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<set_> BBB!
<set_> @zmatt: Are you still upset at me for using libgpiod?
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<zmatt> I'm not upset "for using libgpiod", I'm annoying because you keep discarding things that work in favor of things that don't, then ask for help, and then discard the advice
<set_> Oh.
<set_> I understand now.
<set_> Okay.
<set_> I will try to narrow my sights on what works instead of reinventing ideas into new ways of doing things.
<set_> Can we agree yet?
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<David21> Hello, Looking for Beagle bone black ver2.1
<David21> anybody can suggest where i can get it?
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<zmatt> set_: oh I just realized yet another reason you shouldn't use libgpiod ... a program that uses libgpiod to control relay-jp1 or relay-jp2 that "works" (ignoring that it breaks the sysfs gpios) when the overlay-utils version of the BBORG_RELAY-00A2 overlay is installed will cause a short-circuit (and potentially destroy the BBB) when the version of the BBORG_RELAY-00A2 is used, and ...
<zmatt> ...conversely if the libgpiod code "works" with the version of the overlay then it'll fry the hardware when used with the overlay-utils version of the overlay
<set_> Oh.
<set_> That is not good.
<set_> Why would the /dev/gpio/relay-jp3/value file cause such an issue?
<zmatt> it doesn't
<set_> I am not using the .dtsi file now.
<set_> But...the files are still there at that location.
<set_> Oh. I see what you typed now.
<set_> relay-jp1/2.
<set_> So, is there a way around such an issue or since it is libgpiod, you are against using your time to tell me?
<zmatt> normally the kernel would prevent libgpiod from using gpiod that are already in use, that but that's been patched out in rcn's kernels (an action I do not agree with, even though I know why it was done)
<zmatt> set_: easy workaround: DON'T USE LIBGPIOD
<set_> I know, I know how you feel. Okay, so, there are still issues w/ it and for the am335x w/ what has been produced in .dtsi/.dtbo files.
<set_> I will stop using it in case the rcn kernels get altered.
<set_> I should make myself more aware of the issue pertaining to the source and how it can conflict w/ the images/boards/BBBWs.
<set_> I need to alter the lib. now on github. Did you see the update for pathlib yet?
<zmatt> set_: btw, in C_SRC/MyFirst.c you're trying to write to /dev/gpio/relay-jp3/direction .. don't do that, it's read-only
<zmatt> this suffices
<set_> Oh.
<set_> Right. I noticed that. It is already an out.
<zmatt> (or use my sysfs-gpio library)
<set_> I will change that too.
<set_> Okay!
<zmatt> but using open() and write() directly is fine too
<set_> Oh. Okay.
<zmatt> which shows the simplicity of using sysfs gpio when the gpio has already been setup by DT (which my overlay does)
<zmatt> have you installed buster yet or are you still messing with bullseye?
<set_> Bullseye on this board is staying for now.
<set_> I have not changed it yet.
<zmatt> then you'll at least need to install since we've observed it's missing in bullseye
<zmatt> to set the permissions right
<set_> Right.
<set_> I did it.
<set_> I think this is where I am able to use your lib. w/out issues, i.e. well that plus the udev rule.
<set_> You udev rule.
<set_> your == You
<set_> That one you showed me in the posts on pastebin.
<zmatt> yep, my rule creates the symlinks in /dev/gpio/, while the 80-gpio-noroot.rules fixes the permission errors
<set_> Aw.
<set_> Okay. See, I knew this was the reason I was able to use this source the way it was used.
<set_> The symlinks in /dev/gpio/ is how I found out about how to use it in that .C file.
<set_> I was unaware of active_low at first. Now, I know!
<set_> I kept reading things. None of it made since. Then, all of a sudden, it hit me. I already read about this once a long time ago.
<set_> Bam!
<set_> I like to joke about epiphanies. There was one w/ active_low and value.
<zmatt> ignore active_low
<zmatt> you don't need it
<set_> Okay. So, I will just take out direction and know that using it in MyFirst.c...Oh.
<set_> Oh.
<zmatt> like I said earlier, this suffices:
<set_> Now.
<set_> Okay.
<zmatt> (writing direction is not only unnecessary but doesn't, or shouldn't, work since this attribute is only writable for bidirectional gpios while the relays are output-only)
<zmatt> also beware that if you used libgpiod on any of these gpios even once, it'll break them for sysfs access until you reboot
<rcn-ee> okay, that bb-customizations package for bullseye is now fixed.. Had the flu for this week, so i've not really been aroudn..
<set_> Oh.
<set_> No!
<set_> The flu. Yikes. It is march.
<set_> Get well soon.
<rcn-ee> and the snow is melting... i'm allergic to allergies.. ;) i'm good now..
<set_> Yikes. Allergies. oh. good. Pulling through the sickness is half the battle.
<set_> I say stop eating out. Those people are sickos.
<set_> No offense to people doing well in the food industry.
<zmatt> rcn-ee: any idea why the official BBORG_RELAY-00A2 overlay is so weird? it declares the relays as leds instead of just exporting them as gpios...
<rcn-ee> yeah, i did that few years ago... led's are one echo off/on..
<rcn-ee> vs, 3 lines for export, echo, echo..
<set_> brb
<rcn-ee> i know we have a udev rule that takes care of the export.. so it's 2 echo's vs 1. ;)
<zmatt> rcn-ee: gpios are exported automatically if you use gpio-of-helper
<zmatt> rcn-ee: no you're confusing gpio with pwm maybe
<zmatt> gpios are automatically exported by the kernel if setup appropriately, and gpio-of-helper takes care of that setup
<zmatt> (I've now also tweaked my USES_PIN macro to disable the gpio exported by cape-universal in addition to disabling the bone-pinmux-helper, but of course that needs a fairly recent kernel)
<rcn-ee> at the time it was quick, and everything was mainline to make it work..
<rcn-ee> your version would also work well..
<set_> You guys...
<zmatt> gpio-of-helper really ought to be mainline... unfortunately mainline has the delusion that the new gpiod is actually a good thing :P
<set_> what is gpio-of-helper and bone-pinmux-helper and how can I use them to alter pin config(s)?
<rcn-ee> gpiod is great... till the application stops/exits... and then your pin's return to default state.... and the laser cutter burns the house down.... ;)
<zmatt> rcn-ee: btw, that udev rule I show in the comments of my overlay is pretty nice too, for using sysfs gpio without hardcoding gpio numbers:
<zmatt> rcn-ee: yes, fucking rude
<zmatt> kernel shouldn't touch my gpio unless I ask it to
<rcn-ee> it needs to be fixed, so that when the ioctrl is closed, the state it in, DOES NOT change... till then /sys/class/gpio can never be removed, as it doesn't actually replace it..
<zmatt> that's just one of many problems
<zmatt> access control granularity is another (sysfs gpio is per-pin)
<rcn-ee> zmatt: what do you want to do with am6x.. same issue... (but unlike am57xx) it has a working gpio pinctrl...
<rcn-ee> ah crap... gotta run... (picking up parts for thing this weekend..) back tomorow...
<zmatt> rcn-ee: here's another reason I don't want to know about gpio numbers:
<zmatt> rcn-ee: what do you mean, what issue? sysfs gpio should work fine on any linux system that has gpios
<zmatt> the best way to deal with gpiod is by ignoring it exists
<set_> You guys, I am going to look up gpio-of-helper and bone-pinmux-helper. Sheesh. If anyone has time to make me understand, please try to let me know about these libs.
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<zmatt> set_: they're not libs, they're drivers. don't worry about it
<set_> Okay.
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