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<mcrod`> at long last, the toolchain compiles
* mcrod` clap
<mcrod`> on CI*
<heat> linux kernal
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<moon-child> ayo can anyone from c++ explain wtf is going on here https://godbolt.org/z/q1qedo17n
<bslsk05> ​godbolt.org: Compiler Explorer
<moon-child> https://godbolt.org/z/E6cnszsz1 the equivalent rust output is straightforward and obvious
<bslsk05> ​godbolt.org: Compiler Explorer
<Mutabah> moon-child: Well, the first few `mov` instructions are the actual copy...
<Mutabah> the next parts might be allocator related?
<Mutabah> nope, from some looking at the headers (for GCC 8, as that's what I randomly have) that second field is the refcount
<Mutabah> aah... that's probably a bunch of stuff to do with destructing the other slot if it's not the same?
<moon-child> but why is it more code than rustc?
<Mutabah> Likely due to different semantics
<Mutabah> `x` and `y` could be the same instance
<moon-child> https://godbolt.org/z/od6f31a7q I don't think so, because this typechecks ok
<bslsk05> ​godbolt.org: Compiler Explorer
<moon-child> and I don't really see why it would matter, anyway, since you just have to incref before you decref (which the rust code does)
<Mutabah> Those are the same backing data, but not the same Arc
<Mutabah> `std::shared_ptr<int> a; f(a,a);` is what I meant
<moon-child> why does that matter?
<Mutabah> Race conditions writing into that memory I guess?
<moon-child> ?
<Mutabah> It's worth noting that I don't know for sure, just taking guesses based on what I could gleam from the rather dense C++ STL code
<Mutabah> But... say it's like I provided - there's only one reference active...
<Mutabah> you can't blindly free the destination first, becuase that would free the source too
<moon-child> yes, which is why--like I said--you incref the source first
<moon-child> which is what rust does
<moon-child> it has to be increfed first because you invoke the copy constructor to make a copy to pass into operator= (or something like that), no?
<Mutabah> hmm... I'm still not sure where ther TLS comes in here... unless it's some quirks of atomics
<Mutabah> Nope
<Mutabah> it uses `operator=(const Self& src)`
<moon-child> I see. Regardless, it can just incref the source first, so no problem
<Mutabah> looks like that's what it does... but with some checks and freeing
<moon-child> but why is there so much code?
<Mutabah> warning: incoming spam of around 10 lines (the implementation of the refcount copy)
<Mutabah> _Sp_counted_base<_Lp>* __tmp = __r._M_pi;
<Mutabah> if (__tmp != _M_pi)
<Mutabah> {
<Mutabah> __tmp->_M_add_ref_copy();
<Mutabah> if (__tmp != 0)
<Mutabah> if (_M_pi != 0)
<Mutabah> _M_pi->_M_release();
<Mutabah> _M_pi = __tmp;
<Mutabah> }
<Mutabah> return *this;
<Mutabah> That's `/usr/include/c++/8/bits/shared_ptr_base.h` on my system
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<Mutabah> Oh my... I think the `pthread` references are it checking for multi-threading
<Mutabah> maybe to avoid the cost of an atomic, by using a relatively predictable branch
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<sham1> hi
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<mcrod`> hi
<heat> no
<sham1> why not
<mcrod`> i should write a blog post about compiling LLVM
<mcrod`> LLVM wants zlib, CMake only exposes the dynamic libraries even if the static ones exist
<mcrod`> unless you use ZLIB_USE_STATIC_LIBS, which is only present in CMake >=3.24
<mcrod`> and that's not in any of the LTS repos for ubuntu
<zid> justcmakethings
<sham1> cmake. Not even once
<vaxuser> ninja is ok tho
<mcrod`> to make matters a little worse
<mcrod`> you don't find out if there's a problem until a long ways into the compilation
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<heat> mcrod`, you're not an LLVM expert, please don't
<mcrod`> you're rught
<mcrod`> right*
<mcrod`> you need to be a PhD at harvard to grasp it
<heat> i have a many-year-WIP pseudo-toolchain-porting-guide that I'll probably never release
<heat> the toolchain bits are easy to explain but the build system stuff? holy hell
<sham1> > harvard
<sham1> What is this, Harvard for a computer science thing?
<mcrod`> i was just making a jab at how complicated the build system is
<sham1> cmake is an annoying thing. I'm honestly starting to get more and more annoyed with "modern" build systems
<sham1> I might just embrace tradition and go full-on with either just makefiles or autotools for my personal projects
<heat> meson is nice
<sham1> meson is nice enough I suppose, yeah
<vaxuser> makefiles are utter crap
<sham1> They're everywhere, though
<sham1> And that has a quality of its own, even though I do agree that they're not all that good
<sham1> I do wish I could get away with [redo](https://cr.yp.to/redo.html), but alas
<bslsk05> ​cr.yp.to: Rebuilding target files when source files have changed
<heat> try ekam sham1
<mcrod`> i need a drink
<heat> vaxuser, i thought every BSD user loved bmake
<vaxuser> there are only 2 which don't hate it and both work on it
<vaxuser> also i thought you thought there are no bsd users
<heat> touché
<heat> of course you don't love bmake, you don't use the thing
<heat> waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit maybe BSD "users" "love" bmake because they've never used the thing
<mcrod`> ...
<mcrod`> so to get a fully static LLVM build, you can pass LLVM_BUILD_STATIC
<mcrod`> except for some reason, the build is being commanded to link a dynamic liblldb
<heat> are you stupid
<heat> static glibc??
<mcrod`> no
<mcrod`> "fully static" as in, its own dependencies are linked in statically, libpython is linked in statically, etc etc
<Celelibi> Makefiles <3 4ever
<vaxuser> indefinite moratorium on unix shit talk
<vaxuser> get in your jabs before it takes effect
<sham1> And who's gonna enforce the moratorium, you?
<heat> mcrod`, wrong
<mcrod`> wtf do you mean
<mcrod`> as far as I know it will statically link everything *but* glibc
<heat> llvm/CMakeLists.txt
<mcrod`> i hate this planet.
<Celelibi> It's the only one we've got, sorry.
<mcrod`> so it's basically impossible to distribute a statically built LLVM within reason
<heat> if you don't set DYLIB and crap, all the libLLVM garbo is statically linked
<mcrod`> yeah that's all well and good
<mcrod`> but lldb wants liblldb.so
<heat> why are you building lldb
<heat> <heat> are you stupid
<mcrod`> what's wrong with building lldb?
<mcrod`> what kind of bullshit is that man, build a package and people have to ask why
<mcrod`> it doesn't matter *why*, it matters why *it doesn't work*
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<mcrod`> ok I give up
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<geist> yeah it's source you should be able to build it
<zid> that's a big ask for most projects
<zid> "This is hard to build, I'll add an even bigger build system" cycles
<Ermine> Godot uses scons apparently
<mcrod`> well currently
<mcrod`> I'm refactoring the project to just use the host compiler
<mcrod`> as far as the dependencies go, if you don't specify -USE_BUNDLED_WHATEVER_STATIC_HERE, it'll try and find_package() it, and if you don't have it, you're fucked, whereas if you do specify -USE_YADDA_YADDA, it'll grab and compile it using the host compiler
<mcrod`> and that seems to be the general way people do it
<zid> --with-static-libz
<zid> ftfy
<geist> yeah i know that our scripts we have at work to build it are basically pig lists of switches to pass it. like a page long
<geist> though i think that's a bit less becausethe build system needs it and more because the build is trying to be highly hermetic and link against precisely what is asked and nothing else, etc
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<bslsk05> ​rsms/llvmbox - Self contained, fully static llvm tools & libs (3 forks/297 stargazers/Apache-2.0)
<mcrod`> huh
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<heat> geist, fwiw my patches and toolchain building are based on fuchsia :p
<heat> and my (local) rustc build too, basically lifted all of that logic from your infra
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<sortie> heat, how dare you those patches are highly optimized for shareholder value and you use them for your hobby
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<heat> i'm a dirty shareholder value leech
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<mcrod`> hi
<moon-child> hi
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<geist> heat: oh neat. yeah
<geist> it's complicated but the way they build things does sort of make sense if you want a highly hermetic build
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<heat> geist, tbf both LLVM and rust are horrid builds
<heat> rust is kinda palatable until you get into cross-compilation. like *wow* it's ass
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<heat> also rust really insists in building its own LLVM
<heat> two shit builds in one basket
<moon-child> can you use cranelift?
<heat> as the rust backend? probably, but that adds extra horrendousness probably
<moon-child> but removes the llvm horrendousness
<heat> now not only is the target not supported, you're also building with barely supported backend stuff instead of the tried and true
<heat> at that point you say fuck it and go write zig or wahtever
<netbsduser``> these per-language package managers are a menace
<netbsduser``> no i don't want to download over 17 gigabytes and generate 697 gigabytes worth of wear to my SSD to build "hello world"
<heat> average nodejs project
<netbsduser``> the most compelling reason to use rust is to defy the community norms around this and don't use crates or CarGo
<netbsduser``> escargot, my cargo, 160, swiftly
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<Ermine> heat: did your text get messed up due to MEMORY UNSAFETY?
<zid> Needs to buy soem ECC
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<zid> Did you all figure out what you're getting me for my brithday? It's in 23:36 so this is probably your last call to involve amazon in the transaction.
* moon-child wraps up a slightly used PRIVMSG--complete with a free ACTION!--and passes it on over to zid
<zid> you gave that to everybody though :(
<moon-child> no I usually give out new ones
<zid> yea but you didn't just give it to me, you gave it to everybody present, collectively
<zid> birthdays are supposed to be fascist not communist
<zid> Thank you, much better
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