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<sewn> 🐈
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<testuser[m]> Hi
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<Vova> Anyone using kiss with eudev instead of mdev ?
<iceman[m]> 🤔
<iceman[m]> Vova: why do you ask?
<Vova> Just to know if there was any difficulty to do so
<Vova> Bro :'(
<iceman[m]> oh
<iceman[m]> i was speaking to someone else about eudev and mdev stuff and i thought they contacted you 😂
<Vova> Oh I see lol
<iceman[m]> well, im off now
<iceman[m]> cya
<iceman[m]> Vova: bump
<Vova> Honestly I maybe interested in switching to eudev because I don't want to patch pipewire and other stuff to work
<iceman[m]> pipewire works without eudev tho
<Vova> When I was using kiss a year ago it was a fucking hard to make pipewire works correctly with mdev
<iceman[m]> or are you trying out something else?
<iceman[m]> i just installed it and it works 🤔
<Vova> I don't remember exactly what packages but I know some other package were requiring patching
<Vova> iceman: yeah the build is patched
<Vova> Has a patch *
<testuser[m]> Vova: it works fine with mdev
<testuser[m]> As for eudev rules , it's easy to translate them to mdeb
<testuser[m]> Mdev
<Vova> OK cool so I'll fully embrace mdev then !
<Vova> And hmmm
<Vova> Any real difference between mdev and mdevd ?
<testuser[m]> busybox bad
<Vova> Really ?
<Vova> I thought they were both fully compatible
<Vova> Just installing `mdevd` will do the trick or I need to modify other things m
<Vova> ?*
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<testuser[m]> install mdevd
<testuser[m]> Link mdevd service
<testuser[m]> unlink mdev service
<Vova> Thanks !
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