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<set_> Hmm. It seems I cannot do the loopback test w/ my SPI devices w/out sudo. Maybe you are right. I probably did something unruly.
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<Maldark909> what do I have to import into my code to get access to the IMU on a beaglebone blue?
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<set_> i2c2 shows on the schematic for direct access to the IMU in question. I am still wondering this idea.
<zmatt> I think librobotcontrol has library functions for the imu?
<set_> Have you looked over the older source for the roboticsCape or librobotcontrol?
<set_> Yep!
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<Maldark909> i have not, ive honestly been dragging my brain through the dirt in my college classes and only have a fried brain for learning this stuff
<set_> Nice! Me too! Well, less school and more dirt work. But, I get to learn too!
<set_> Anyway, librobotcontrol is already done for the 4.19.x kernel (Buster).
<Maldark909> ok, ill have to check what kernel im using which shouldn't take me long, but since we just got this board i think it should be at least somewhat up to date
<set_> Hmm. I think the link(s) for the images are somewhere online. Try
<set_> Oh!
<set_> Those people also have a forum. There are some info. on current, older, and up-to-date images there on the forums, too.
<Maldark909> ok, yeah i just checked it and ill have to update the kernel, its just before 4.19 so that will be my next project
<set_> Maldark909: Did you see the forum or the site? I ask b/c the site has librobotcontrol (supposedly) working. I have not tested it recently.
<set_> The updated images on the forums may not support that lib.
<Maldark909> could i get that link for the site?
<set_> And me, personally, during my last attempt to build it got only so many things arranged properly during building.
<Maldark909> oh sorry i meant the exact link, oops
<set_> oh.
<set_> Okay. I will go and do something productive. Sheesh.
<set_> Please hold!
<set_> Here: shows a bunch of them but I would stick to am335x if you have the BBB.
<set_> Do you have the BBB?
<Maldark909> yes
<set_> Yes.
<set_> That is the link.
<Maldark909> ok
<set_> For instance, there is one on the list up towards the top of the page that lists the beaglebone black as a board that the image supports.
<set_> This one, AM3358 Debian 10.3 2020-04-06 4GB SD IoT , worked last time I tried it. It has been a bit since I used it.
<Maldark909> gotcha, im gonna grab the am3358 Debian 9.12 2020-04-06 4GB SD ImgTec image
<set_> Oh.
<set_> Okay.
<Maldark909> wait, should i use your image instead?
<set_> It has some nice SGX capable graphics to test!
<Maldark909> ok ill download that one then
<set_> Ooh. I am not sure. Me, I mean me, I would try the ImgTec image if I was to display graphics.
<Maldark909> well, why not both? it says its doing it via microsd, so i should be able to swap images if i dont like one or the other
<set_> But, I would also try other images to test to figure out what to do w/ what image. Some work like a charm while others are a bit tedious to handle at first.
<set_> Oh.
<set_> Use the Boot button if you have dual images.
<set_> It gets funny.
<Maldark909> ok, ill keep that in mind
<set_> Now, hear me out.
<set_> Please.
<Maldark909> ok im listening
<set_> The boot button is for booting into the eMMC onboard the BBB but not having the same image on the eMMC as what is loaded on the SD Card creates an issue, or did create an issue w/ older images, in regards to booting two forms of uboot.
<set_> I think since this concern things have matured in that dept. but not from my workings. I just kind of learn as I go and pay to play.
<Maldark909> ok ill keep that in mind, i was mostly talking about swapping images entirely if i didn't like one or the other, but that definately does bring up some warnings while i do so
<set_> Yep. Someone else may want to update you one day on this thing of the past but current ideas from the forums I think handle it.
<set_> <<< Did not test it yet
<Maldark909> ok gotcha, well thanks for all the help! prob just saved me 2 hours of bashing my skull
<set_> Do not bash your skull!
<set_> Gently mend it.
<set_> Cough, as you can tell, people hate me. Gently mending is usually boring.
<set_> is the forum. They have a search bar w/ images on them if you read a bunch of items listed.
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<set_> Anyway, for instance, on the forum is where I found a person that had some nice images available. I tested some of them so far. They work nicely for most things.
<set_> I think if you search the word "images", it may prove useful.
<Maldark909> ok, im currently rufus'ing the image to a microsd card, then i gotta finish my phys lab hw and sw dev hw before i can do anything else
<Maldark909> thanks for all the help! have a nice night.
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<set_> use etcher
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<set_> What are you guys going to do now that everything is in the kernel?
<set_> relax?
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<GenTooMan> set_, everything is not in the kernel because then it wouldn't fit :D
<rcn-ee> it's not even self aware yet!
<GenTooMan> heh most people aren't even self aware so that might be asking a lot
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<zmatt> the kernel doesn't even contain an implementation of LISP yet... I think
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<vd> what are the requirements for booting from spi-flash in terms of offset and such? can an image for SD/eMMC work as is on SPI?
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