<set_> But...
<set_> I like to try to keep up w/ old traditional ways and new, "fascinating" trends that may in turn circumvent itself.
<set_> Cyclic! Like loops.
<zmatt> ???
<set_> I want to stick around and with the least friction possible.
<zmatt> set_: you keep doing weird shit, and then end up complaining/asking here because unsurprisingly stuff isn't working because you keep doing weird shit
<set_> So, if beagleboard.org does not want to have me boasting and bragging about random findings. This is okay.
<zmatt> and in doing so, waste other people's time
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<set_> It is not so weird to try new ventures so I am told.
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<zmatt> why does your even readme mention gpiod? your code doesn't actually use it (obviously, since it doesn't work)
<set_> Oh.
<set_> Is it broken already?
<set_> Dang it.
<zmatt> it's incompatible with declaring gpios in DT
<set_> I am seeing the LED light up and the BBBW and RelayCape work in tandem.
<set_> On/Off.
<set_> Until I quit the program.
<set_> Were you sent by NY city to make me quit?
<set_> The entire city wants set_ to quit. I knew it.
<set_> Everyone, everywhere. This is not fair. If I need to dumb things down to not tarheel people, so be it.
<set_> I can slow things into a fashion.
<zmatt> actually, I misspoke... gpiod *shouldn't* work, but rcn hacked the kernel to make gpiod ignore the fact that the gpio is already in use, which means that using gpiod will end up stealing the gpio from the sysfs interface
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<zmatt> (and upon release also leaves the gpio in high-impedance mode even if DT configured it to be output-only)
<zmatt> gpiod just sucks, it's worse than sysfs-gpio in almost every way possible
<set_> Oh.
<set_> I knew you knew of ideas relating to GPIO more than I.
<set_> I am not discussing your knowledge of embedded systems and the am335x over my knowledge here.
<set_> I just like trying "weird shit" here and trying to better my knowledge surrounding embedded systems in general. I picked you guys and gals b/c of the TI relationship.
<set_> I always wanted to learn more.
<set_> People are in my way. I have to break. brb!
<set_> I will research the difficulties of high-impedance since my notes due to the blog are dead.
<set_> Gone pecan!
<set_> I made a long post about impedance and MOSFETs but it got shafted and beat. I had to erase everything over anger towards the blogger site. They should allow for specific math entries to be made willy-nilly.
<set_> Good != anger && blogging != math entries < peace of mind
<set_> But...the show must go on.
<set_> @zmatt: Why are you scolding me over this libgpiod and sysfs stuff? Did I make an error?
<set_> Did I try something confounded?
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<set_> @zmatt: Are we done w/ this altercation or do I have to dread doing "well?"
<set_> I can make things more complicated if necessary and do other things to avoid pitfalls in Eye Sight.
<set_> Like, for instance, I can run things by you so you can say nay. Understudy type hoopla. And then, I will just give!
<set_> The pathlib thing was a bit silly. Okay.
<set_> I can update things with tons of ideas and add other, harder-to-decipher source if necessary.
<set_> I am sorry! Sheesh.
<set_> I got excited.
<set_> It blew me away.
<set_> The idea that I, set_, could finally fix things where things would work "blew me away."
<set_> I was overwhelmed and exacerbating things by vidily giving away simple source to run am335x w/ RelayCape and dually noted, w/out a guiding hand or overseer.
<set_> There.
<set_> Orders, orders. I know what is right. Orders, orders.
<set_> Fine.
<set_> i will try something out-of-the-ordinary and see how far things go w/ a working system.
<set_> I am cowering here and trying to be kind to get viewpoints on my actions. So?
<set_> Forget it. Blah.
<set_> Okay. WIP on the pathlib source. enjoy.
<set_> anything else?
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<set_> Okay, I understand now. Please forgive me.
<set_> 10:00, no more fun and games. Okay.
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<zmatt> set_: using pathlib is fine... it's the only part of your python script that makes any sense whatsoever
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<Keeni> Hey guys. I have a question related to shared memory in PRU. Assume that I have a register 3 (R3) with this address 0x000007ff - 4 byte in share memory. How can I read the value in this register in a Linux environment?
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<Keeni> (y) (y) (y)
<set_> @zmatt: Sorry about yesterday. I was a bit perturbed by the rant about libgpiod and okay about pathlib file. I changed it a bunch so far b/c I figured it was too easy to decipher what actually was going on in it. It is broken now and a WIP.
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<jfsimon1981_b> Hi, I don't remind how we read analog device on the beagle black, can one please help ?
<jfsimon1981_b> i have 2 channels to read adc 0 and 2
<jfsimon1981_b> there's a device iio:device0 related to adc, that's about all i found back at the moment
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<jfsimon1981_b> It seems i got it back:
<jfsimon1981_b> echo 1 > /sys/bus/iio/devices/iio:device0/scan_elements/in_voltage0_en
<jfsimon1981_b> echo 1 > /sys/bus/iio/devices/iio:device0/scan_elements/in_voltage2_en
<jfsimon1981_b> echo 1 > /sys/bus/iio/devices/iio:device0/buffer/enable
<jfsimon1981_b> Finally read from /dev/iio:device0 [uint16]
<Keeni> bye chat!!@.@
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