<zmatt> jkridner: there's something strangely satisfying about the am64xx pru pinout... https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yGAql1e6KT04BBXlQdE9IXyrvm-3LjirxL1EKgcID04/edit?usp=sharing
<zmatt> it's so symmetrical
<zmatt> (although really it's just rather inflexible, with almost every signal having only one mux option)
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<set_> mux it!
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<set_> That is how I like it.
<set_> one mux option!
<set_> simple methods for simple folk here.
<set_> @zmatt: Did you see my updated pathlib thing?
<zmatt> that's probably because you've never been tasked to figure out how to get <this>, <that>, <that>, and <that> functionality pinned out of some SoC or microcontroller and having to figure out how to get all of that using the obnoxiously constrained pinmux options of that SoC/microcontroller
<zmatt> what updated pathlib thing?
<set_> Oh.
<set_> Please hold.
<set_> Here: https://github.com/silver2row/BBBW_RELAYCAPE/tree/main/Python3_SRC w/ MySecond.py and MySecond_Test.py being the files in question.
<set_> I updated them!
<set_> Slowly will a man learn to be a boy and grow again?
<set_> I have not used the other available functions yet but I will/might learn how to use them soon.
<zmatt> it looks like it makes no sense whatsoever and you've just copy-pasted some random bits of totally unrelated python code and put them into a blender to create some kind of disgusting smoothie
<set_> Smooth! Gotcha.
<set_> hhahah. I know.
<set_> Why do those lines make no sense?
<zmatt> no, those are the lines that *do* make sense
<zmatt> the rest doesn't
<set_> Oh.
<set_> Dang.
<zmatt> although I'd disagree with the aesthetic choice of using an all-uppercase name (GPIO) for that variable
<set_> pathlib.py has many functions to use.
<set_> Oh.
<set_> So, now, nothing I do is good. Blah.
<zmatt> it does, none of which you need
<set_> Right, but...
<zmatt> apart from the ones in those two lines
<set_> I can try to use them in time to learn more, right?
<set_> I mean...
<set_> What else is there to do?
<set_> For instance, using pathlib is one way to decry variables out of classes and functions but what else is available for I/O?
<set_> pathlib really makes it very easy to do so. So easy in fact, it should not be done.
<set_> Right?
<set_> I tried the MyFirst.py w/ I/O and threading. I do not think threading is a route I should take for now.
<set_> Well, w/ your education in this dept, yes. You make more since and can articulate things better in source.
<set_> since = sense
<set_> I am still just a learner thinkin' of ways to handle source that is already available.
<set_> Speakin' of learnin'. My hard drive crashed.
<set_> Boo.
<set_> it is basically new and under warranty.
<set_> Phew.
<set_> Anyway...
<set_> @zmatt: Are you saying do not add the functions from pathlib for use in case I want to use them?
<zmatt> but you weren't "using source already available", even if perhaps you copied bits of code from random sources (evidently unrelated to task at hand), the resulting nonsense in your files is genuinely all your own :P
<zmatt> I have no idea what you're even saying
<set_> Okay. in pathlib.py, there are classes and functions that are available for use in source.
<set_> Why not use more than just write_text?
<zmatt> because none of those functions are useful in this situation?
<set_> oh.
<set_> Right, but I can learn new things that may be useful in different situations.
<set_> like globbing in Linux, glob is a file in python3.
<zmatt> sure, but that requires that the functionality is actually useful in the situation you're applying it
<zmatt> otherwise nothing is achieved and nothing is learned
<set_> Oh. Right...my query is this idea: Should I make things easy to understand or harder to grasp in case random people view my work?
<zmatt> nobody who reads your code has any idea what it does
<zmatt> at least this particular python code (and most python code I've seen from you)
<set_> Hhaha. You are probably right.
<set_> So, what if one day, ONE DAY, I come up w/ something of use?
<zmatt> like, your MySecond.py and MySecond_Test.py ... like 90% of it I have not the slightest clue what it could possibly be trying to achieve
<set_> Oh. It has to do w/ unfinished business or WIP.
<set_> So, I am building the flow slowly.
<zmatt> no, that's not the problem
<set_> Oh.
<set_> What is the problem?
<zmatt> I honestly can't tell, other than "you" ... it just doesn't seem like, even after all this time, you have any sort of mental model of what a line of python code actually does
<zmatt> I guess
<set_> No issue. If you cannot be more hateful in your journey in life as it pertains to me and my source, sobeit.
<set_> I accept the niceness.
<set_> jp1 heh?
<zmatt> or whatever relay
<set_> I know.
<set_> You just mentioned something earlier that made me think.
<zmatt> this isn't using gpiod so that concern doesn't exist
<set_> Oh.
<set_> Okay.
<set_> So, the issue w/ the jp1/2 is only for libgpiod.
<set_> Which you utterly hate.
<zmatt> I think hate is a strong word, but it's just in many ways worse than sysfs gpio
<set_> Okay. No hating. Just disliking. It has so many more functions!
<zmatt> I mostly just don't want *you* messing with it since that's just asking for trouble
<set_> Okay.
<set_> Fine.
<set_> I know people in the community of Open Source dislike me. I am okay w/ this idea. But, this does not mean I should stop, cease, halt, shutdown, or zilch my understandings of code, hardware, and the combination of the two.
<zmatt> certainly not, but maybe try to focus a bit more
<set_> Forget focusing. I need a real education in this matter "a bit more."
<set_> I am old now.
<set_> I mean, literally, does PWM on the BBB still work?
<zmatt> yes
<set_> Oh.
<set_> Hmm. This one person from github and forums says that the newer kernels take the path of pwm away from his boards.
<zmatt> though some versions of the bb-customizations package have a broken udev rule that neglects to export the pwms
<set_> Aw.
<set_> I remember why now.
<set_> It is for a backlight.
<set_> Right.
<zmatt> (because of compatibility issues.. for which I've proposed a solution but it hasn't been implemented yet)
<set_> Oh.
<zmatt> what person on the forums?
<set_> Hmm. I think kiosk mode is neat but...oh. Hold on.
<set_> I will show you.
<set_> He is using older kernels still and I followed a repo. of his to test things.
<zmatt> set_: nothing in your long ramble is relevant, the correct answer comes (of course) from rcn at the end of the thread
<set_> Right. I thought I could help w/ some ramble.
<set_> @zmatt: If you have a damn heartache due to being so technical, I am going to get angry.
<set_> I will tell my granny about your behavior. Ha.
<set_> All jokes aside, there is no way i could have known about the pwm instances being hidden due to a package I never knew existed.
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<set_> or something.
<set_> Dang it.
<set_> So, it seems the MotorCape .dts file from BeagleBoard-DeviceTrees is broken or stops the system from booting.
<set_> Blah.
<set_> Okay.
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<set_> on the minimal image, the libgpiod-dev/gpiod breaks the machine!
<set_> heads up!
<set_> cook your own food and do not use gpiod/libgpiod-dev on the minimal images.
<zmatt> ...
<zmatt> set_ .. WHY ?
<zmatt> also, it seems rather implausible to me that libgpiod would behave any different on minimal images compared to iot images
<set_> I do not know. I cannot explain it.
<set_> I did the exact same steps and it worked and then would not reboot.
<set_> This time, the only thing done different was to add the install of libgpiod-dev.
<zmatt> I'm guessing you don't have a log saved of what you did
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<set_> No. It crashed on reboot.
<zmatt> how is that relevant for whether or not you still have a log of what you did?
<set_> I could not get the system back up.
<set_> Log? You mean the steps I took?
<zmatt> i.e. if you still have the window open where you entered the commands and scroll back
<zmatt> (and their output)
<set_> Oh. No. I already reflashed.
<set_> I will show you what I did.
<set_> Please hold.
<set_> And in the file for udev rules, I gave you credit for making this available or I did it in a README.md. I will double check.
<zmatt> 80-relay.rules is a weird name for that file, there's nothing about it that's specific to the relay cape
<set_> Oh.
<set_> Okay.
<set_> Well, one other thing I did was this idea: I ran the relay-jp1 source from a file but forgot to change it to relay-jp3.
<set_> Could this have been it?
<set_> Anyway. No issue.
<set_> The reflashing already took place. Blah.
<zmatt> I have no idea, I can't tell from this what you might have done to crap on your system.... I'd need an _actual_ transcript of what happened
<set_> I know.
<set_> I know.
<set_> I know.
<zmatt> also, you said libgpiod was to blame, but there's nothing gpiod-related in your pastebin
<set_> Well, I ran the source for my older script for the libgpiod file.
<zmatt> ?
<set_> In /BBBW_RELAYCAPE/, there is a file or two for LibGPIOd ideas.
<zmatt> you mean your pastebin doesn't actually describe the steps you did... right, that's kinda what I assumed already
<set_> Right, sort of.
<set_> I am remembering now what I did since you "just" asked.
<zmatt> next time you hose your system, save your terminal's scrollback to file for later reference if you intend to complain about it in the channel
<set_> Okay.
<set_> No issue.
<zmatt> (or don't, and just assume it was you and reflash without complaint)
<zmatt> either is fine
<set_> Oh. Okay.
<set_> Yeah!
<set_> hey sir, thank you anwyays.
<set_> Aloof!
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<set_> Anyway...everything is working like normal this time. Odd days.
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<Alankar> Hello, I'm looking for a Microprocessor with
<Alankar> 1. 2GB RAM
<Alankar> 2. 100 Base Ethernet
<Alankar> 3. 50pin Extended GPIO
<Alankar> 4. 2 USB 4.0 Ports
<Alankar> 5. Enabled with RS232 Communications
<Alankar> 6. Micro SD Card Slot
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<set_> Alankar is looking for 1 - 6!
<set_> No offense to anyone missing 2.
<set_> 10/100 right?
<set_> USB 4.0? Is that a new thing?
<set_> I am already outdated. sheesh.
<set_> is anyone messing w/ the RepliCape these days w/ the BBB?
<set_> I noticed a repo w/ the .dts file for a RepliCape in it. Hmm. I hope people are still using it!
<set_> I only have one but it has been shelved for a bit.
<set_> rcn-ee: Hello fellow. Sir, the mascott for beagleboard.org shows when I put a link to the forums as a hyperlink in Discord.
<set_> I thought people were not allowed to show off the "Beagle" b/c of copyright stuff.
<set_> Anyway, heads up.
<zmatt> a SoC with usb4 ? lol, good luck with that
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