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<mixotricha> zmatt So I got around today to poking at the PRU on this BBB as discussed yesterday. I did be getting me the python stuff. Cloned the repo. Got pasm sorted. Went to run the and I think I am missing a python module.    from uio.ti.icss import Icss ImportError: No module named uio.ti.icss. I guess I should install that module named
<mixotricha> Icss?
<mixotricha> @zmatt was simple silly thing. Executing with wrong version of python:)
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<mixotricha> I do believe that was success. Thanks Zmatt. Even if I don't use the python it really helped me to understand what is going on here.
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<Bogdan> Hi everyone
<Bogdan> I own a BeagleBone AI, and the operating system runs on the eMMC. Storage is limited to only 15GB. In this sense I want to add a cardSD that I can use only for additional storage space, without running the operating system on it, but I don’t know how to do that.
<Bogdan> I think is something from u-boot but I don't know how to do that
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<LMGroup> Good morning,
<LMGroup> I am trying to put the pins can 24 and 26 in the BB AI.
<LMGroup> Can someone help me?
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<Guest3214> Someone who has experience with sound drivers/codecs/DTS...
<Guest3214> ?
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<Konsgnx1> Is there a way to append pins to pinctrl-single,pins?
<Konsgnx1> Specifically I want to add on some default pins to the i2c0_pins node that is created by an include "am33xx.dtsi"
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<zmatt> Konsgnx1: you shouldn't have a desire to do that, since the only pins that should be declared in that block are sda and scl
<zmatt> also, am33xx.dtsi doesn't declare any pins
<zmatt> and no, there's no DT syntax for appending to a property
<Konsgnx1> drats, yea getting around it by having a default pinmux
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<zmatt> Konsgnx1: around what? what are you trying to do?
<zmatt> Konsgnx1: pinmux should be attached to whatever device the pinmux is for
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<set_> @zmatt: Are you around today?
<set_> @zmatt: Are you around today to discuss the lib. you made for SysFS-GPIO?
<set_> Anyway, I was thinking. Oops! The lib. is near perfect except for this altercation on my part. I tried to change some of your source and received an "abort" error. Things compiled correctly w/ the Makefile but I could not change the $PATH of some of the source.
<set_> It is almost like there is a force field around it, i.e. some pinmux definitions I am not aware of or something...
<zmatt> ??
<set_> @zmatt: !
<set_> Did you not see all my cries for help already?
<zmatt> no?
<set_> Dang it.
<set_> I have been going back and forth trying to get your attention for weeks now.
<set_> Can I show you the error codes if they are of any use?
<zmatt> just pastebin it
<set_> Okay.
<set_> Okay, okay.
<set_> Here: is the source.
<set_> And...
<set_> This is the altering: .
<zmatt> led devices in /sys/class/leds/ are not gpios and cannot be controlled with this library
<set_> I changed...
<set_> oh.
<set_> Why are the LEDs in the .dts file being used as such for the RelayCape?
<set_> They are GPIO pins in the .dts but called LEDs.
<zmatt> dunno, sounds bogus
<set_> Let me show you, i.e. if you have any time.
<zmatt> a relay is obviously not a led and should not be declared as such
<set_> I know. But, there is a .dts. Just let me show you this .dts file, please.
<zmatt> yeah, I see the overlay does that
<set_> Oh.
<set_> So, would I change the .dts file instead of your Makefile and source?
<set_> All issues aside, I can probably manage to change it.
<set_> I guess I was at a loss of what to change and when to change it.
<set_> I mean...this is simply solved by me just using your repo. or the .dts file and other source. Either way, those are fun ways.
<set_> But! It is more fun to learn something new by changing everything!
<zmatt> hold on
<set_> Oh. Okay...
<set_> Sir, I am not pressuring you into anything, am I!
<zmatt> I mean, you can just remove or disable this bogus dts and then control the gpios just fine
<set_> Oh.
<set_> Well...
<set_> I thought I could b/c of the GPIOs listed as "disabled".
<set_> So, instead of using the .dts and your lib, I would just use your lib. w/ the correct $PATH.
<set_> B/ the .dts file, those listed "disabled" GPIOs have comments and these darn comments have the required $PATH right?
<set_> @zmatt: I just reread what you typed. Okay. Thank you.
<zmatt> ???
<set_> ha.
<set_> I just reread what you typed. Sorry.
<set_> I took it the wrong way.
<set_> I thought you were putting theory over a technical aspect (AS USUAL). I always do this..."anything is up for grabs."
<set_> My bad, sir.
<set_> @zmatt: Did you make this lib so alterations could not be handled easily?
<set_> Anyway, it is just me. No issue.
<zmatt> what?
<zmatt> I don't know what you're talking about
<zmatt> set_: I'm testing a replacement overlay right now, to create properly named gpios
<set_> Oh.
<set_> That is all I was saying earlier. I can try to make one.
<zmatt> but doing that is optional of course, you can just use the gpios exported by cape-universal instead
<zmatt> no, you can't, you have no idea how to
<set_> Right now, I do not know what I am saying either.
<set_> You are right.
<set_> I still need to learn.
<set_> There is no reason to fall behind for eternity.
<set_> See now, the place I am at in life, life in general here, has me doing oddball jobs (AS USUAL). But, I like to try new things w/ the Capes and boards. You know...if I can squeeze in time, I will. I want to be able to add a board one day, a Cape, and write a .dts for it.
<set_> But...
<set_> It is like everyone I encounter for the TIDA-00320 is either shafting me or not too collective on "my" needs.
<set_> For RelayCape sake, I turned on a LED w/ the Cape so far w/ the Adafruit_BBIO lib. to test it.
<set_> But is is getting in the way of building quickly. So, I went back to for images and the forums.
<set_> @zmatt: I do not expect you, as one person, to handle anything. I just wanted to reach out and let others know about "a" perspective. Mine.
* set_ is a generalist at best, i.e. even w/ GenTooMan giving me grief.
<zmatt> set_: there, added a replacement BBORG_RELAY-00A2 overlay to
<set_> Oh.
<set_> Hmm. Am I allowed to test it?
<set_> You have been busy.
<set_> I just saw your /overlay-utils repo. and it was not that long ago that I looked at it.
<set_> Bits and pieces!
<set_> I am learnt-a-did once more.
<zmatt> if you also have an udev rule installed for creating gpio symlinks ( ) then you'll have a /dev/gpio/ directory in which properly named symlinks will show up for the relays:
<zmatt> hence then you can use "/dev/gpio/relay-jp1" as path in my gpio library
<set_> Nice.
<set_> I will go and look. @zmatt: Please bare w/ me here...
<set_> I know you enjoy assisting and helping out those of us, me, who know little when you can spare the stress.
<set_> So, I do appreciate it. But, by all means, do not be stressed to the point that it is either helping me or yelling at me.
<set_> Please kindly tell me to take a break or whatever.
<set_> Thank you!
<zmatt> ?
<set_> I know. I am feeling feelings.
<set_> Ha.
<set_> I should not cry in chat!
* set_ stays tough to keep tears away!
<set_> udev rules!
<set_> Quite a handy thing when promoting GPIO tasks or any peripheral!
<set_> You you look at udev rules in the man pages at all?
<set_> I am asking b/c I am sure they change like anything else in Linux. Keeping updated is half the battle.
<zmatt> ?
<set_> Never mind me.
* set_ making BBB sound silly is what I am not trying to do. Sorry.
<zmatt> btw, if you do intend to use this overlay (which, like I said, is completely optional) then, like the comment in its source code says, make sure you have a sufficiently recent kernel ( )
<set_> I like to joke.
<set_> I saw it.
<set_> I looked over the comments. I am updated to the latest kernel in 5.10.x from
<zmatt> oh that's a very bad idae, why would you do that?
<set_> B/c...the other image from seemed to be outdated.
<zmatt> stick to the default kernel series (4.19-ti in current images)
<set_> Oh. Okay.
<zmatt> various stuff in 5.x is barely working
<set_> I know. I am testing things w/out complaining b/c I do not search logs (at all).
<set_> I have gotten quite a bit to work so far.
<set_> Bots, like that thing you helped me w/ years ago, circa '18, and this Cape.
<set_> I was surprised that the BBIO lib. still worked for GPIO.
<set_> I thought people were moving on from it.
<zmatt> actually, I'm pretty sure most overlays will fail to work on that kernel series
<zmatt> including this one
<zmatt> due to backwards-incompatible changes
<zmatt> or, well, it means kernel-version-specific overlays are required
<set_> Hmm. Yea. I get it, sort of. I noticed I had to call a 1 instead of a 0 b/c of something. I never looked it up.
<zmatt> uhh no
<set_> Oh.
<set_> So, overlays are changing b/c of the DTC or standards?
<zmatt> like I said, just stick to 4.19-ti for now... no need to bring more problems onto yourself
<set_> No issue.
<zmatt> they're changing because some kernel dev apparently thought it was okay to make backwards-incompatible changes
<set_> No fun.
<set_> Hmm. Now, everyone must read what exactly this .dev did and appear to work w/ it.
<set_> So, everything you guys did so far to invest time and effort has been slated, i.e. sort of.
<set_> Anyway, you are right.
<set_> I should not worry.
<set_> It is a shame that people did not say, "Hey, I am doing this now!" vote on it!
<set_> For instance, I was reading some of those Linux logs/email blogs/whatever they are now. I noticed some very koy rhetoric. Just me though. I cannot follow everything.
<set_> I am still trying to hash out globbing and pathlib'ing in Python3.