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<Whiskey`> Hello all!
<Whiskey`> Anyone ever seen a custom beagle bone black ? am3352bzcz60 cpu and none of the IO headers. ill get some pics up in a bit
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<zmatt> Whiskey`: there are beaglebone-derived custom boards yes
<zmatt> notably used as control boards on certain cryptocurrency mining rigs
<Whiskey`> zmatt: interesting. had no idea. thanks for the info.
<zmatt> Whiskey`: as far as I know, making derivatives is allowed as long as they're not sold as "beaglebone" or use any other trademarks without their permission
<Whiskey`> these all have some BT modules shoved into them
<Whiskey`> sounds reasonable
<zmatt> and the source/design files are CC-BY-SA hence if you publish your modified design (which you're not required to) it must retain appropriate attribution and be published under the same license
<Whiskey`> also reasonable. I picked these up 3rd hand at a auction with tons of other junk hardware
<Whiskey`> if they had the IO ports I could do something with them. As they are, I dunno what all they could be used for
<zmatt> yeah this is a weird one, never seen it before
<zmatt> is that an usb-c connector?
<Whiskey`> na
<Whiskey`> its a mini b
<zmatt> ah, it kinda looked like one from the photo's perspective
<zmatt> is the topright chip (U13) an eMMC or a raw NAND flash?
<Whiskey`> i think nand but i havent looked it up yet
<zmatt> that would not be surprising, but does make things even more annoying
<Whiskey`> 4ha18 jw999 from Micron
<Whiskey`> google spat nothing usable back
<zmatt> that sounds like eMMC
<Whiskey`> I figured cause its Micron it would be nand
<zmatt> micron has a decoder for bga part markings (the "jw999"):
<Whiskey`> oh
<Whiskey`> gotta go boot one of these and see what its doing. would have been much more interesting had there been poe support.
<zmatt> the actual bbb used to use micron eMMC too... the 2GB "MTFC2GMVEA-0M WT" (JW896) originally and then the 4GB "MTFC4GLDEA-0M WT" (JWA06) for rev C, before they switched to Kingston
<Whiskey`> oh there is a serial on here, 184457-(hand wrote) 002 REV (hand wrote) A
<zmatt> I noticed, but that's not really useful to anyone other than whoever the manufacturer is
<Whiskey`> yea was wondering if the silkscreen part of itm ight have dated the design
<zmatt> you can check the manufacturing year/month of the eMMC, which can estimate the production date of the board
<zmatt> (it can be read from its CID if you can boot it and log in)
<zmatt> you said they had bluetoothe modules shoved into them? shoved into where?
<Whiskey`> the usb port
<zmatt> ah
<Whiskey`> this one came out of the antistatic bag but i have a box of them that are used
<Whiskey`> and it looks like the bt adapters are fake clones
<zmatt> curious... so they have ethernet, bluetooth, and the usb device port, and that's basically it?
<Whiskey`> yup
<zmatt> sd card slot?
<Whiskey`> 2 usb ports
<Whiskey`> nope
<Whiskey`> there are some pads on the bottom
<zmatt> photo?
<Whiskey`> thats a very long reset style button, there is another button on the top side
<Whiskey`> i havnet pulled the meter out yet but the red one feels almost like its 4 way
<zmatt> those pads looks like the unsoldered jtag connector, same as on the bbb
<Whiskey`> its 10 pads a side
<Whiskey`> thought jtag was 2x6?
<Whiskey`> been a long time since i used jtag
<zmatt> jtag is all sorts of things, but this is a standard TI 20-pin JTAG header
<Whiskey`> ahh good to learn
<zmatt> (not to be confused with the standard ARM 20-pin JTAG header, which uses a different pinout and also a different connector)
<Whiskey`> ah ha of course
<Whiskey`> xkcd has a few commics aobut that
<zmatt> this is specifically the Compact TI 20-Pin
<Whiskey`> thanks, bookmarked
<Whiskey`> now if only there were *any* gpio's on this thing
<Whiskey`> exposed rather. im sure all the gpios are in there
<zmatt> you've got a few on that jtag header
<Whiskey`> herm now that is interesting
<zmatt> the EMU0-EMU4 pins on that header are usable as gpios, except that emu0/1 must be high during reset (they have on-board pullups)
<Whiskey`> ooooh
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<Whiskey`> damn i might have a friend who can usethese
<zmatt> TP9 is also one
<zmatt> and the serial console header has one input and one output (typically serial console rxd/txd but they could be repurposed)... they're unidirectional because of the buffer that's between the header and the am335x
<Whiskey`> i assumed that would be dedicated
<Whiskey`> but still good news
<zmatt> it's funny that they still strapped sysboot5 high (causing the am335x to output a 24 MHz clock that the bbb uses for HDMI CEC) even though this thing doesn't have hdmi
<Whiskey`> that on the row of resistors?
<zmatt> that clock ends up on EMU2 by default, but the pin can be reconfigured at runtime
<zmatt> yeah, there are 16 strapping options... R80-R95 on top are the pulldowns, R55-R70 on bottom are the pullups
<zmatt> (with the resistor numbering being in reverse order... R95/R70 is for sysboot0, R80/R55 is for sysboot15
<zmatt> )
<Whiskey`> ah k. made a note of that
<zmatt> if you're really desperate for gpios, all 16 of these can be used as gpio after reset, so in principle you could solder onto the resistor pads if you determine the correct side
<zmatt> but that seems... finnicky
<Whiskey`> oh jebus lol
<zmatt> removing R65 and placing R90 would change sysboot5 from 1 to 0, which would disable the 24 MHz clock being output by default on EMU2 of the jtag header
<Whiskey`> i mean, to do much other than usb/ethernet with it, its going to need gpios
<zmatt> I mean, that depends
<zmatt> without gpios it's still a linux system with ethernet
<Whiskey`> is there i2c exposed someplace?
<Whiskey`> well sure its linux with ethernet (and possibly BT)
<zmatt> and a usb device port... modprobe g_ether and setup a bridge, and you've made it into a usb-to-ethernet adapter ;)
<Whiskey`> yea, then what? hehe
<Whiskey`> *I* dont have much use for such
<Whiskey`> but now i own a ton of them
<zmatt> useful for those ultrathin laptops that lack ethernet
<Whiskey`> mmmm
<Whiskey`> i dont think my printer can make a case for these
<Whiskey`> ooh diagnal it would
<zmatt> and yeah there's an i2c eeprom
<Whiskey`> to bad wifi wasnt standard
<zmatt> I mean, it doesn't really matter what was "standard" since they removed anything they didn't need
<zmatt> i2c bus seems relatively easy to access: see U7 on the bottom, near the pin-19 corner of the jtag header, with 3 pins on one side and 2 pins on the other?
<zmatt> the 3 pins are scl, gnd, sda
<Whiskey`> yup
<Whiskey`> aaah
<zmatt> so that gets you onto i2c0
<zmatt> here's what you got, assuming you're not desperate enough to solder onto the sysboot resistor pads ;)
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<Whiskey`> zmatt: thank you. Sorry for going mia, went to sleep in the chair, was a horribly long day (600mi driving and loading from 9 stops)
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<Whiskey`> good lord
<Whiskey`> so this place must have been fabricating these
<Whiskey`> I found a box that has bare pcb's. 6 per board, 20 boards
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