKozel[m]> I've been starting to do some work in this area. Trying to package the litepcie driver into a Debian compatible installer that includes these niceties
<DerekKozel[m]> Hey Victor!
<vomoniyi[m]> Hi Derek
<DerekKozel[m]> Still working on any of the GNU Radio LiteX stuff? Or getting to enjoy a weekend?
<vomoniyi[m]> Just going to relax for the weekend but I'll get back to it soon, gotta prepare a demo for the moderators soon
<DerekKozel[m]> Nice, definitely enjoy the relaxation.
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