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<sad_plan> hi
<iceman[m]> does kiss come with all the tools that ensure git send-mail works or do i need to install the tools?
<sad_plan> iirc, it requires you to build git with perl, which we dont do
<iceman[m]> sad_plan: other than that
<iceman[m]> there's quite a few dependencies mentioned here
<iceman[m]> I was setting up send-mail on my system
<sad_plan> theyre all perl though. however those are perl modules. dunno wether they builds by default when buiding perl though
<sad_plan> sabotage builds git with perl, you could check out what they do
<illiliti> you can use msmtp(or any smtp client) instead of perl
<iceman[m]> hmm
<illiliti> man git-send-email and search sendmailcmd
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<sewn> 🐈
<sewn> testuser: qemu requires bash to be installed
<sewn> the single sed replacement wont work as some generated scripts still run with bash
<testuser[m]> hi
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<raph_ael> i try to build 6.3.5, i get things like this, static __always_inline __u16 __be16_to_cpup , seems to be related to busybox maybe musl
<raph_ael> is there a workaround ?
<iceman[m]> raph_ael: build 6.3.5 what exactly?
<iceman[m]> those seem like compiler specific attributes rather than libc
<raph_ael> iceman[m]: kernel sorry
<raph_ael> /usr/include/linux/byteorder/little_endian.h:88:8: error: unknown type name '__always_inline'
<raph_ael> 88 | static __always_inline __u16 __be16_to_cpup(const __be16 *p)
<iceman[m]> ah
<iceman[m]> what compiler?
<raph_ael> gcc
<iceman[m]> ok so these are linux specific macros hmm
<raph_ael> (i think, usr/bin/cc is a symlink to gcc)
<iceman[m]> this is strange because these macros should expand correctly unless there's no proper include in that file for where the macros are defined
<raph_ael> the link has gone
<iceman[m]> that link points to this page
<raph_ael> thanks
<iceman[m]> the user's error log indicates that this file is in question
<iceman[m]> from arch/x86/decode.c:10:
<iceman[m]> but what file is it in your
<iceman[m]> * in your case
<iceman[m]> cuz new changes probably mean issue somewhere else, that's resolved
<raph_ael> it is the same
<raph_ael> i'll try
<iceman[m]> hmm strange that they haven't fixed it
<raph_ael> well it doesn't fix
<raph_ael> thanks anyway
<iceman[m]> <raph_ael> "well it doesn't fix" <- check build error
<iceman[m]> or well, send
<iceman[m]> see if you can identify
<raph_ael> same error
<raph_ael> diff -u tools/arch/x86/include/asm/insn.h arch/x86/include/asm/insn.h
<raph_ael> diff: unrecognized option: I
<raph_ael> seems like a bit of this problem
<raph_ael> the diff is not the problem
<testuser[m]> raph_ael: a similar issue was fixed last year
<testuser[m]> Check the patch for that
<raph_ael> thanks
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