<set_> pass TRUST in the USA if flying your BBBlue!
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<set_> Speakin' of flyin' the BBBlue, any more revelations on the home front for gettin' this BBBlue in the air?
<set_> Dang it. It may be a lost cause for me but I guess I will try again...BLAH!
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<set_> I know it is too late to replay or relay here but BOO YA!
<set_> BBBlue and rt on the Bullseye. You guys rule!
<set_> Anyway...I always thought this project should have been in the records and updated to current times "CONSTANTLY." I am sorry for posting so late but this when I BBBlue w/ ArduCopter.
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<DeusVoltage> Hey, does anyone know where I could find survival temperatures for the BeagleBone Black? i.e maximum and minimum temperature before the board would likely be damaged while turned off. storage temps work too
<set_> SRM
<set_> It is long. I will check to see if I can find it quickly.
<DeusVoltage> I checked there and could only find operating temperature, which isn't exactly what I was looking for
<DeusVoltage> But if that's all there is that's fine too, I am able to just make the assumption that they are the same if necessary
<set_> Oh.
<set_> Oh.
<set_> I got you now.
<set_> Storing the board for later use...got it.
<set_> Sorry. I am a bit slow tonight.
<DeusVoltage> Ah it's okay
<set_> Hey sir, that is actually a good question. What temperature does the board melt or begin to decay out of antistatic bags?
<set_> I got it now.
<set_> Sorry for mocking you here. It is actually a good question. I do not know the answer. I am sorry.
<set_> But...
<DeusVoltage> Well, to be more specific, I work for a nanosatellite program and we are trying to find how hot or cold our satellite can get before it'll be at risk for being destroyed. But we have found in the past that storage temperatures are close enough
<DeusVoltage> It's cool!
<set_> Stick around, I am sure someone else knows or can account for storage.
<DeusVoltage> Thanks for helping!
<set_> No issue. sorry.
<DeusVoltage> It is a surprisingly hard value to come across for any piece of hardware, actually
<set_> I completely understand. Chips melt while being on or off.
<set_> Let us see. Silicon on these buggers must malfunction at a specific temp. I am with you on this idea, i.e. on or off.
<set_> I can tell you something. I ran a am335x pretty hot by doing some poor source etiquette on the networking side of things.
<set_> It burned my hand but did not kill of the board.
<set_> of = off
<set_> I am actually surprised about how much oomph these boards can handle.
<set_> I keep pushing. They keep taking. Anyway, I am sure you are done w/ me now. So, back to my squandering.
<DeusVoltage> Oof, those things get hot. Hope the burns weren't too bad
<DeusVoltage> Alright, I appreciate your help! have a good night!
<set_> You too!
<set_> No...the burns were not. I just grazed it by accident one day while programming it. Surprise, surprise. heat!
<set_> It was my fault but now, I know w/ these boards if I program them incorrectly, things can go a midst.
<DeusVoltage> Reminds me of building a desktop a few years ago and not realizing the FX9590 was a lava furnace of a processor until after I bought all of my parts. Getting that thing to stay cool was an ordeal
<set_> Yes sir...things got to stay cool.
<set_> Silicon in general, or the type of it, must have some schedule to it on if it has a melting temp. and cooling malfunction temp.
<set_> So, if the metal gets too hot, the silicon melts but, right, at what temp?
<set_> I am not going to try to ruin my board to test but 5v on the GPIO pin will directly affect your am335x for life.
<set_> it will degrade it directly for life and it will be affective immediately. I learned, sort of.
<DeusVoltage> I'd imagine there'd be no way to tell without knowing the specifics of the board. I would expect the transistors inside to start degrading long before any physically apparent damage took place
<set_> right.
<DeusVoltage> I'll probably just end up assuming the operational temperature in place for a survival temperature. It doesn't seem like most microcontroller manufacturers test for that, which is unfortunate
<DeusVoltage> And it exceeds what we expected the operating temperature of the spacecraft as a whole would be anyway, so it would probably be fine
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<Wistron_Daniel> Hi
<Wistron_Daniel> Could I get BBB PCB files from web site? https://beagleboard.org/black
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<zmatt> Wistron_Daniel: there's literally a link to the pcb files on that page
<zmatt> all the design files are in this github repository: https://github.com/beagleboard/beaglebone-black
<zmatt> jkridner: btw, it may be worth asking github if they can reverse the direction of the "is a fork of" relationship between beagleboard/beaglebone-black and CircuitCo/BeagleBone-Black to reflect that the former is primary... they have a special page for that: https://support.github.com/request/fork
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<zmatt> at the very least you can detach the fork... but it may be nice to maintain a link in the reverse direction so people who follow a link to the old circuitco repo can more easily find the primary repository
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<set_> Fly BBBlue fly!
<set_> I do not know why I cannot figure this out. The binary is on the board now. The user LED (red) flashes. I set up the prerequisites, and still Blue is down.
<set_> Sheesh.
<set_> I have not tried everything, i.e. as I am being cautious.
<set_> I only have one more left, maybe two. Who knows? Anyways, I am updating a system to TI-RT instead of armv7-rt. I will update at will.
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<set_> bbl!
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