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<Maldark909> does anyone here have detailed documentation on which i2c ports go to which address? (im not proficient with i2c so if i am misunderstanding how i2c works please let me know)
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<set_> i2c, heh? Big biz!
<set_> I am messing w/ a new lib. from wgaonar. It is faulting some oddities to the board.
<set_> For instance, I ran some source, Open Source source, and the board died and then was back up but w/out WiFi.
<set_> Ha.
<set_> Oh well. I think I will help this fellow a bit (if I can). Who knows?
<set_> The WiFi LED started to blink. This was a new one to me.
<set_> usually, it just stays lit on the BBGW.
<set_> I am assuming now that the PWM/GPIO pin that is dedicated to that LED must be one that wgaonar was referencing.
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<kekto> hi, what is the correct way to specify dt overlay files in the latest uboot? do i add the `dtb_overlay=xxx` in `/boot/uEnv.txt` or is it something else?
<zmatt> kekto: that's one of the variables that can be used to specify a custom overlay yes, there's been no change in how u-boot overlays works since its introduction
<kekto> thanks. i couldn't see the commented line already present in uEnv.txt so was concerned
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<zmatt> what image?
<zmatt> because relevant lines should definitely already be in /boot/uEnv.txt comments
<kekto> also it didn't seem to have worked:/  is there some tool for checking which overlays were loaded?
<kekto> i'm using this script for finding my pinmux and it doesn't seem to have configured what i wanted
<zmatt> there was no overlay support for bbx15/bbai yet when that image was released
<zmatt> I think
<kekto> oh is there an image which does have support for overlay?
<kekto> i just need to enable eqep on p8.12 and p8.11 , as far as i understand config-pin is also deprecated?
<zmatt> not deprecated, just not supported on that image (though it has been ported to bbai later)
<zmatt> kekto: do you also want TIDL ?
<kekto> not really
<zmatt> rcn-ee: are there recommended images for bbai with overlays and config-pin working out of the box?
<kekto> maybe later but righ tnow just want to get it to work
<zmatt> kekto: I guess if you don't need TIDL you could try the monthly bullseye snapshot =>
<kekto> thanks, btw whats the difference b/w minimal and iot images?
<zmatt> minimal is... minimal?
<kekto> umm ok xD
<zmatt> formerly known as console (which was a bit of a misnomer since the iot images also lack gui)
<kekto> i will try the iot snapshot
<zmatt> the iot images come work all sorts of stuff preinstalled to create an out of the box experience doesn't consist of "step 1. install everything you need to be able to actually _do anything_"
<kekto> ah i see so the cloud9 ide etc. is ther ein iot but not in minimal
<zmatt> yeah, cloud9 or its replacement vscode on bullseye
<zmatt> a lot has changed in bullseye, dunno how well everything works on there, but I also don't know if there's a better choice of image
<kekto> ok, i'll try debian 10 monthly snapshot if this doesn't work. it should also have overlay working right?
<zmatt> presumably
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<kekto> zmatt thanks the `uEnv.txt` file has `dtb_overlay` commands commented in the debian 11 monthly. however `config-pin` is still having issues and the perl script `` is missing. is there any other utility for finding out pinmuxing configuration?
<zmatt> this is the primary version of show-pins: (note: different git branches for different boards)
<zmatt> if config-pin isn't working, try debian 10
<zmatt> it's very possible debian 11 is just still too much work-in-progress
<kekto> htanks i'll try deb 10 first
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<rcn-ee> zmatt: for bbai and overlays, the best image is the v4.19.x-ti of Debian 10.x
<rcn-ee> it's not 100% for all overlays be teh GSOC student got a lot working.
<kekto36> rcn-ee thanks i'm trying that one now
<rcn-ee> Otherwise, Debian 11.x v5.10.x-ti has overlays enabled for BBAI, just not well testd.. @kekto36 do you have a specific one you are looking at?
<kekto36> i'm trying `/lib/firmware/bone_eqep2-00A0.dtbo` right now
<rcn-ee> psa... the Debian 10.x (v4.19.x) based will be monthy updated (rebuit) but it will remain v4.19x. till Bookworm releases (in a bout a year..) ... essentialy it's just the old stuff that worked, and anything that needs fixes..
<rcn-ee> kekto36: that uses an out of tree driver.. on "mainline" there is now a counter driver, for that... The GSOC student didn't test that..
<zmatt> that driver should be in 4.19-ti though?
<zmatt> is this stuff preinstalled on the buster monthly?
<rcn-ee> nuke "/lib/firmware/" ... and use "BONE-eQEP0.dtbo" (or 1, 2, 2a)
<rcn-ee> yeap, it's in "buster"...
<zmatt> is an overlay even needed, instead of just config-pin ?
<kekto36> rcn-ee should i be compiling these dts files or can i use the one in `/lib/firmware` directly? i tried using the one thats there but doesn't seem to have worked
<rcn-ee> use the overlay... (bbai)..
<rcn-ee> @kekto36 they are "built-into" the kernel..
<zmatt> maybe I should make some example on using uio for eqep on bbai :) that at least gives access to the full functionality of eqep
<rcn-ee> The GSOC student was working on overlays that work both on teh BBB and BBAI, with a single overlay...
<kekto36> i added `dtb_overlay=/lib/firmware/bone_eqep2-00A0.dtbo` in the `/boot/uEnv.txt` file and rebooted. is there something else that needs tob e done?
<rcn-ee> @kekto36 no... remove /lib/firmware/ and use "BONE-eQEP0.dtbo"..
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<kekto36> so `dtb_overlay=BONE-eQEP0.dtbo` ?
<rcn-ee> "bone_eqep2-00A0.dtbo" is an older AM335x overlay..
<rcn-ee> correct, and reboot..
<kekto36> trying
<Renata> Beagle Bone AI can connect with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)?
<rcn-ee> BONE-eQEP0 bbai -> P8_05 and P8_06
<rcn-ee> @Renata the brcmfmac driver kinda sucks... we got WiFI working, but i think Bluetooth is still broken..
<rcn-ee> The theory was... Well this "WiFi/Bluetooth" chipset works on the pi, it must have good support.... boy where we ever wrong... never again, using a brcmfmac chipset..
<zmatt> lol
<zmatt> broadcom and support? ha!
<rcn-ee> we learn these lesson hard... WiFi works correctly with a 100+ patchset from cypress, now infineon... no Mainline plan, closed private group, no support even when buying 10k's...
<Renata> I saw some information on the website and in the datasheet, talking that the supports EDR (classic Bluetooth). But if it is just this one, I won't be able to connect devices with BLE
<rcn-ee> @Renata it supports it... i think it's broken in v4.19.x-ti, does bluetooth come up in v5.10.x-ti?
<zmatt> rcn-ee: you sure? I don't see BLE in the feature list of the datasheet
<zmatt> no, you're right
<zmatt> I was looking at an older datasheet
<zmatt> it's apparently now even bluetooth 5.0
<kekto36> rcn-ee after adding the overlay file, the `` script is still giving the pin setting of P8.05 as `P8.05 227 AC9 e fast rx down gpio7_1 ocp@44000000/P8_05_pinmux (pinmux_P8_05_default_pin)` is this normal?
<zmatt> "Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, Bluetooth 3.0, Bluetooth 4.2 (Bluetooth Low Energy), Bluetooth 5.0 compliant"
<rcn-ee> @kekto36 can you pastebin your full serial bootup? i want to see if the overlay was properly loaded..
<zmatt> rcn-ee: too bad the software support is so shit, it looks like a pretty nice chip otherwise
<rcn-ee> they are cheap... work in Android... Just don't try fancy things like SoftAp. ;)
<kekto36> rcn-ee ouptut of `/opt/scripts/tools/` : im not sure how to get full serial bootup is there some other command?
<rcn-ee> grabs my bbai, and starts flashing that image....
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<Renata> @zmatt this is good news. I knew that BLE was introduced in version 4.0, but I wasn't sure that any device with a version superior to this one could have both
<Renata> where did you find this information? can you share with me?
<zmatt> Renata: the CYW43455 datasheet... so this is really just what the chip theoretically _should_ support, not whether it actually works in practice on linux
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<Renata> @zmatt oh I understand the issue now. Thank you for your help.
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<kekto> any luck rcn-ee i'm tempted to just connect my encoder and test but i fear the incorrect pinmux setting might fry the board
<zmatt> kekto: it won't fry the board, it will simply not work
<rcn-ee> sorry... got distracted by a work email...
<kekto> oh ok
<kekto> no worries
<rcn-ee> ugh... well overlays work... but i thought this microSD was crap... guess it is... tries another.. ;)
<rcn-ee> another slow flashing card... this will probally fail to... i need to throw some of these out..
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<kekto> hmm i don't seem to have the ` /proc/device-tree/chosen/overlays` directory (`/proc/device-tree/chosen/` exists)
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<rcn-ee> @kekto it loaded...
<rcn-ee> @zmatt is what's teh switch for am57xx show pins?
<rcn-ee> @kekto looks like it loaded...
<rcn-ee> bluetooth not working on v4.19.x-ti (bbai) trying v5.10.x-ti right now..
<kekto> huh i also get similar output? rcn-ee
<rcn-ee> [ 1.222960] eqep 4843e180.eqep: unable to select pin group
<rcn-ee> idk.. in theory it should work..
<rcn-ee> probally not actually tested...
<kekto> yet the `` shows something esle?
<kekto> so i should give it a try?
<kekto> ok let me just try and get back
<rcn-ee> i think so.. connect it up and see if it's active..
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<zmatt> rcn-ee: this is my show-pins version for bbai:
<zmatt> (as opposed to which is jkridner's version based on an ancient version of my code)
<kekto> thanks. i seem to have messed up and its booting from emmc every time now. any way to force sd card boot? rcn-ee
<zmatt> rcn-ee: and if the pins don't get selected, eqep is not going to work
<zmatt> "unable to select pin group" suggests a pinmux conflict
<zmatt> or some other problem with pinmux I guess
<kekto> @zm
<zmatt> now that I think of it, if it were a conflict I'd expect a more explicit message saying so
<kekto> zmatt so it's not going to work as long as it says 'unable to select pin group'?
<kekto> i've tried all 3 with my encoder and posoition is always 0...
<zmatt> kekto: it's not going to work if the pins aren't muxed,
<kekto> i understand.
<kekto> any pointers where i can look for the root cause?
<zmatt> ocp@44000000/P8_05_pinmux implies the pin is being controlled by cape-universal, i.e. configurable using config-pin ... which probably means the overlay fails to disable cape-universal for the pins is uses?
<zmatt> oh gross, looks like the overlay isn't attaching any pinmux to eqep (hence the error) and just tries to set the default for cape-universal for various pins (including the index/strobe pins which I'm not sure the driver even supports) ... except that it's clearly somehow failing to do so
<kekto> zmatt can you share the pastebin ur looking at
<zmatt> to determine it's not muxing the pins? the one you shared,
<kekto> oh ok
<kekto> i guess i should be diving deeper into `'unable to select pin group'` where does this code lie?
<zmatt> have you tried configuring the pins using config-pins? as workaround for the broken overlay
<kekto> no, trying now
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<kekto> ok looks like pins are configured does this show that eqep 0 is working? zmatt
<zmatt> it shows that the pins are configured
<zmatt> you probably don't need index/strobe
<zmatt> also, P9.25 and P9.41a have no qep-related functionality
<kekto> no, i have quadratue encoder. so i should attach to P9.42 and P9.27 right?
<zmatt> yeah, those are the only two pins you need to mux to use eqep 2
<kekto> trying now
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<zmatt> looks like cape-universal's declarations are a bit wonky
<zmatt> on the bbai
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<zmatt> since P9.41b does have eqep functionality (eqep 1 B)
<kekto> well looks like its atleast starting to work, getting non-zero values on rotation. but i seem to be missing some setting
<kekto> i've wired it up to an oscilloscope so i'm pretyt sure the encoder is working correctly
<zmatt> looks like the overlay doesn't configure eqep into quadrature mode
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<kekto> yeah its in mode 1. i need mode 0
<kekto> there does seem to be some mention of user space op mode here let me check
<zmatt> kekto: no it's saying count_mode is _not_ userspace op_mode
<zmatt> count_mode can't be configured from userspace... for some reason
<zmatt> this driver is kind of a mess
<kekto> hmm weird. i'll see if i can just `sed` the 0 to 1 in the dtbo and try
<kekto> 1 to 0 *
<zmatt> in the dts you mean
<rcn-ee> @kekto that project source should be under /opt/source/... then just edit and make ; sudo make install...
<kekto> well i was thinking of editing the binary but yeah i'll try this instead
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<rcn-ee> (hence why the source is there.. :) 0
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<rcn-ee> "/opt/source/dtb-4.19-ti/"
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<kekto> working flawlessly thanks a lot rcn-ee zmatt
<rcn-ee> @kekto awesome!! ;)
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<tigerxyz> Hi, anyway to locate or download "screen" utility program source code? Help needed
<tigerxyz> thank you
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<zmatt> :q
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