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<sad_plan> is anyone else unable to build latest libxslt? im getting undefined references when linking xlstproc. just curious if this is just me or this persists on other systems aswell
<sad_plan> hm, yeah might be due to the configure flags. atleast on my system. ill do some more digging and make a pr for it when Ive done some more digging
<sad_plan> yep. found it. libxslt enabled crypto by default. disabling it makes it build again for me.
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<iceman[m]> why sad plan left the room
<testuser[m]> hi
<testuser[m]> iceman[m]: no "members" on IRC, you join when you connect to the server, leave when you disconnect from the server
<sewn> unless they use a bouncer
<sewn> which keeps them "active" and keeps history but they join the bouncer as if it is a irc server
<iceman[m]> <testuser[m]> "no "members" on IRC, you join..." <- but i thought the bridge didn't show leave and join messages from irc and matrix side to the other platform...?
<iceman[m]> just like discord-matrix bridfe
<sewn> thats if youre using cinny
<iceman[m]> <sewn> "thats if youre using cinny" <- ????
<sewn> nvm
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<Guest33> What phone would a typical kiss user have?
<Guest33> A dumbphone? Pixel? The cheapest Android they can get? The most expensive iPhone? A throwaway thrown away every other week?
<Guest33> A Linux phone is what I'd like to guess but I don't know if it's that common
<testuser[m]> Guest33: cheapest android + lineage
<sewn> for me its mid-range + lineage
<sewn> testuser: why does pipewire/wireplumber not recognize new devices?
<testuser[m]> It should
<sewn> unfortunately it does not
<testuser[m]> So bad
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<sad_plan> hi
<sad_plan> iceman[m]: because I dont have a server. so I have to turn of my laptop when I leave
<sad_plan> so no bouncer. as sewn said
<sewn> whjere bouncer
<sad_plan> bloat
<sewn> theres an impostor among us
<sad_plan> is that so?
<sewn> when is the muon PR gonna get merged
<sad_plan> when its done id assume
<sewn> I'm talking about the new one
<sewn> that works and fully transitions repo to muon
<sad_plan> i wasnt aware of there being a new one. also, regarding #138 I could make a pr there aswell
<sewn> its always better to upstream if possible
<sad_plan> tbh, im not sure why its in kiss-xorg to begin with, seeing as its in upstream. i also notices its in wayland, for some reason
<sad_plan> I did check my $KISS_PATH for it, and it didnt show up, because I dont include the wayland dir, so i kinda just assumed it wasnt there for some reason
<sewn> libpciaccess is in Wayland repo for some reason
<sewn> ask the maintainer of it why thz
<sad_plan> will dooo