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<Maldark909> hey matt, did you give me a response on why my i2c wasn't working? i had to bail last minute on that but my image is correct, library is up to date, and im still getting that i2c error
<zmatt> that's weird.. I 'm not very familiar with librobotcontrol though, nor do I have a beaglebone blue to test things
<Maldark909> yeah, thats why im so confused, i followed the guide on installation to a t and im still getting that error
<Maldark909> could it be something to do with the i2c bus in general?
<zmatt> which guide?
<Maldark909> lemme pull up the link quick, one sec
<set_> Hey guys. I have a bbblue here.
<zmatt> Maldark909: I mean, the bus they're on (i2c2) is entirely internal to the beaglebone blue, so it doesn't seem likely there'd be anything specific wrong with it
<Maldark909> ok.... hey set_ did you ever get this problem?
<set_> Here: is something I found a while back.
<zmatt> Maldark909: uh so what part of it did you "follow" ? since as it says, it's already installed by default
<set_> On the newer kernel yes and the newer image yes.
<Maldark909> the testing portion
<zmatt> Maldark909: so rc_test_drivers fails?
<Maldark909> that all passes, its on rc_test_mpu that it fails
<Maldark909> set_ what did you do to fix it?
<set_> Nothing yet. Sidetrack is my name.
<set_> But...
<set_> I just plugged in. Let me see what I can get done.
<zmatt> Maldark909: my guess would be there's just some kind of issue with rc_test_mpu
<set_> The older image from the is outdated and so is the kernel. I think some people are passing the torch on testing it any further but I am sure some will want to keep it around for functionality, i.e. librobotcontrol.
<zmatt> I mean, it's still stable and supported
<zmatt> and it's not like i2c changed since then :P
<Maldark909> well my main hope is to get this to work so i can use that mpu on the board, cause i just don't have the time to learn i2c to make it work on my own without this library
<zmatt> Maldark909: note btw that since the imu is simply an i2c-attached device, there's nothing beaglebone-specific about using it, so any code you may find on the internet for using this imu on linux should work
<set_> Hey Maldark909: Here is what I made in the repos for the "updated items" (kernel and image): .
<zmatt> afaik it also has a kernel driver, not sure why that isn't being used
<set_> A long list!
<zmatt> set_: how is this relevant here?
<set_> It is about librobotcontrol so far.
<set_> and...
<zmatt> ... and?
<set_> I still like to mingle w/ it.
<set_> It is an awesome lib.
<Maldark909> what was the exact model of the mpu on the board again?
<zmatt> mpu9250
<Maldark909> ok, lemme see if the internet can bring me some code then
<set_> Maldark909: I will work w/ you on the errors you are seeing if necessary. I am booting now. I forgot to add the uSD Card.
<set_> Oops.
<zmatt> (which is apparently equivalent to a mpu6500 with an ak8963 magnetometer attached)
<zmatt> set_: you really don't need to :P
<set_> Fine. Okay.
<Maldark909> set_ the error i am getting is the following: (give me one sec to putty into my board to have it activate the error)
<set_> Okay.
<Maldark909> in rc_i2c_write_byte, system write returned -1, expected 2 (repeats this line again)
<Maldark909> resetting MPU, I2C write to reset bit failed
<Maldark909> failed to reset_mpu9250
<Maldark909> rc_mpu_initialize_failed
<Maldark909> also zmatt would an arduino lib work with the bbblue?
<zmatt> not without major changes no
<Maldark909> yep thats what i was expectin
<zmatt> something for the rpi probably would work though
<set_> Hmm.
<Maldark909> you think this would work then zmatt
<set_> Okay. I will see if 4.19.94-ti-r70 w/ librobotcontrol prompts this errors and then I will research.
<zmatt> Maldark909: uh, wtf that uses gpio instead of an i2c bus?
<zmatt> Maldark909: okay I guess I underestimated the bizarre things people make for the rpi
<set_> Uh duh.
<set_> Have you not seen the quad-ped for the Pi yet?
<set_> Yikes. It is like an attack dog. I get scared watchin' the productions.
* set_ runs for cover!
<Maldark909> ah geez
<set_> Maldark909. My image was bare. I am updating and upgrading librobotcontrol now.
<Maldark909> roger that
<zmatt> Maldark909: can you try: i2cget -y 2 0x68 0x6b
<Maldark909> yep, lemme run the command here
<Maldark909> Error: Read failed
<zmatt> let me double-check I got the right numbers
<Maldark909> ok, i think the 68 was correct, lemme see if i can find the command to get the bus location
<zmatt> Maldark909: it's i2c2
<zmatt> (there's no command to get that, I checked the schematic)
<set_> something like this idea:
<zmatt> set_: no, that looks like you broke something completely
<zmatt> since that path is nonsense
<set_> Okay!
<set_> Sorry. I am denser than dense this afternoon.
<Maldark909> you good set_
<set_> Ha.
<zmatt> Maldark909: just as a sanity-check, can you try using the blue version of my show-pins utility: to double check that the pins are muxed right (show-pins -v | grep imu)
<set_> rc_version is 1.0.5 and I am drained. Please forgive me.
<set_> Droops one eye lid to see better.
<zmatt> pretty sure the one installed by default is 1.0.4
<set_> Hmm.
<set_> Okay.
<set_> So, can we both say I am futuristic?
<zmatt> or maybe you just used apt upgrade :P
<set_> Ha. Okay.
<set_> 1.0.5 still.
<set_> Oh.
<set_> I got what you were saying now.
<set_> Yes. I did upgrade librobotcontrol.
<set_> It is right there in the headlines.
<zmatt> Maldark909: register 0x6b is the PWR_MGMT_1 register which is also the first register librobotcontrol tries to write
<zmatt> Maldark909: yeah I'm pretty sure that read ought to work
<Maldark909> whats the command to register that to pwr
<zmatt> to what?
<Maldark909> how do i register 0x6b to PWR_MGMT_1
<zmatt> ????
<zmatt> 0x6b is the address of the register named PWR_MGMT_1
<Maldark909> oh my bad i misread
<zmatt> i2cget -y 2 0x68 0x6b is how you'd read that register
<zmatt> set_: does that command work for you?
<set_> Let me check.
<set_> Oh and by the way, sorry for interjecting here. I like the lib. and have found it dangerous yet fun.
<set_> They should put some starter props on the machines to start.
<zmatt> I do vaguely recall having previously messed with some imu (can't remember if it's this one) that turned out to just vanish from the i2c bus if you confused it by making some kind of request it didn't understand
<Maldark909> i also just got my bbblue online to get that show pins application, can we upload images to this chat?
<zmatt> Maldark909: you cannot, but its output is text so you can just use pastebin... although show-pins -v | grep imu should yield only two lines of output anyway (but preferably still use pastebin for that)
<zmatt> or maybe three lines
<set_> @zmatt: No. I received an it is! Error: Could not open file `/dev/i2c-2': Permission denied
<zmatt> set_: okay so your system is completely broken
<set_> yes!
<zmatt> set_: stick sudo in front of it?
<set_> Time to do a fix-a-roo!
<set_> Aw.
<set_> Okay.
<zmatt> then again, your system is completely broken so I'm not sure this is a useful test anyway
<set_> I will try that idea.
<set_> Ha.
<Maldark909> imu irq          107      fast      rx     up    7     gpio 3.21      ocp/helper   (pins)
<set_> I got a reply on output!
<zmatt> Maldark909: like I said, use pastebin
<Maldark909> to my knowledge putty doesn't let me
<zmatt> I don't know if you tried to paste multiple lines, but only one got through (and it's the one that doesn't matter)
<zmatt> Maldark909: uhh, what do you mean?
<Maldark909> i wasn't able to paste from putty to here
<Maldark909> imu irq                          107 fast rx  up  7 gpio 3.21        ocp/helper (pins)
<Maldark909> ow wait now it works
<zmatt> you can definitely copy/paste from putty, but I think you just select the text in putty or something, you don't copy with ctrl-C since that just sends ctrl-C into the terminal
<Maldark909> but that was all i got with the show-pins -v | grep imu command
<zmatt> uhhh
<zmatt> hold on
<set_> So, anyway. Droop here needs a break unless I can add anything else.
<Maldark909> other than my bbblue is just being weird apparently? no not really
<Maldark909> enjoy your break!
<set_> Okay. No issue. Thank you. It is hot outside and it just turned march. We have had an extremely hot winter.
<zmatt> Maldark909: ah, show-pins -vv | grep imu
<set_> I run w/ mowers.
* set_ and out.
<Maldark909> I²C (imu, barometer)              94 fast rx  up  3 i²c 2 sda        i2c@4819c000 (pinmux_i2c2_pins)
<Maldark909> I²C (imu, barometer)              95 fast rx  up  3 i²c 2 scl        i2c@4819c000 (pinmux_i2c2_pins)
<Maldark909> imu irq                          107 fast rx  up  7 gpio 3.21        ocp/helper (pins)
<zmatt> Maldark909: also like I said, use pastebin instead of pasting into chat :/
<zmatt> but okay, the pins are setup fine
<Maldark909> i thought that was *im bad with certain things my apologies*
<zmatt> pastebin is a website for sharing text snippets
<Maldark909> ..... oh. i thought it was a special paste
<zmatt> I probably should have said .. that would have been clearer
<Maldark909> like this?
<zmatt> indeed!
<zmatt> can you try: i2cget -y 2 0x76 0xd0
<Maldark909> 0x58
<zmatt> okay so the bmp280 barometer that's on the same i2c bus is reachable just fine
<Maldark909> did i just get a bad board then?
<Maldark909> cause set was able to read his mpu
<zmatt> was he?
<Maldark909> thought so
<Maldark909> yeah he said he got a reply after sudo-ing
<Maldark909> before you ask, already tried sudo-ing
<zmatt> Maldark909: just to be on the safe side, can you try power-cycling (not merely rebooting) the board and then try i2cget -y 2 0x68 0x6b again (without running any other tests)
<Maldark909> gotcha
<zmatt> ah I missed that
<Maldark909> ok, power cycling the board
<zmatt> you don't need sudo, he needed it because his system is just really fucked somehow
<set_> Now, did someway someone somehow talk about me? Yes!
<set_> Does this mean I am popular now?
<set_> Just kiddin'.
<Maldark909> nope, still get a read failed
<zmatt> Maldark909: it's actually starting to sound like an issue with the imu itself on your board yeah
<zmatt> weird
<Maldark909> well i can at least console myself that its not me, its my board
<Maldark909> ok yeah, i was able to find the command to list i2c devices and i only have 76
<zmatt> beware of usign i2cdetect, i2c is not a discoverable bus and i2cdetect basically just guesses whta kind of transfer it could do to try to see if a device is there, but that's 1. not guaranteed to work 2. not guaranteed to be harmless
<zmatt> I can't remember what device it was, but I've once encountered an i2c device that got so confused by what i2cdetect was doing that it completely disappeared from the i2c bus as a result
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<Maldark909> ok, ill keep that in mind going forward. Is there a way to get it on the i2c bus?
<zmatt> I was just saying to beware of using i2cdetect or assuming its output is right, the appropriate way to test an i2c device is by making a request for it that is correct for the device (which we've already done)
<Maldark909> ok
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<set_> Oh. @zmatt: I told you the other day that I would be back to show off a random thing git does now on the BBB.
<set_> Please hold.
<set_> I will show it off now.
<set_> Never mind me. Things are back to normal.
<set_> I think when I attempted to clone and then push, then pull from a different client, something-somewhere happened and created the awkward output.
<zmatt> most likely git was trying to explain to you what the problem was
<set_> Right but it was the first time this actually happened to me on the BBB.
<set_> Usually, it works or does not work.
<zmatt> the BBB has nothing to do with this, git doesn't magically behave differently depending on what system you run it on
<set_> Oh.
<set_> Okay.
<set_> No issue.
<zmatt> if you had saved what you did and the message you got, I could probably have told you what it meant
<set_> Right. I will pay attention next time and take down or paste the output.
<set_> I know now. I had an updated image w/ a newer kernel. Git must have been updated/upgraded along w/ the kernel source?
<set_> Right now, I have an updated image but older kernel.
<set_> Anyway, I will do like I say. Output on the way w/ the newer image and newer kernel(s).
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<Guest69> Hi
<Guest69> I need help related to Beaglebone black
<set_> 10:00!
<zmatt> Guest69: if you need help, a good start would be to ask a concrete question rather than merely declaring the fact you need help :P
<Guest69> ok
<Guest69> I want to learn BBB, I had purchased the BBB, but there is no proper tutorial/help for learning BBB, tell me about any help or tutorial website, etc to start working on BBB. thanks
<zmatt> that's really vague and broad though... like, in the end the BBB is just a linux system and "working on" it is mostly no different from working on any other linux-based embedded system.
<zmatt> unfortunately I don't really know where to point you, i was already a linux user and familiar with programming embedded systems when I started working with the BBB so I never really even looked for a tutorial
<zmatt> maybe someone else has more useful feedback
<Guest69> @zmatt you have any help material related to BBB please share
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<Guest69> ?
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<Raajeshwar> Hi, I was facing a strange issue in Beaglebone black. Ethernet LEDs (Green and Yellow ones in Ethernet port) are always on when board is connected to power even without connecting the ethernet cable. Board cannot get connected to network when ethernet is connected. Rebooting or Power reset didn’t fix it. What might have caused it? Earlier the
<Raajeshwar> same board was working fine.
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