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<Guest80> Hi
<Guest80> I wanted to get pocket beagle device information, however it is asking for a certain code
<Guest80> so can you plz help in this matter
<zmatt> ?
<Guest80> Basically i wanted to get pocket beagele device information from my system, it is connected and working.
<Guest80> However when i am trying to get device information it is asking me to enTer certain code
<zmatt> Guest80: please don't send unsolicited private messages
<zmatt> Guest80: if you're talking about the use of sudo, it's asking for the password of the "debian" account, which is "temppwd"
<zmatt> same password you use to log in
<zmatt> if that's not what you're talking about, then I have no idea what you mean
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<Guest8025> I am very new to this platform, i hope that this community understand that.
<Guest8025> However, thanks you for the response zmatt.
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<zmatt> how sudo works isn't platform-specific though
<zmatt> sudo works the same on any linux system
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<Guest804> I can't explain zmatt, i believe you more professional then me. If i am doing a msg which not relevent to this chat, that should be highighted during posting of my message, i can write any thing over here. It is the draw back of this platform.
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<zmatt> no worries, but if you're very new to linux you may want to look into some resources on using linux in general
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<Guest804> Absolutely. i will check that out. Thanks for the response.
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<guilherme86> Hello! We've been having a bit of an issue with our Beaglebone Black, we utilize pins P9_23, P9_24, P9_25, P9_26 and P9_41 for an internal equipment identification system, through a dip switch, and whenever any of these pins is set to "on", we completely lose connectivity through ethernet (eth0 down)
<guilherme86> We're using 10k pull down resistors and 3.3V input voltage for the dip switch, manipulating the dip switch doesn't affect the Beaglebone's connectivity after the boot process is done
<zmatt> guilherme86: make sure hdmi-audio is disabled (or hdmi is disabled entirely)
<zmatt> are you using 3.3V from the beaglebone itself?
<guilherme86> HDMI/Audio are disabled, however, 3.3V is in a bit of a weird situation
<zmatt> that sounds ominous
<guilherme86> We use the Beaglebone's 5V through a regulator to drop it to 3.3V before using it
<zmatt> that is not acceptable
<guilherme86> I honestly have no idea why this decision came to be
<zmatt> the 5V supply comes up significantly prior to the 3.3V supply
<zmatt> which means you're driving 3.3V into pins of an unpowered power domain, which exceeds the absolute maximum ratings of the SoC
<guilherme86> I see, I tried to search for something like that, but nothing came up
<guilherme86> I'll pass it on, thanks a lot for the help!
<zmatt> erratic issues from the ethernet phy is the least of your problems, you may be slowly damaging the hardware on each power-up
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<zmatt> and my guess would be your injection of 3.3V into the I/Os is causing problems in the power-up sequence of the supplies, including that of the ethernet phy, resulting in it ending up in an erratic state
<zmatt> especially since the ethernet phy is known to be finnicky about the power-up sequence
<guilherme86> Yea, I wasn't aware of the power up sequence, and now it all makes sense
<guilherme86> Thanks a ton, zmatt
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<zmatt> guilherme86: of course in general, most ICs do not appreciate if you expose their inputs to a voltage significantly above the corresponding I/O supply voltage
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<set_> I missed so much of you all lately. I am very sorry I have not been so giving in this chat lately. Does anyone care?
<set_> Excuse me. Let me restate that question.
<set_> Does anyone care about the BBBs lack of use b/c of the lack of supply? Demand must be there by the many. But? I do not know.
<set_> I guess it is really hard to find parts and equipment these days. Same thing happened in the oil boom/bust. That is what they call it in this state.
<set_> It happens like every 20 years.
<set_> I know reasons are reasons and hoopla be damned but I wanted to get a new BBB one day. My 2GB BBB is sort of busted. I jolted one to the reaper already. Well, it was a BBBlue. Dang combinations on circuitry had me goofed out.
<set_> And then, one just up and committed itself to life of, "Now I, BBB, am w/out power - forever -."
<set_> I tried to talk to the people about the 3.3v that I fed into it. For some reason, they would have rathered me get a new one instead of hear me out. It was awkward, i.e. like me and this elongated nothingness of me doing me.
<set_> So, until next time, peace and fancy dishes!
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* set_ makes next time right now!
<set_> What is the deal in the forums?
<set_> And by "deal," I am saying it seems like a lot of people are chiming in to "nail" one another instead of hosts of people rewarding hard working individuals in their plight.
<set_> Anyway, whomever wants to answer, good on them. I feel sort of aches for the person and his knowledge. People want answers and are not understanding. Things happen, stuff happens, and "it is a bad time to stop sniffing glue."
* set_ feels better already. Sorry but this little, truth teller hates to see it happen. It is like that Jesus story but w/ a rap song of haters hatin'. Ha.
<set_> Yes. Rap hatin' in the forums. I know it sounds funny. It is. It is funny. hatin' on haters made my day. Thank you BBB!
<set_> to search for them in the regular sites.
<set_> I do not know how you guys did it but it is done. I see the dates for the boards already up there and posting.
<set_> ...
<set_> Thank you.
<zmatt> farnell seems to have 'em in stock
<set_> oh.
<set_> Yea...I think those are the older models. I love updates.
<set_> I want to test the new ones. I thought Farnell was Avnet?
<set_> Avnet is Farnell. No!
<zmatt> I don't think so?
<set_> Just kiddin'. I was making a Jim Carrey joke. Laces out, Dan.
<set_> Oh?
<set_> I will check.
<set_> Newark is Farnell. I am in the USA.
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<set_> @zmatt: Thank you, I will look.
<zmatt> hmm, yeah it seems so, except newark and farnell don't have the same stock
nparafe has joined #beagle
<set_> Hmm. Odd. Maybe something about the EU?
<zmatt> but newark does say that 1000 units will be available on 4/30/22 ... which sounds like today
<set_> That is tomorrow for me. Thank you.
<zmatt> yeah, today-ish ;-)
<PhotoJim> set_: he's zmatt. he zcompresses time.
<set_> Oh.
<set_> Nice!
<set_> I like compressed cheeses. Send the Gouda.
<set_> Or BBBs.
<PhotoJim> set_: zgouda.
<set_> zouda?
<PhotoJim> good zgouda goods.
<zmatt> gouda is a boring cheese, old amsterdam is better
<set_> Oh.
<set_> It is a healthy white cheese some say.
<set_> Just like the Original. Ever eat black cheese?
<PhotoJim> sounds like something I've said to a girlfriend one time or other.
<set_> Black cheese is found in long hikes after the mold on mold has taken over.
<set_> Cheese is just mold anyway.
<set_> So, black cheese is cheese. Right?
<zmatt> cheese does not involve mold unless it's moldy cheese
<set_> I ate it. I was 157 miles in and hungry.
<set_> A bird attacked me and that was the last time I ate black cheese.
<set_> Pheasants hate me when I eat black cheese.
<set_> @zmatt!
<set_> Cheese is mold.
<zmatt> a few cheeses involve mold, most don't
<set_> PhotoJim: did she eat the black cheese and did a bird attack her?
<set_> If you get a good batch. Mold is the cause. Fair?
<PhotoJim> set_: We didn't discuss cheese.
<set_> Oh.
<set_> Okay. No issue. I am alone now.
<zmatt> set_: I personally hate moldy cheeses (e.g. blue cheese)
* PhotoJim hints that it might have been a euphemism. Or a fictitious story. One never knows.
<PhotoJim> Me too.
<PhotoJim> At least all I've tried.
<PhotoJim> they have a weird aftertaste to me.
<PhotoJim> I like a lot of cheeses, but not those.
<zmatt> yeah same
<set_> I am glad you guys still chat. Sometimes, the BBB cannot be the only device known in this chat. Light hearted ways are good too.
<set_> Blue Cheese sucks.
<PhotoJim> we did a picnic in Paris once and a service brought the picnic. wine, baguettes, cheese. the cheeses were ridiculously good. I made note of the kinds sometime and will try some of them again.
<PhotoJim> France does cheese.
<set_> Terrible.
<set_> And...what is cottage cheese?
<PhotoJim> even UK cheese is pretty good. I picked up a brick of cheddar from the town of Cheddar. damn.
<set_> ha!
<zmatt> set_: you know there's these things called google, and wikipedia?
<PhotoJim> here, we call it Seasonal Residence Curds.
<set_> Oh. Curds and way?
<PhotoJim> No whey.
<set_> Oh.
<PhotoJim> No, we don't call it that.
<set_> Whey is full of protein.
<set_> Oh.
<PhotoJim> I don't love cottage cheese, or sour cream, actually. Can tolerate it. But don't go out of my way to have it.
<PhotoJim> Yeah, whey is good.
<PhotoJim> Curds are good too. Poutine, e.g.