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<set_> dang it, in sysfs-gpio.c, @zmatt here, what is O_PATH | O_CLOEXEC ? I will search it soon. I am making an output program from the input program but missing everything.
<set_> If using an output in GPIO, would I need to open, read, write, and then close itself?
<set_> Okay.
<set_> I seem to be fixiated on "timeout_ms = what" where what is a timing concern.
<set_> Everything else is working.
<set_> Here is the one line error I am working on right now: open /sys/class/leds/relay-jp3/brightness/value: Not a directory
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<set_> is made well w/ the Makefile but ends in Abort b/c I am handling LEDs in a .dts labeled .dtbo in uboot-overlays in /boot/uEnv.txt.
<set_> So, I will show you what I changed in sysfs-gpio.c/.h.
<set_> is all I changed so far.
<set_> By checking the GPIO Direction, does this disqualify the .dtbo for the BBORG_RELAY-00A0.dts file? If so, I may just use this lib. instead of changing it.
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<Guest29> Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could help me. I have a BeagleBone Green Wireless with Grove Base Cape v2. I was was working on cloud9 (I had run an apt-get upgrade a few minutes prior and was currently looking at directory contents) when suddenly the connection dropped and failed to reconnect. I noticed that the device is no longer listed under
<Guest29> my laptops available wifi connections. I've tried unplugging the device and starting it again and double-checked the antennae were secure. It doesn't seem to work. Has anyone encountered a similar problem like this or could point me in the right direction?
<zmatt> uhh, did the apt upgrade complete successfully?
<Guest29> No
<Guest29> The update returned a  Failed to fetch 404 Not Found
<Guest29> and when i tried to upgrade I had a bunch of errors
<zmatt> jessie is very ancient and unmaintained
<zmatt> wait, what's that weird path anyway
<zmatt> and jessie is a debian dist, not ubuntu
<zmatt> define "a bunch of errors" ?
<zmatt> let me guess, it was a huge upgrade (lots and lots of packages) and you ran out of disk space during installation?
<Guest29> dpkg: error processing archive /var/cache/apt/archives/bonescript_0.6.1-0rcnee1~bpo80+20170301_armhf.deb (--unpack):
<Guest29>  trying to overwrite '/lib/systemd/system/bonescript-autorun.service', which is also in package bb-bonescript-installer-beta 0.5.0~beta7-0rcnee1~bpo80+20160526+1
<Guest29> dpkg-deb: error: subprocess paste was killed by signal (Broken pipe)
<Guest29> Errors were encountered while processing:
<Guest29>  /var/cache/apt/archives/bonescript_0.6.1-0rcnee1~bpo80+20170301_armhf.deb
<Guest29> E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)
<zmatt> please don't paste into chat
<zmatt> use a paste service like pastebin
<Guest29> Ah my bad
<Guest29> sorry
<zmatt> what image version is this?
<zmatt> are you actually running jessie?
<zmatt> it sounds like bonescript should have had Conflicts and Replaces bb-bonescript-installer-beta probably
<Guest29> I think so - I ran lsb_release -a and it said I was running Debian GNU/Linux 8.11 (jessie)
<zmatt> yeah that's really ancient and unmaintained
<Guest29> Ah okay
<zmatt> like, my suggestion would have been to backup any files of importance and just reflash the system to the latest image
<Guest29> Okay great. I'll do that. Thanks for your help :)
<zmatt> now that the system has been hosed by a failed upgrade... well my advice is still the same, except backing up files of importance has been made more difficult
<zmatt> so hopefully you don't have any, but if you do you'll need to boot from sd card and mount the emmc to rescue files from it
<Guest29> I haven't got anything important thankfully.
<zmatt> that makes things easy
<zmatt> download the "AM3358 Debian 10.3 2020-04-06 4GB eMMC IoT Flasher" from the Flasher Debian images section here
<zmatt> write to SD card using Etcher, boot the beaglebone from it and it should automatically proceed to reflash the eMMC
<Guest29> Great thank you. Will try that now
<zmatt> since your current system is ancient, to get it to boot from the sd card you probably need to power on with the S2 button held down (the button closest to the μsd card slot), you can let go of the button once any led turns on
<zmatt> (this is normally not required to boot from sd card, just when there's a serious mismatch between the system on sd card and the bootloader on eMMC)
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<Guest68> Hello hello,
<Guest68> I wanted to ask if you still have beaglebone green wireless boards in stock and if not, when they should be available again.
<zmatt> that's a question to ask distributors... this is a community chat
<Guest68> 👍
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<tigerxyz> Hi, Some GPIO pins need to be exported for accessing. That can be done using "echo 'export' > ". I would like to export those pins during boot-up, Is any way to do it other than with a script ?
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<AKN> Hi Stuck with IRQ vring not found on 5.10 kernel for pruss on Beaglebone AI
<AKN> bbai:~/pruFW# echo start > /sys/class/remoteproc/remoteproc6/state
<AKN> [ 653.889678] remoteproc remoteproc6: powering up
<AKN> [ 653.895629] remoteproc remoteproc6: Booting fw image am57xx-pru2_0-fw, size 65484
<AKN> [ 653.903289] remoteproc remoteproc6: unsupported resource 5
<AKN> [ 653.909027] pru-rproc IRQ vring not found
<AKN> [ 653.914306] remoteproc remoteproc6: unable to get vring interrupt, status = -6
<AKN> [ 653.921600] remoteproc remoteproc6: can't start rproc -6
<AKN> [ 653.928253] remoteproc remoteproc6: Boot failed: -6
<AKN> -sh: echo: write error: No such device or address
<AKN> Tried to modify the DTS file based on Beagleboard kernel 4.14 with no luck.
<AKN> modified am57-pruss.dtsi based on kernel 5.16 to include pruss_intc so on but couldn't figure out the interrupt
<zmatt> tigerxyz: normally all gpios are exported by default (if you're using cape-universal), if you're not using cape-universal then you can use an overlay to setup and export gpios
<zmatt> tigerxyz: my overlay-utils project has an example: (note: overlay-utils uses different macros and makefile than
<tigerxyz> @zmatt : thanks
<zmatt> AKN: it looks like am5729-beagleboneai.dts includes the wrong base dtsi
<zmatt> AKN: replace #include "dra74x.dtsi" by #include "am5728.dtsi"
<AKN> Okay I tired include am5728.dtsi but pru firmware doesn't load up
<zmatt> if that's true then it sounds like remoteproc-pru is somehow entirely broken on that kernel series
<zmatt> rcn-ee: ping
<rcn-ee> 5.10+ ti changed the remote_proc again.. irq change..
<rcn-ee> v6.0.0+ is v5.10.x+ (and maybe mainline)... v5.9.0 and earlier is v4.14.x->5.4.x ..;a=summary
<zmatt> okay, but how is that relevant? like, the relevant includes are part of mainline
<rcn-ee> here's the commit with the changes needed. ..;a=commit;h=868c247f89d7d0692752fd1278448b8b69aa959c
<zmatt> or is it broken in mainline?
<rcn-ee> so 5.10.x-ti should be really really close to what is in mainline today (v5.17.x)...
<zmatt> ohhhh, they changed is in a way that requires the pru firmware to be changed?
<zmatt> yeah I see now
<AKN> Sorry that I couldn't follow up
<rcn-ee> other than that commit in that git repo, nothing else was really posted anywhere...
<zmatt> rcn-ee: btw the bbai dts does need to be changed to #include "am5728.dtsi" instead of "dra74x.dtsi", just like am57xx-beagle-x15-common.dtsi does
<zmatt> otherwise pruss never gets declared
<zmatt> unless I'm blind
<rcn-ee> considering the amount of pinmux changes i've had to do on the beaglebone-ai mainline dts to make it just boot...i don't think anyone's actually using mainline device-tree as is..
<zmatt> I'm referring to 5.10-ti
<rcn-ee> i think it's the same in this too.. so am5728.dtsi brinds in dra74x.dtsi + am57-pruss.dtsi. so yeah i agree...
<zmatt> exactly
<zmatt> AKN: short summary: that one line change (the #include) should be the only change needed in the dts
<zmatt> AKN: the reason the pru firmware doesn't load is because TI made incompatible changes, the firmware needs to be updated
<rcn-ee> and you'll be able to do a 'git pull' in a bout a minute.. to get it..
<AKN> Okay than for compiling the PRU image I need to use new support package
<zmatt> it looks like they changed all the examples, so you'll probably need to check what exactly they did and make a similar change in your own project
<rcn-ee> AKN: both 5.9 and 6.0 are instalable in debian..
<zmatt> 5.9 ? why 5.9 ?
<AKN> zmatt, rcn-ee: Thankyou
<rcn-ee> some users are using remoteproc pre v5.10.x
<zmatt> 5.9 isn't even a -ti kernel, nor even LTS
<rcn-ee> Sorry, that is "ti" pru software development numbres..
<zmatt> ahhhhh
<zmatt> I was already confused
<rcn-ee> AKN: sudo apt install ti-pru-software will bring in v6.0.1 of ti's git repo..
<zmatt> rcn-ee: if the changes are incompatible and kernel version dependent, shouldn't the package be explicitly versioned?
<zmatt> like, ti-pru-software-v6
<rcn-ee> it is... i think i moved it to a different repo..
<rcn-ee> ti-pru-software-v6.0 -> replaces ti-pru-software
<rcn-ee> ti-pru-software-v5.9 -> v4.14.x-ti -> 5.4.x-ti
<AKN> rcn-ee: Sure, Thank You.
<zmatt> maybe put that in the package description? like "PRU Software Support Package for kernel versions ..."
<rcn-ee> so you can install both.. but then both include directores get exported to the enviroment..
<zmatt> I guess TI never got the memo of the kernel's "don't break underspace" policy? ;-)
<rcn-ee> oh god... it's scary lately on un-released stuff.. they cleaned house a year and half ago... removing "remote" workers...
<rcn-ee> they don't even have.. "don't break the release last month" policy..
<zmatt> lol
<rcn-ee> we found a few random "git commits" not in git, in there Device Linux SDK Release binaries..
<rcn-ee> you know the *.bin you run to extract a sdk release..
<zmatt> maybe I should make an overlay to use uio-pruss on am57 and port libprussdrv, at least that's stable ;)
<zmatt> actually, libprussdrv would probably work out of the box, but only for the first pruss instance
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<rcn-ee> uio is always stable... have you had to a chance to seee mainline change broke v5.4.x and later.. or are you still on v4.19.x for prodution?
<zmatt> oh right, I should really do that
<zmatt> we're still on v4.14 for production /o\
<rcn-ee> ah, your still good.. v4.14.x. is rock solid.. ;)
<zmatt> I really should work on upgrading, and maybe see if any of the patches I've done might be suitable for mainline .. ( )
<zmatt> at the very least the one adding an eCAP clocksource driver should be mainlinable (giving the system time 10ns resolution, or 5ns when using the PRU eCAP, instead of 1/24 us resolution and slow clock drift due to the kernel using a fixed-point appropriation for the 1/24 ratio)
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