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<set_> I have not done it.
<set_> I wanted to say, "Yes to me and I have done it!" But, truth tells all. I have not.
<set_> are you and your persons of interest doing in the GSoC world?
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<set_> Is this the mostly incorrect room to inquire an esquire about the GSoC program?
<set_> yes. it is the incorrect one. Blah.
<set_> Sorry.
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* set_ says "yes," that wire does go in that connector! The motor works! BBB!
<set_> It is basically this 120v sychronous motor, three RPM per minute, that is iffy. So, bypass!
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<zmatt> 120v? try not to get yourself killed
<Konsgn> rcn-ee: Thank you for that, it does seem that it may be a difference in how the u-boot is configured. The yocto sources do not do anything with rtc in u-boot. Would it be possible to somehow enable the rtc in internal mode from the device tree on mainline 5.9?
<zmatt> that actually makes sense, it should probably be done by u-boot
<zmatt> though it's a bit weird, it looks like am33xx.dtsi only declares the internal clock?
<zmatt> oh I'm looking at old versions
<zmatt> konsgn: 5.9 ? you realize that that's an unmaintained kernel series?
<zmatt> (EOL december 2020)
<zmatt> 5.10 is LTS until december 2026
<Konsgn> Perhaps we should switch to that if it is available on the Dunfell branch of yocto
<zmatt> LTS releases are 5.4, 5.10, and 5.15
<Konsgn> got it. What makes the decision for LTS or not?
<zmatt> a declaration from the higher powers
<Konsgn> hhaha alright, thank you.
<Konsgn> ahhh I see, 5.9 is the latest available from the meta-bbb layer
<zmatt> wouldn't you want to use a ti kernel when using yocto anyway?
<Konsgn> But the beaglebone project made such a nice configured kernel.
<zmatt> they did? I didn't know they did anything with yocto at all
<Konsgn> ... you mean meta-ti?
<Konsgn> nagh, but the meta-bbb tries to get close to the beagle provided setup in my understanding
<zmatt> I have no idea, I don't actually know what I'm talking about... I just know that TI's official SDKs are based on yocto, and they'll undoubtedly use TI kernels
<zmatt> (and TI kernels are all based on LTS mainline kernels)
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<Konsgn> hmm, If i was looking to debug the rtc registers of the am33xx is there something I could look at in the /sys folder to check them?
<zmatt> dunno, maybe the clock tree?
<Konsgn> sys/kernel/debug/clk?
<zmatt> /sys/kernel/debug/clk/clk_summary ... but that's only if the relevant register is actually declared as clock mux to linux, which it might not be
<zmatt> it looks like the kernel driver, in kernel 5.10, never touches bit 3 of the RTC_OSC register
<zmatt> it doesn't even have a #define for that bit
<zmatt> so it should definitely be configured in u-boot
<zmatt> wait I'm blind
<zmatt> sorry
<zmatt> they just didn't put the #defines in the correct order
<zmatt> okay it's set depending on whether the rtc has a clock named "ext-clk"
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<Konsgn> ... interesting.. the only reference I see to rtc is in the am33xx-l4.dtsi where the node is created, elsewhere I see the system-power-controller flag, but i don't see external parent clocks
<Konsgn> I am looking at 5.9 though...
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<rcn-ee> konsgn: when i last looked at this (v4.4/v4.9) era, the register was u-boot only bit.. once in kernel, it was locked offf.
<Konsgn> Yea, current focus is update the uboot to get it set. I can see it verify that the external source is set, now to just get is adjusted to internal.
<zmatt> rcn-ee: dunno about 4.9 or older, but in 4.14 and later the kernel will use 32 kHz osc if the device has a clock named "ext-clk"
<zmatt> although if it doesn't then it doesn't seem to touch the bit
<zmatt> here's the relevant snippets from the driver:
<zmatt> (this is from 4.14 but nothing of importance has changed in the driver since then)
<zmatt> (nothing of importance to clock source selection)
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<Konsgn> I got it to work by adding in rtc32k_enable() to\
<Konsgn> Thank you!!
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<set_> @zmatt: I know. Luckily, the motor in question just rotates at 3 RPM. Ha. It is a super slow motor for a doorway to control fans.
<set_> Fridge crud. The control board is closed source/proprietary and I the chips on it are even clean, i.e. no insignia.
<set_> So, I might switch some items out. Who knows?
<set_> I still have the older model GE greenbean thing.
<set_> I was thinking of putting the BBB to use but I think it gets too cold in the compartment where the electronics are located.
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