<PhotoJim> Proper poutine uses fresh curds, not cheese.
<set_> @zmatt: I know. I just thought silly time every so often is better than me mouthing off about random stuff.
<set_> Hmm.
<PhotoJim> gravy. good fresh-cut French fries. and that's it.
<PhotoJim> Yeah, we're a little off topic. :)
<set_> Can I go out on a limb here?
<set_> Ha.
<PhotoJim> And I have a BeagleBone Black.
<set_> Nice!
<set_> I can do stuff w/ mine!
<PhotoJim> I got it at a CompuCenter in Kansas City (well, Overland Park, KS) when I was there three years ago.
<set_> I am still working on how and when to learn about the PRUs.
<PhotoJim> It was an impulse purchase.
<set_> Nice. I got a whole sleuth of them and daughter cards b/c I am a fanatic.
<set_> Capes!
<set_> I like to plug 'em in, watch 'em go, and learn more about how exactly it is taking place.
<PhotoJim> Capes are something I haven't done yet.
<set_> I mean...electrons? Come on?
<set_> really, you add voltage to the electrons in a manner that makes them aggravated?
<set_> They start to bounce around and touch each other causing movement.
<set_> This movement is now a full blown marathon we can control?
<set_> Nice!
<PhotoJim> heh
<set_> ha.
<set_> I get more technical but not for another seven hours.
<set_> If you want banter, down the road, the banter turns technical but not right off the ole slugger.
<set_> Euphemisms!
<set_> I love 'em.
<PhotoJim> And double entendres!
<set_> It is hard to put a saying in w/ technical jargon.
<set_> Right.
<set_> One thing means two things and so on...
<set_> It is like banana.
<set_> Or not.
<set_> It does not have to be banana.
<PhotoJim> It does not.
<set_> Okay.
<PhotoJim> My wife has a Honda Fit. I wanted her to get the personalized plate "WE FIT". As in, we drive a Fit. We fit in this car. And a nod to the then-big Wii Fit. Triple entendre! But no.
<set_> Sorry. Excuse me for saying so. So, Mr. PhotoJim, what have you done w/ your BBB lately?
<set_> Oh and by the way, nice triple.
<PhotoJim> Not a lot to be honest. I have Arch Linux running on it with a very current 5.17.x (.3?) kernel. I really should find a specific task for it.
<PhotoJim> and thanks. :)
<set_> Those darn PRUs and their silicon ways. I watch videos from TI on them, not well documented lately. I keep trying to figure how when.
<set_> You are welcome. I keep trying to figure out when people will make me understand what I missed.
<PhotoJim> PRUs?
<PhotoJim> Google thins I'm intrigued by Prudential Financial.
<set_> I have all their videos on how to port Linux, use the PRUs, and etc. But! No one has made me understand how exactly they work yet.
<set_> Ha.
<zmatt> PhotoJim: Programmable Real-time Units
<set_> Now. Programmable Real...
<set_> yes.
<PhotoJim> ahh, okay. thanks.
<set_> I am in to acronyms more and more since arriving here.
<set_> Deet Do Deet Do.
<PhotoJim> I do plenty of them in my own directions :)
<zmatt> PhotoJim: the AM335x on the BBB has a PRU subsystem (PRUSS or PRU-ICSS) with two simple microcontroller cores with very simple and deterministic instruction timing, some local memory and peripherals, and dedicated I/O wired straight into registers
<set_> MMU!
<PhotoJim> zmatt: gotcha. :)
<zmatt> set_: no mmu
<set_> Oh
<set_> Dang it.
<set_> So, I have to chat w/ the arm core first?
<set_> Or bus?
<zmatt> PhotoJim: they're by far the coolest feature of the BBB, e.g. for creating custom signals with very precise timing
<zmatt> set_: ???
<zmatt> PhotoJim: there's also a project which uses them to turn the BBB into a 12-channel 100Msps logic analyzer
<set_> @zmatt: I know. It is not for me. I should keep timing out of my daily schedule for now.
<set_> Anyway, I have something called a ni_release hitting my computer soon. I hope it does not disable my brain/computer.
<set_> Odd.
<set_> Anyway, PRU, whatever. I will make some more stuff available in time and then try the PRU stuff again.
<set_> I mean...dang it. Where would I go?
<PhotoJim> zmatt: I should really learn more about some of those things and useful applications for them.
<set_> yes...and!
<set_> PhotoJim: You could then teach me!
<set_> yes?
<set_> Please. i beg of you. I am not an alien.
<set_> I am a real boy.
<set_> Ha.
<zmatt> that's exactly what an alien would say
<set_> Ha.
<PhotoJim> set_: heh.
<set_> Come on, man, men, ladies.
<PhotoJim> I know a thing or two. Just not about this. :)
<set_> Someone or a group of some individuals teach me a bunch of stuff.
<set_> Oh.
<PhotoJim> 3-run shot, Vladimir Guerrero Jr! Meesa like baseball.
<set_> Oh.
<PhotoJim> I imagine a person could learn a lot paying attention in here.
<set_> yes.
<set_> You are right.
<set_> Sometimes, in six hours, technical time starts but I just checked my clock. It is about to be dark here. Dang it, timing.
<set_> Dang it.
<PhotoJim> The days are lengthening nicely here. I think we're already over 14 hours.
<set_> It is really already 7:20.
<PhotoJim> So still daylight.
<set_> Blah.
<set_> yes!
<PhotoJim> CDT there? we're Central time but stay on Standard year-round.
<set_> Yes!
<set_> Central!
<PhotoJim> So you're technically in my time zone.
<set_> Ha. Nice.
<set_> Our Gov't tried to make it happen for "farmers."
<PhotoJim> heh
<set_> Just like when Bush tried to make daylight longer for "farmers."
<PhotoJim> we should be half Mountain, half Central but in 1966, the government said enough and made us all Central Standard Time. so we're equal to CST in the winter, and we're equal to MDT in the summer.
<set_> I like the Sun.
<set_> Oh.
<PhotoJim> Farmers don't care. They just get up before dawn no matter what time of year it is.
<set_> Interesting.
<set_> Right.
<set_> Exactly. And...they do what they do. Not b/c it is daylight.
<PhotoJim> which sucks here in June, when even in the south, sunrise is at 4:15 am and sunset at 9:45 pm.
<PhotoJim> right.
<set_> What?
<PhotoJim> and in the winter, they play with their BeagleBones, I imagine :)
<set_> That is a damn long day of SUn.
<set_> Ha! yep.
<PhotoJim> Yes. It's the opposite in December.
<PhotoJim> Sunset 4:15 pm. Sunrise 9:45 am.
<set_> Alaska?
<PhotoJim> Not that far north. Saskatchewan.
<set_> Aw.
<PhotoJim> Alaska's a couple of time zones west of us. Three I think.
<set_> Ha.
<set_> I never learned how to pronounce that land correctly. Probably why I got stuck in Louisiana.
<PhotoJim> heh
<set_> Ha.
<PhotoJim> sounds something like sus KAT chi wun
<set_> It will creep up on you.
<set_> Speakin' of creepin' up on something.
<PhotoJim> I've been near-ish to Louisiana. east Texas. north Mississippi. Arkansas.
<set_> You missed the Sportsman Paradise?
<set_> Damn.
<set_> You could have ate rice dressing from pig skin?
<set_> You are missing everything...ha. dribble, dribble, dribble.
<PhotoJim> I had crawfish though!
<set_> Nice.
<PhotoJim> They were really good. Nice heat, but not too much.
<set_> That is a big favorite for some people here.
<PhotoJim> First and only time I've had them. But I like crab and I like lobster.
<PhotoJim> I tend to eat fast, but you cannot eat crawfish fast.
<PhotoJim> probably good for me.
<set_> People eat gator, too. Right, it takes forever. Another good point.
<PhotoJim> I ate at an all-you-can-eat blue crab place in Baltimore once too. Equally joyous.
<set_> Blue.
<PhotoJim> Heh. I haven't eaten alligator. Might try it, but not super keen. :)
<set_> Slow mo' gator! If you catch it, you got to eat it.
<PhotoJim> I stay away from alligators. I understand bears better.
<PhotoJim> I stay away from them too mind.
<set_> Food is good. Did you see the burger flippin' BBB?
<PhotoJim> Heh. No. A real thing?
<set_> I still cannot figure out...yes.
<set_> real.
<PhotoJim> Nice segue!
<set_> Ha.
<PhotoJim> that's hilarious.
<PhotoJim> I do not have enough spare time to figure out stuff like that.
<PhotoJim> NOt yet anyway.
<set_> I cannot figure out if they used the PRUs or the ARM to handle the flippin' mechanics.
<set_> I am stuck w/ time on time when and only when I am hurt, i.e. all the time.
<set_> I just got better, sort of, today. I dislocated my back.
<set_> It is scary. I see these people that do things to themselves, accidental injuries, and it makes me frightful of what could have been my life.
<set_> I heal. I am grateful.
<set_> I have no one to thank.
<PhotoJim> Glad you're going to be okay.
<set_> It is selfish and awesome.
<set_> me too!
<set_> PhotoJim: Do you take a lot of photography stuff?
<set_> I know...I am boring.
<PhotoJim> set_: a fair bit. more sometimes, less at others. but I've done a lot since I was a teenager. still have a darkroom. shoot mostly digital now but not entirely.
<set_> Nice.
<set_> Right.
<PhotoJim> sometimes I don't want to be on a computer.
<set_> I met this person in life. She had a darkroom.
<set_> ha!
<set_> I took photos on live animals in stills.
<PhotoJim> I mostly do landscapes and scenics.
<set_> It was awesome to see what she could do.
<set_> Nice.
<set_> Spooky place. She yelled at me. Close the F*$&^ door!
<PhotoJim> lol
<set_> The last time, i was scared them, I saw her.
<PhotoJim> my darkroom door locks. no one comes in if it's not safe :)
<set_> I know.
<set_> nice.
<PhotoJim> I always wanted one of those sealed rotating doors so people could come and go while the room is dark, but they're expensive and take a lot of space.
<PhotoJim> nice for commercial darkrooms though.
<set_> Right. I never did see those for some reason.
<PhotoJim> I've only seen a couple.
<set_> She developed the photos as B & W.
<PhotoJim> Yeah, I only do B&W in mine. I have done colour, but labs are easier.
<set_> I told her to do so but she knew better.
<PhotoJim> B&W though, it's hard to get anyone who can do it as well as I think I can do it.
<set_> Right.
<set_> So, done. You do it and complete.
<set_> no busy mess of people, no runnin' in and around rotations, and so on.
<PhotoJim> yep.
<PhotoJim> no interruptions.
<PhotoJim> just do my thing.
<set_> I got this DragonFly on the concrete. Impossible to catch that up close but I did. It was an awesome photo but the development was shoddy.
<PhotoJim> oh cool.
<set_> B & W. From that lady that yelled at me...she really wanted to do color photos.
<set_> Man. I was pissed. Blured.
<PhotoJim> people should do what calls to them.
<set_> yep. I will have enough guts one day to do so.
<PhotoJim> just like with computers. more fun for me to play with a little single-board computer and Linux than to run Windows on some commodity hardware.
<PhotoJim> find stuff that calls to you.
* set_ likes jello.
<set_> Bill Cosby liked Jello.
<set_> See.
<set_> I cannot. I am not ready.
<set_> I joke too much when things are serious.
<PhotoJim> I like to joke. but I don't mind being serious sometimes.
<set_> Me...I get mean when I am serious. I never knew how to express well enough to come across as moderately serious w/ tone.
<PhotoJim> it can be learned.
<set_> Right. Maturity. I am still young minded. I had some years, no longer discussed, that whooped me.
<PhotoJim> most people have at least a few experiences that do that.
<set_> PhotoJim: Guess what time it is?
<set_> ni_release time!
<set_> Beat you to it.
<PhotoJim> lol
<set_> PhotoJim: Do you know about the ni_release?
<PhotoJim> I do not. Fill me in.
<set_> I have not one clue. My computer says ni_release time.
<set_> Update.
<set_> It is supposedly an update called ni_release but I did not ask for it.
<PhotoJim> ahh. SOunds like a Windows thing, from Google? I rarely run Windows. :)
<set_> I think I should do it but I am not sure.
<set_> Oh!
<set_> yes. dindows!
<set_> Windows!
<set_> I just put together this darn Buildroot thing on the BBB.
<set_> Dang it. Then, after some jargon, people say, "There is not any apt from Buildroot."
<set_> I look it up via armbian's site.
<set_> Blah. They were right.
<PhotoJim> heh
<set_> So, now, I either hold the apt and ...what?
<set_> PhotoJim: "heh" is what you say. What does "heh" mean?
<set_> Are you tired of understanding me?
<PhotoJim> it's like a chuckle
<set_> I can quit.
<set_> Oh.
<set_> Okay...
<set_> Anyway, I should update the computer and dance w/ wolves. Unlike the movie plot, I will lie in my own mess. Have no fret!
<PhotoJim> :) good luck!
<set_> update to ni!
<set_> Thank you.
<set_> BBL!
<PhotoJim> enjoy!
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<set_> PhotoJim: Sorry. I had to update and not cry. But, i did go to the store. Anyway, see you later.
<set_> If you get busy w/ that BBB, let this brother know!
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<PhotoJim> set_: I will!
<set_> 10:00!
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<set_> Hello...do the new revisions of the BBB have an OSD SiP on them?
<zmatt> no, why would they? that would be a complete redesign for zero benefit
<zmatt> you already asked this before btw
<set_> Oh. Okay. I just thought since the BBBW had it on it, the new revisions may have had them on it.
<set_> @zmatt: I did not know I asked about the OSD on the newer revisions.
<zmatt> the osd335x can be useful to make new designs easier, but once you've already got a design based on the am335x there's no point in redesigning it around the osd335x, that would just make it more expensive
<set_> But, okay. No issue. Oh!
<set_> That makes sense.
<set_> I see the price on the BBAi went down too!
<set_> I am going to grab one or two real quickly. BBL! Thank you for making me understand.
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