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<illiliti> > i.e. kiss depends on b3sum and git; git depends on curl, and so on.
<illiliti> you could actualy print such output and then outsource topological sort of it to tsort
<illiliti> kiss b3sum\nkiss git\ngit openssl
<illiliti> and so on
<illiliti> the only problem is cycles
<illiliti> handling of cycles in tsort will only be fixed in issue 9
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<phoebos> illiliti: I could, but my Lua implementation is fine (although not optimised)
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<illiliti> write programs that work together phoebos ...
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<phoebos> to the extent of adding interfaces to libraries and working through those rather than using as a library?
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<illiliti> if that make sense why not
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