_florent_ changed the topic of #litex to: LiteX FPGA SoC builder and Cores / Github : https://github.com/enjoy-digital, https://github.com/litex-hub / Logs: https://libera.irclog.whitequark.org/litex
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<shenki> _florent_: thanks for the suggestions
<shenki> _florent_: the sim worked fine with the toolchain I was using (Debian's cross compiler)
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<shenki> _florent_: but the fpga needed the buildroot toolchain. with that the bios worked for me
<shenki> _florent_: i'll do some investigation as to why that is
<_florent_> shenki: Thanks, that's strange to observe a difference between the simulation and the board on this. If you find something please let us know
<_florent_> somlo: For mor1kx, I'll have a look tomorrow on my dev machine
<_florent_> somlo: but there is indeed probably something wrong with the duplicate gcc_triple attribute/method
<_florent_> thanks to navan93 we now also have a CI test of the different RISC-V CPUs, I'll also try to spend time to also enable it for Microwatt/LM32/Mork1x. This will also be a way to ensure we provide valid toolchains for these CPUs.
<cr1901> _florent_: I've been thinking more re: the litex build... what I actually want is not necessarily meson support, but more parallelism when building picolibc with the rest of litex. The software is now 1000+ files to compile from a clean build! 1/2
<cr1901> As a compromise, would you accept a feature for (s)ccache support?
<cr1901> I already tried it locally/it works, it's not many lines. But if you want to override, that's fine too
<_florent_> cr1901: If you already have a proof of concept for this, I would be happy to review it/test it
<cr1901> _florent_: Okay lemme make the proof of concept applicable to besides my machine only :)
<cr1901> _florent_: Strangely sccache is slower on my machine, but the PR works. I think management engine doesn't like the riscv toolchain. Attempting more tests
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<cr1901> _florent_: Some measurements. Halves the build times on Linux, no real effect on Windows: http://gopher.wdj-consulting.com:70/paste/0f17bf34-90eb-4f0c-a26c-834030529e5e.txt
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