<set_> agony on the BBBlue homefront.
<set_> I need...knees of gold for this to work.
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<calrama> Is there any way to run TI opencl examples ( /usr/share/ti/examples/opencl ) on BeagleBone AI with kernel 4.19+ ?
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<Guest94> Hello
<Guest94> Good day!
<Guest94> Are we still connected?
<zmatt> connected to what?
<Guest94> Is there any replacement for BBONE-BLACK-4G
<zmatt> in what sense? the beaglebone black is still available
<Guest94> But I have seen it is no longer available
<Guest94> What about: BBB STARTER KIT
<zmatt> there was a change of manufacturer and annoyingly this resulted in distributors showing the part produced by the old manufacturer as "no longer available"
<zmatt> even though they also have the replacement (the same board from different manufacturer) in inventory: https://canada.newark.com/beagleboard/102110420/development-board-arm-cortex-a8/dp/88AH7402
<zmatt> no idea what this "starter kit" is, never heard of it
<Guest94> Thank you
<Guest94> ok
<Guest94> Much appreciated for your help
<Guest94> You are great!
<Guest94> Have a nice day!
<Guest94> Bye :)
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<zmatt> ... what
<zmatt> ah nm
<calrama> Hm, since the above does not seem doable: How do I configure pinmuxing on kernel 4.14? I know how to do it on 4.19+ with config-pin, but on 4.14 that doesn't work, because the /sys interfaces are missing.
<zmatt> there's no theoretical objection for cape-universal to work on 4.14 on bbai, but it's possible the necessary changes simply haven't been made
<zmatt> the alternative is a customized DT, which is a bit more annoying
<calrama> Specifically, I need to configure (on BeagleBone AI) P8.07 to mode pruout. On kernel 4.19+ this can be done via /sys/devices/platform/*ocp/*ocp:P8_07_pinmux, but on 4.14 that file (and all the others for the other pins) are missing.
<calrama> So I have to write my own uboot overlay?
<zmatt> (that's an example that sets up an spi port, but it shows the general idea of making a customized DT)
<zmatt> overlays didn't really work properly on pre-cape-universal device trees either
<zmatt> mainly because of the obnoxious &cape_pins_default node
<calrama> I'm fairly new to dto and uboot overlay and was just using the config-pin so far.
<zmatt> yeah, cape-universal (the mechanism configured by config-pin) is definitely more user-friendly
<calrama> Ah, thank you for the information!
<calrama> And is cape-universal a uboot overlay?
<calrama> Or is that a custom DT?
<zmatt> it used to be an overlay on the bbb, on the bbai I think it's part of the base dt but I haven't checked
<zmatt> but it's just referring to the general idea of enabling everything and the kitchen sink and creating a bone-pinmux-helper device per pin to allow runtime configuration of pinmux
<zmatt> (instead of the way DT is spposed to work, enabling the peripherals you use and attaching pinmux nodes to those devices to configure the pins for that specific device)
<calrama> Ok, would writing a custom dt overlay work, as well?
<calrama> I'm kinda hesitant to just copy paste and start editing the whole dt.
<zmatt> you don't "copy paste" it, you #include it, like my example showed
<zmatt> the rest of the file is essentially the same as writing an overlay
<zmatt> you could probably also do it using an overlay, though the main benefit of using overlays, which is their modularity, is basically broken by &cape_pins_default ... so there's no much reason to use an overlay rather than a custom DT, but either option should work I think as long as your u-boot is new enough for overlays
<calrama> I see. And assuming I just wanted to try out the DT example you pastes as-is. How would I do that? I can only find information  on compiling dto's not custom dt's.
<calrama> And if you're including the main dt, I assume I have to download some dependencies?
<zmatt> grab the appropriate branch of https://github.com/beagleboard/BeagleBoard-DeviceTrees
<zmatt> (appropriate for your kernel version)
<zmatt> save the dts (and any custom dependencies listed at the top) in src/arm/
<zmatt> build it with "make src/arm/name-of-your-file.dtbo"
<zmatt> eh
<zmatt> build it with "make src/arm/name-of-your-file.dtb"
<zmatt> put the dtb file in /boot/dtbs/ or /boot/dtbs/KERNEL-VERSION/
<zmatt> and configure it using the dtb= option in /boot/uEnv.txt
<zmatt> but like I said, you could also use an overlay instead I guess
<zmatt> the source would be mostly unchanged, except you don't #include the main dts and instead have /dts-v1/; /plugin/; (and any / {..} fragment should use &{/} {..} instead, though my example doesn't have any)
<zmatt> and you probably need additional #includes for macros that are defined in headers that would otherwise already be indirectly included by the main dts
<calrama> Alright, ty. I'm rebooting the bbai with your example custom dt rn to see if it works.
<calrama> (as in that I have correctly understood how to do it)
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<calrama> Hm, too bad. It simply doesn't boot.
<zmatt> oof
<calrama> (I used the 4.14 ti branch of the repo, same as my kernel)
<zmatt> that should be right
<zmatt> weird
<calrama> Is there a way to get a serial console via usb?
<calrama> (other boards often present something like /dev/ttyUSB, but the bbai doesn't)
<zmatt> that console is created by linux, it's not a true serial console
<zmatt> the original beaglebone white had an integrated usb-serial converter, but none of the later boards do
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<zmatt> they do still have a serial console, but you need to bring your own usb-serial converter (3.3v ttl, not rs232)
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<zmatt> yeah, although annoyingly the bbai doesn't use the standard 6-pin header but a weird 3-pin one
<zmatt> so I'm not sure where to get an appropriate cable, I don't have one myself
<calrama> It seems to be a jst zh 3 pin.
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<vvn> you need to hold the S2 button down on every power cycle if you want to boot from the SD card, right?
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<hays> emulating with qemu, is there a profile thats best for the bblack
<rcn-ee> hays: qemu doesn't have a BBB profile, just use cortex-a8..
<hays> realview-pb-a8
<rcn-ee> hays: what is your actual end goal, or what are you actually trying to do?
<hays> honestly just playing around. but it might be nice to be able to test userspace stuff with an emulator.
<rcn-ee> test what userspace stuff? For the BeagleBone Black, just get a board... ;)
<vvn> I'd be interested as our main product is on a beaglebone black, thus emulating our software stack with Jenkins and all might be neat
<rcn-ee> but it's linux... Jenkins runs on java... Just run Jenkins on another sbc.. doesn't really matter if it's on arm..
<hays> the concept of "spinning up" a BBB would be useful for certain kinds of tests
<hays> abstractly at least
<rcn-ee> side note, java can be fun on Single Core non-smp, it's not really tested so the java developers have broken the AM335x a few times over the last year..
<hays> i think i ran into that a while back
<hays> some java8 was not working. cant remember though. I just remembered things were finicky
<rcn-ee> hays: not really anymore.. There was a few patches 10 years ago.. but the omap3/am335x peripherals never went mainline in qemu..
<rcn-ee> thus, you'd emulate "arm"... but not the AM335x...
<rcn-ee> patches - random linaro qemu fork..
<hays> java drives me nuts
<hays> there are so many ecosystems out there that are just insanity
<hays> php for example.. im ranting sorry. I know this channel keeps on topic. I'll stop :)
<hays> thanks for the link
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<set_> I am still here, hays. I rant too.
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