<russell--> after apt upgrading an older derivative image (circa september 2021), i noticed that generic-board-startup.service went away from bb-customizations debian package with version 1.20211130.0, but I haven't found the rationale. can anyone point me to where to go looking for where the change might have been discussed?
<russell--> rcn-ee: ^^^^
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<zmatt> uhh, bb-customizations_1.20220301.0 still contains it
<zmatt> and so does 1.20220119.0
<russell--> for bullseye anyway
<zmatt> ah for bullseye
<zmatt> bullseye is a pretty major overhaul
<russell--> for this particular derived image, it resulted in g_ether not loading and therefore the usb network not working, and so i'm working backwards to figure out what happened and why
<zmatt> I don't think generic-board-startup ever used g_ether?
<zmatt> if you want to use g_ether you don't really need a service file for that, just throw it into your /etc/modules
<russell--> yeah, that's actually exactly what i did
<zmatt> generic-board-startup setup a composite usb device
<russell--> generic-board-startup called a boot script in /opt/scripts/boot which did some things
<zmatt> I don't know how that's supposed to be handled instead now in bullseye, haven't investigated
<zmatt> though if apt-get upgrade breaks the old mechanism without making the new mechanism work, that sounds like a bug to me
<russell--> oh, and maybe someone can explain why the two usb network interfaces? on a linux host i see both.
<zmatt> one is rndis, one is cdc-ncm (or cdc-ecm on older versions)
<russell--> i gather that only one of them works on windows or something ... i don't have any windows machines to test with
<zmatt> the cdc one is usb spec compliant, supported by every OS except the crap that Microsoft creates (although Mac OS managed to break cdc-ecm in composite devices at some point, hence the switch to cdc-ncm as workaround)
<zmatt> rndis is microsoft's proprietary protocol, which is functionally similar except incompatible, supported only by windows and linux
<russell--> ah, okay
<zmatt> because of course microsoft doesn't care about standards or specs
<russell--> thank you for the explanation, it makes more sense to me now
<set_> Heh!
<set_> Are you guys discussing the changes?
<set_> So far, so good! Anyway, interjecting is not for me. Sorry to whatever in this thing of ____. BBL!
<russell--> after the apt upgrade, and adding g_ether to /etc/modules, i see this on the host side: cdc_ether 1- usb0: unregister 'cdc_ether' usb-0000:00:1a.0-, CDC Ethernet Device
<russell--> found run_libcomposite in /opt/scripts/boot/am335x_evm.sh
<set_> I am alive!
<set_> I made it back!
<set_> What is the issue? Are you guys fixing things or doing other things?
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<Whiskey`> well.... uhg.
<Whiskey`> no dhcp, no static that I can see. no BT that I can see. uart is giving a constant CCCCCC at a slow rate
<Whiskey`> is it possible the port is running 5v and not 3.3v ?
<zmatt> Whiskey`: that means the eMMC is blank, bootrom is trying to find a boot device
<Whiskey`> srsly
<zmatt> it's unprogrammed
<Whiskey`> I understand what you said
<zmatt> the CCC is an attempt to perform xmodem boot via uart0
<zmatt> the boot order selected by the sysboot pins is { mmc1 (eMMC), mmc0 (typically μSD), uart0 xmodem, usb rndis }
<Whiskey`> goodie. and since I ahvent read the docs much yet im going to assume from your list there that it doesnt do tftp
<zmatt> usb rndis works by showing up as usb networking device and performing bootp/tftp boot via that
<zmatt> ethernet netboot can be selected by setting sysboot2=0
<zmatt> wait no
<Whiskey`> i can manage xmodem
<Whiskey`> dust off 20 year old skills that are rusty as a car sitting in the ocean, but ill manage it. just kinda shocked it doesnt have anything onboard already
<zmatt> I've never tried xmodem boot... I think it means you have to upload u-boot SPL via xmodem, u-boot.img via ymodem... and you may need compile u-boot with support enabled for this first
<zmatt> I wouldn't bother with it, since even if you get u-boot in there that way, then what?
<zmatt> well
<zmatt> I guess if u-boot has ums support you could use that to flash eMMC
<zmatt> the rndis tftp route sounds potentially easier to me, but that might just be because I have already done it
<Whiskey`> welp lets RTD then
<zmatt> RTD ?
<Whiskey`> real bbb's dont seem to have the mini b port
<Whiskey`> roll the dice
<zmatt> yes they do
<zmatt> it's the main way people connect to the bbb
<Whiskey`> herm. ok the pic I see has some leds there
<zmatt> it's on the bottom side
<Whiskey`> aah
<zmatt> you sure these boards are worth your time investment anyway? like, even if you get them fully working, they're still really crappy boards
<zmatt> like, they lack almost all of the unique benefits of the bbb
<zmatt> like, the am3352 has no PRUs enabled, you barely got any I/O
<Whiskey`> when I am here its when my time has less value than when im doing other things
<zmatt> it'll just be a low-spec arm linux board
<zmatt> how much ram is on this thing anyway?
<zmatt> or rather, what memory chip is on it?
<zmatt> you'll probably also need to modify u-boot to even get it to boot on this board at all I just realized, unless they programmed the board identification eeprom to claim it's actually a BBB
<Whiskey`> 4ew17 d9pxv by micron
<zmatt> okay, so they didn't change that
<Whiskey`> there are a few diff revs and some are obviously used so ill crack those out of the cases and see how those do.
<zmatt> is this like assets sold off from a failed company or something?
<Whiskey`> well the brand name on it is still a very going company
<Whiskey`> I have no idea why this stuff was at auction
<zmatt> or a failed project of that company I guess
<Whiskey`> the auction house didnt really want ot admit where it came from, they likely get people trying to get 'theri' stuff back
<Whiskey`> which is odd, they know me, im not a huge spender but I im there a few times a month.
<zmatt> did you ask the company?
<Whiskey`> no, i dont think they would respond nicely
<Whiskey`> for all the things i can imagine, its the ones I cant that keep me from asking them.
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<Slamar> Hello, my BBB died, at connecting to power I have only short blink of blue pwr led and then nothing,  I found on expansion header P9 pin 20 sda2 is shorted to ground , I suspected Capacitor C152 when I removed it i got to know it's good, does enyone meet such problem?
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<Whiskey`> a bit of progress
<Whiskey`> welp now that is interesting
<Whiskey`> its def doing ip bridging of bt to the ethernet
<Whiskey`> popped a phone on and blamo it pulled a ip from my network
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<zmatt> Slamar: this usually indicates the SoC got damaged, typically by exposing an I/O pin to overvoltage
<zmatt> Slamar: why would C152 be relevant? that doesn't make any sense
<zmatt> that's just a power supply decoupling cap
<Slamar> I don't have well electronic knowledge I tried because I found is shorted to ground,
<zmatt> if it is shorted to ground then all of vdd_3v3a is shorted to ground
<Slamar> Probably pin overvoltage may be possible because, step down dc dc burn
<Slamar> which powering bbbb
<Whiskey`> oofies
<Whiskey`> I had a 48>24 dcdc go bad and dump 48v into gear. Nearly cried.
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<Whiskey`> !!
<Slamar> I was just sad Whiskey`
<Whiskey`> zmatt: can I /msg you the user manaul for these? i managed to find them
<Whiskey`> Slamar: sure, you lost what, one bbb?
<Slamar> But now is almost impossible to buy new one BBB in relative price
<zmatt> here at the office we pretty much got a cemetary full of dead BBBs accumulated over the years, lol
<Slamar> Yes one bbb
<Whiskey`> Slamar: I lost a bit over 4k in gear
<Slamar> zmatt is it trash for you? Can you send some of them  to be a spare parts from it ?
<Slamar> I will pay for sending and ex per kg of it
<Slamar> Whiskey` what kind of gear
<Slamar> ?
<zmatt> I mean, they're not mine, I'd need to ask
<Whiskey`> Slamar: wireless ISP
<Whiskey`> $dayjob
<Slamar> what kind stuff do you using ubiquiti/mikrotik/mimosa?
<Slamar> what distance
<Whiskey`> all three but we dropped mimosa. they just dont have the bandwidth
<Whiskey`> ubnt for outdoor, tiks for indoor
<Slamar> zmatt I don't want to bother you to much at first I should ask from what country are you?
<zmatt> netherlands
<Whiskey`> uh whats the offtopic rules here?
<Slamar> Im from poland so there shouldnt be problem to send it
<zmatt> Whiskey`: *shrug*
<Whiskey`> so basic dont be a butt and lets on topic chat prevail
<zmatt> something like that
<Slamar> Did you tried make a complaint about the product?
<Whiskey`> what?
<zmatt> ?
<zmatt> who are you asking?
<Slamar> Whiskey` warrantity about your damaged gear
<zmatt> ah
<Whiskey`> Slamar: ha no. they wouldnt cover replacing their device, not even willing to talk aobut damaged gear
<Whiskey`> "you must have installed it wrong"
<Slamar> zmatt Can you share some knowledge how to check bbb board in correct way to get what is damaged
<zmatt> no, no idea how you'd diagnose that. the symptom you're seeing (brief blink of power led) indicates one of the power supply rails is shorted to ground, causing the pmic to go into overcurrent protection while sequencing the power-up
<zmatt> in practice, the most common reason for this is the SoC being damaged by overvoltage to an I/O (which have a tendency to cause an internal short from supply rail to ground inside the I/O cell), but it could also be something else
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<set_> BBB!
<set_> Did anyone see the latest twitter feed from beagleboard.org?
<set_> I got a reminder but I then proceeded and it sent me on a journey to see the latest-greatest.
<set_> But! Oh. Oh well. It did not show anything.
<set_> I found it! Mesa Driver!
<set_> it is not the first one even though the latest-greatest is on the 4th of this Month. I have been fooled for less.
<set_> Oh!
<set_> What would be the best Cape so far to handle an electronic gate w/ infrared sensors and a chain?
<set_> I am not familiar w/ infrared so far for whatever reason.
<set_> I noticed that the MotorCape handles 12v DC Motors. This is a plus/bonus/whatever but would I need just GPIO onboard the remainder of the header pins to handle such a sensor? Or...would I need PWM for the infrared sensors?
<set_> I do not have the hardware now, i.e. as it is plastered to a bigger piece of something else in the middle of nowhere.
<set_> But! The black box as it comes is easily accessible.
<set_> GPIO...okay. But, I bet the chip on it is not just gpio controllable. I will see later, i.e. watch them hornets.
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