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<sewn> 🐈🐈🐈🐈
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<sad_plan> hi
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<sewn> hi sad_plan
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<sewn> chikcen yes
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<sewn> anyone tried to replace auto{conf,make} with ?
<sewn> looks neat
<sad_plan> ive not, but ive tried some of the libtool replacement, and none of them worked for my usecase anyway. but ill check it out anyway.
<sewn> what are some libtool replacements you know?
<sewn> i can't seem to get mk-configure/bmkdep to compile
<sad_plan> slibtool, jlibtool, just to name a couple. neither worked for me atleast. either missing flags or something, i dunno. been some time since I messed with them
<sewn> bmake is weird, somehow proginstall (default install target) tries to install as root instead of user because of BINOWN/BINGRP
<sewn> something might be wrong with my system
<sewn> i dont think mk-configure replaces autoconf/automake oops
<sad_plan> > lightweightreplacement for GNU autotools
<sad_plan> says so in about, so thats their claim
<sewn> i would still need autoconf to generate configure and makefile
<sewn> it doesnt seem to replace it
<sewn> unless i'm using it incorrectly, their readme simply states to run mkcmake on a project with and
<sad_plan> to generate Makefile and configure from *.ac and *.in youd use autools/libtool. so it should replace it. now wether it works in a different story
<sewn> men I would rather use cmake/meson than ac and in
<sewn> hell I'd rather write a meson/make file for some small projects using autoconf or find alternatives because damn
<sad_plan> id avoid cmake initially, aswell as meson. regular makefiles, possibly with a configure script is the best imo
<sad_plan> i would choose meson over cmake though
<sewn> personally i like meson as a specification, the program itself isnt great. the dependency management, scripting of meson i believe is pretty nice
<sewn> makefile is cool too but i wouldn't imagine it would be working for stuff that needs much dependencies or rather advanced building and generation of other things
<sad_plan> thats where the configure script comes in, with bigger projects
<sewn> or cmake/meson
<sad_plan> well. yeah, but I like configure better, or meson. less so cmake
<sewn> configure is great untill you have to generate it
<sad_plan> thats the worst when thats the case
<sad_plan> in that case, id rather just use meson
<sewn> like maybe if configure didn't generate shell scripts and was a C program that just runs and generates on the project..
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