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<heat> that map file isn't even sorteable
<heat> it's organized per-section, per object file
<mcrod`> i know
<mcrod`> this is where it falls apart
<mcrod`> i should show you an IAR map file
<heat> <heat> nm --size-sort btw
<mcrod`> you'd shit your pants
<mcrod`> yes I get it
<heat> i would shit my pants if it gave me nm output just like kallsyms
<heat> the heck do you want with the map file though?
<mcrod`> size
<mcrod`> size of symbols and such when I go and port to my fancy eval board eventually...
<heat> bloaty
<mcrod`> and, the canonical way to do that
<mcrod`> is a map file
<bslsk05> ​google/bloaty - Bloaty: a size profiler for binaries (325 forks/4355 stargazers/Apache-2.0)
<mcrod`> o
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<heat> cool, thanks
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<kalj> I am writing a floppy driver, and I am trying to understand if a SEEK is necessary before reading data. It seems to me that READ_DATA would work fine on its own since takes `cylinder` as an argument?
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<Mutabah> Are those BIOS calls?
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<kalj> Sorry, no these are commands to the floppy controller, i.e. these: https://wiki.osdev.org/Floppy_Disk_Controller#Commands
<bslsk05> ​wiki.osdev.org: Floppy Disk Controller - OSDev Wiki
<kalj> Here is where it says `cylinder` is an argument: https://wiki.osdev.org/Floppy_Disk_Controller#Read.2FWrite
<bslsk05> ​wiki.osdev.org: Floppy Disk Controller - OSDev Wiki
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<kazinsal> based on the original IBM disk controller manual I don't see anything saying you need to do a seek before a read
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<clever> kalj: one guess, less wasted cpu cycles, you can initiate a seek, and then go do other things, before you initiate a read and wait for data
<kalj> That makes sense. It seems like a good idea to have one in a decent driver. But wording in various places (including the wiki) seems to indicate that it was necessary.
<clever> i have seen controllers like the DSK-II, where it is nessesary
<kalj> My driver seems to be able to read correctly in qemu, but I still have to try it on real hardware.
<clever> the cylinder# in the read command, is purely something to check the sector-addr header against
<clever> and if you dont seek first, then it reads the wrong track, and throws an addr error
<kalj> Okay, so it could just ignore `cylinder` and read wherever it's at?
<clever> more, that the DSK-II doesnt know what track the drive is on
<clever> when you initiate a read, it just reads the given sector# within the track
<clever> and then compares the track# in the header, against what you asked for
<kalj> Forgive my ignorance, but what is the "sector-addr header"
<clever> every magnetic drive ive heard of, has a header at the start of every sector
<clever> and that header includes the CHS addr of the sector
<clever> they typically also have a checksum at the end of every sector
<kalj> oh, i see
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<clever> the drive controller checks the header/footer, and returns on the data in the sector
<clever> so all of that is hidden from you
<clever> depending on how the drive and controller work together, i can see how read may not seek, and will just read whatever the current track is
<clever> in the old days, the hard-drive controller was also its own ISA card
<clever> and that is where IDE comes from, integrated drive electronics, putting the controller on the hdd itself
<clever> and the PATA ribbon was basically just an extension of the ISA bus at first
<kalj> wow, so much stuff unknown to me. thanks for describing!
<clever> so you basically had an ISA card glued to the hdd, and connected back to the mobo over a ribbon cable
<clever> kalj: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LbFKV_pPAE a video about MFM hdd's
<bslsk05> ​'Not forgotten: MFM hard drives' by Adrian's Digital Basement (00:30:22)
<clever> from back when the controller wasnt part of the drive
<clever> those hdd's function a lot more like a floppy drive does
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<geist> em eff em
<kazinsal> back in mah day we had to bitbang frequency modulations onto disks
<kazinsal> then along came emacs and it had a meta key combo to do it for us!
<kazinsal> (disclaimer: "back in mah day" was actually 1440 kB, we had some 5.25" stuff when I was a wee proto computer toucher but it was mostly just a curiosity)
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<clever> kazinsal: does a dedicated 6502 cpu in the floppy drive count as having to bit-bang the write heads? :D
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<totally-not-mjg> where is heat when i have somethin' juicy
<bslsk05> ​mail-index.netbsd.org: Unexpected out of memory kills when running parallel find instances over millions of files
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<mcrod`> hi
<gog> hi
<mcrod`> gog
<mcrod`> may I
<mcrod`> pet you
<gog> you may
* mcrod` pets gog
* gog prr
<zid> I'm here to get pog and pet gog, and I'm all out of gog
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<heat> totally-not-mjg, wow that's not juicy at all
<heat> i hope you realize you went to the trouble of not using your @freebsd.org email but then linked to people.freebsd.org/~mjg
<bslsk05> ​people.freebsd.org: Index of /~mjg/
<suqdiq> that doesnt mean he is mjg
<heat> people.freebsd.org/~formerly-twitter
<bslsk05> ​people.freebsd.org: 404 Not Found
<heat> ~chavgpt
<Ermine> No memes at ~mjg page?
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<bslsk05> ​github.com: SAMEthing/CMakeLists.txt at main · mcroddev/SAMEthing · GitHub
<mcrod`> i'm waiting for someone to notice
<heat> the fuck is wrong with you
<mcrod`> what
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<heat> why are you passing so much crap
<Ermine> totally-not-mjg: plz benchmark minix
<mcrod`> these are useful
<mcrod`> -Wdouble-promotion being the absolute most useful for my case
<mcrod`> what i was passing wasn't what i was going for
<mcrod`> it was the fact they were alphabetized
<mcrod`> :p
<heat> ffunction-sections, fdata-sections, fucking -Rpass
<mcrod`> yeah, they make a difference
<mcrod`> -Rpass doesn't
<mcrod`> the first two definitely do
<heat> make a difference on *what*
<mcrod`> ffunction-sections generates a separate section for each function, then the linker removes unused functions at link time
<heat> your job as a shitty C userspace programmer is not to stick all sorts of opinionated compile options unless you really need to
<heat> spoiler: --gc-sections takes time
<mcrod`> it's virtually imperceptible right now
<mcrod`> wtf shitty
<mcrod`> you're shitty :(
<heat> you're going full google
<heat> never go full google, at least without having millions and millions of lines of code first
<heat> if you want so much control over a build, ship over a bunch of prebuilts and use gn (ignores CC and CFLAGS!)
<mcrod`> why wouldn't I want this type of control whenever I pleased
<mcrod`> anything else is awful
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<mcrod`> and so far this is working okay, barring some CMake stupidity I have to figure out
<Ermine> CMAKE
<heat> the more control you have, the less the user does
<mcrod`> that's crap
<heat> it's not
<mcrod`> define "the user" here
<Ermine> just build the fucking binary and don't mess with flags
<mcrod`> no
<heat> $whoami
<mcrod`> flags matter
<heat> they do not
<mcrod`> are you smoking something
<mcrod`> do you not build with -Wall -Wextra
<heat> those are warnings
<heat> i do not build with -Werror
<mcrod`> they are warning flags to be precise
<mcrod`> so, sorry if I got that confused
<mcrod`> yeah, I build with -Werror but I make sure that the really annoying ones remain passable warnings
<puck> [updates compiler] [new warning appears, instantly breaks your build]
<heat> my build is horrendous and huuuuuuuuuuuuuugely complex but it's what I have to do in order to build a full system
<puck> at best, restrict -Werror to debug builds
<heat> and in fact I do *need* the control here, and I still give you kernel config knobs to give you more control
<Ermine> If someone needs get functions in different sections, they would do it
<mcrod`> puck: i manually control the compiler used for the project
<Ermine> Otherwise someone will definitely get inexplicable build failures
<heat> <insert joke here>
<mcrod`> so if that *would* happen, it wouldn't be instant death for someone who did pacman -Syu
<mcrod`> there is no "someone" here
<mcrod`> keep this in mind
<Ermine> Your code is in public lol
<mcrod`> yeah, and?
<heat> if a random project made me build or download a whole other toolchain i would rm -rf it straight away
<mcrod`> that's fine
<heat> i do it for onyx because i have no other option
<heat> you do it because you saw my build_toolchain.sh and thought "haha that's funny i want that"
<mcrod`> no, i've been wanting to do something like that for a while
<mcrod`> for what it's worth, you can certainly upgrade your compiler and shit breaks due to a compiler regression
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<vai> hi
<mcrod`> hi
<vai> anyone else noticed banks are sometimes pretty slow? I got slow, been waiting for some time.
<Ermine> and stop drawing attention to your project if it's not intended for use by other people
<puck> also it doesn't lolok llike your toolchain is actually portable
<vai> someone stole me 2500 euros from paypal i.e. meant for software projects, etc.
<mcrod`> puck: not really right now, no
<mcrod`> that script fails straightaway on macOS
<puck> even in linux distros
<totally-not-mjg> heat: what if i told you openbsd does *NOT* fall over
<totally-not-mjg> :]
<mcrod`> ok that's crap
<mcrod`> well, let me back up
<heat> totally-not-mjg, should've mentioned that in the email to netbsd, maybe cc'd theo too
<mcrod`> because i might be wrong
<mcrod`> why do you think that?
<puck> host libc, plus dynamic builds of clang/etc
<totally-not-mjg> heat: i did not know at the time :(
<mcrod`> yes, you need the host libc to build the software for the host
<puck> no?
<mcrod`> why would I not want to use the host libc?
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<puck> because it depends on your host's version of glibc/musl
<totally-not-mjg> heat: also, here is the REAL winner
<mcrod`> that's correct, and every bit of software on that machine already is probably dependent on that host version's glibc/musl already
<totally-not-mjg> heat: *ILLUMOS* is doing the bench faster than linux
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<netbsduser``> that's not surprising
<totally-not-mjg> heat: linux openbsds itself on a global inode hash lock
<puck> mcrod`: then what's the point of compiling your own toolchain and having a fetch script?
<totally-not-mjg> netbsduser``: this is the only case i know of where it is not losing by a large margin
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<mcrod`> because I can control *exactly* how each piece of software is built
<netbsduser``> at Sun, it was to be considered a bug if Solaris didn't outperform Linux
<mcrod`> and that's something I care about
<puck> you'll have to run a glibc at least as new as the one it's compiled on
<totally-not-mjg> netbsduser``: linux is outperforming solaris big time on almost everything
<totally-not-mjg> so
<totally-not-mjg> it is surprising something is left
<netbsduser``> and i wouldn't say that linux and openbsd *pride* themselves on global inode hash lock
<mcrod`> well, on paper, this is supposed to be compiled on ubuntu 22.04 LTS
<totally-not-mjg> on that note, illumos is doing the workload in 37 seconds while freebsd in 18
<puck> which means that you get to deal with the fun of older glibcs on non-rolling-release distros; or distros where the dynamic linker is located elsewhere, or distros that don't thave glibc
<totally-not-mjg> and linux in 70
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<netbsduser``> though i'm not actually sure what you are referring to with that
<mcrod`> are any of those distros of any real worth?
<puck> mcrod`: then why not use the toolchain that ubuntu 22.04 lts has
<heat> mcrod`, trying to control everything just makes everything less flexible
<heat> i think that's the point puck is making
<mcrod`> i get what is being said
<puck> and less portable, mostly
<mcrod`> but I don't care about porting to the 540000892034924789 linux distros
<mcrod`> because only 4-7 of them are actually really relevant
<netbsduser``> one of the big deviations that 4.4BSD made from SunOS when it implemented the VFS was that they have this big LRU queue of inactive vnodes, while on solaris, vnode inactivation is intended to kill the vnode (individual filesystems might deviate)
<puck> nixos is growing massively, but a fetched toolchain will not run on it
<mcrod`> if I *really* cared about extreme portability, I wouldn't be using CMake, or targeting C17
<mcrod`> it would be shell scripts and ANSI C
<puck> >
<puck> However, it should work just fine using C99, too.
<mcrod`> yes
<mcrod`> embedded people still stick to C99
<puck> yes but are you trying to target those or not
<mcrod`> that's a matter of practicality
<mcrod`> yes
<puck> then why are you targeting C17?
<mcrod`> why not?
<heat> because you also want to be C99 compatible
<mcrod`> yes
<heat> so use C99
<mcrod`> no
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<heat> then delete that line
<mcrod`> no
<sham1> > VLAs
<heat> you are C17 compatible and compatibleness with older standards is by-chance
<puck> also
<puck> your code seems to be very dependent on CHAR_BIT == 8
<puck> which isn't very portable to DSPs
<puck> tbf the DSP i used had a C11 compiler
<mcrod`> yes, it is dependent on CHAR_BIT == 8, i don't really deny that, fair point
<puck> ..it wasn't clang or gcc, though
<sham1> Proprietary compilers, oh joy
<heat> hello mcrod` sir do u support armcc
<puck> it was surprisingly pleasing to use
<mcrod`> heat: no
<mcrod`> puck: let me guess
<mcrod`> IAR?
<puck> no?
<puck> arm has bytes
<puck> that are 8 b its
<mcrod`> .
<puck> or, hrmmm, ah
<puck> google betrayed me
<mcrod`> i wasn't talking about arm.
<puck> it wasn't IAR anyways
<mcrod`> sucks
<mcrod`> we could've been friends
<puck> (first result googlle gave me was IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm)
<mcrod`> we use IAR at work
<mcrod`> yeah that'll happen
<puck> also IAR does C17
<mcrod`> heat: it's literally only clang and gcc
<netbsduser``> i think there exists some outrageous and stupid implementation of "C" which is strictly conformant to the ISO language and deliberately defies all sense and sanity, the better to determine whose software really is written in ISO languaeg
<heat> hello mcrod` do u support icc
<mcrod`> no
<heat> hello mcrod` do u support gcc 3.4
<puck> this feels like a trick question
<puck> (the ICC one)
<mcrod`> oh
<mcrod`> you might be right
<mcrod`> cuz classic vs LLVM
<heat> it is and is not
<puck> eh, looks like icx is the oneapi one
<mcrod`> anyway, the point of the toolchain script stuff was so you can git clone, `./toolchain_fetch.sh` and have everything you need, everything that I've tested and trust, and everyone is using the same shit
<sham1> mcrod`: tcc support?
<mcrod`> no I'm not going to support the 892374982378492939429347989 random compilers out there
<puck> mcrod`: have you heard of our reproducible lord and saviour Nix
<mcrod`> no
<sham1> Guix > nix
<mcrod`> for what it's worth i'm not trying to be arrogant
<sham1> Damn proprietary apologists
<mcrod`> i'm trying to understand any real problems that can emerge from this
<heat> people can't use your shit
<puck> mostly just people being really annoyed if they want to use your software
<heat> that's the real problem
<mcrod`> i don't see why they *can't*
<puck> because now they have to deal with the fact that they have a more modern gcc locally that has a new warning that breaks your -Werror and they're not gonna go and either compile an entire LLVM or download one from an untrusted source
<puck> they're just going to hack out the -Werror line
<heat> because they may need to integrate it into another giant build and do not want to build toolchains for every piece of software
<heat> like i'm fairly sure fedora would not package your software just because of that
<puck> or NixOS, or arch, or .. really any distro
<sham1> As long as it compiles with clang it's fine
<sham1> We use gcc by default but clang is fine esp since it's ABI compatible
<netbsduser``> i hate werror
<netbsduser``> it is a beastly flag with beastly consequences for its use
<mcrod`> being slightly a prick here, people could just take core.c/core.h and such and drop it in
<mcrod`> i. understand. that's. not. the. point.
<sham1> Unlike with c++ where ABI breaks can break *you*
<netbsduser``> who among us has not had to use sed to patch out every refer to `-Werror' in a package to get a working build?
<Ermine> netbsduser``: it's good when you're the developer and you want a clean build process
<heat> sham1, C++ has no ABI breaks
<zid> nearly everyone, who the fuck ships makefiles with Werror
<mcrod`> the toolchain stuff was to also avoid someone doing `pacman -Syu` and something totally breaks that I can't control
<sham1> Thankfully not needed that yet. But sed is a godsend in patching naughty builds in other ways
<mcrod`> yeah I probably should make a SAMETHING_WARNINGS_ARE_ERRORS option instead
<mcrod`> fuckers
<sham1> heat: of course it doesn't. Not having an ABI makes that trivially true
<mcrod`> also, re (un)trusted: then they shouldn't use the project to begin with if there are trust issues
<mcrod`> and... that would be just fine
<heat> sham1, the last time g++ had an ABI break was in gcc5 due to new C++ standard library requirements
<netbsduser``> google i think tried to invent their own language to replace C++ after a failed attempt to win control over the committee and push for breaking changes
<heat> and they didn't actually break it, just hacked around it
<netbsduser``> no, not golang, dart, starklark, or any of the other google langs
<netbsduser``> this one they called Carbon or something like that
<sham1> Yes, carbon
<heat> there's also cpp2 in msft's end
<sham1> It's a weird thing
<netbsduser``> to me a large part of the merit of C++ is that it is almost a C superset so there is very easy compatibility between the two
<pog> restrict
<netbsduser``> some people claim that you can get a compatibility by embedding an entire C frontend into your new language's compiler. well, show me a language that isn't C or C++ where i can use the C bsd sockets apis for manipulating ancillary data, the CMSG macros
<sham1> Zig
<mcrod`> restrict
<netbsduser``> i don't think zig can handle C preprocessor macros (which in any case would expand to non-Zig code)
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<sham1> Zig does actually have a thing for translating c code
<heat> the more i know about zig the less i want to
<netbsduser``> i heard they were doing it before by embedding Clang (this is what i was alluding to)
<netbsduser``> but now they want to invent their own back-end
<netbsduser``> they have become alienated by LLVM
<netbsduser``> so i'm curious as to whether the limited C compatibility till survive
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<sham1> Probably. I actually don't know zig but that's just what I've heard some evangelists say
<sham1> So grains of salt
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<heat> rust
<zid> RUST!?
<pounce> 🦀
<pog> ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust
<mcrod`> pog
<mcrod`> hi
<pog> hi mcpog
<mcrod`> i want mcdonalds now
<zid> I never don't
<mcrod`> puck: i am curious as to what that compiler was
<zid> oh, heat, did you pick me out a birthday present yet
<bslsk05> ​www.ti.com: C2000WARE Software development kit (SDK) | TI.com
<mcrod`> ah
<puck> TMS320F28035 does not have bytes as such
<mcrod`> neat
<mcrod`> well the most odd I've ever done was STM8
<mcrod`> but that's nowhere near this
<puck> they also do both ELF and COFF
<puck> which is really annoying because the flash library was COFF, which meant i was stuck on that ABI, which has different int sizes
* pog coff coff
<mcrod`> i wonder if I should walk exactly 2 minutes
<pog> zid: when is ur birthday
<mcrod`> 2 minutes, and pick up a burger
<zid> 25th
<pog> nice
<pog> mine is tomorrow
<mcrod`> oh, happy birthday zid
<mcrod`> i'll forget
<mcrod`> so i'm saying it now
<mcrod`> wtf is with everyone here having birthdays in october
<zid> pog: I bought you a pencilcase, but I ate it
<mcrod`> heat, zid, and pog
<mcrod`> all october losers
<mcrod`> me, i was last month
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<bslsk05> ​redirect -> www.reddit.com: Reddit - Dive into anything
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<puck> mcrod`: interestingly, C17 doesn't actually specify that uintN_t have to exist if there's no other integer type that is that bit size
<mcrod`> yeah
<mcrod`> uint_fast/leastx_t is probably best for that
<mcrod`> however I don't quite remember if they were required by the standard
<zid> leastx is already int and long and stuff anyway I never saw the point
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<puck> mcrod`: leastN are for 8-64
<puck> as well as fastN for the same
<mcrod`> well
<mcrod`> fortunately I'm on systems where uint8/16/32/64 etc exist
<mcrod`> :p
<heat_> zid, when's your birthday
<pog> heat heat
<pog> happy birdday
<mcrod`> heat_: 25th
<heat_> pog, you're more than a week late
<heat_> still, thanks <3
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<mcrod`> ...
<mcrod`> curl isn't default on ubuntu?
<mcrod`> installed by
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<geist> wget ftw
<bslsk05> ​mail-index.netbsd.org: Failing installations for various NetBSD versions on MicroVAX 3100
<geist> yeah that's kinda my experience. tis why i have netbsd 3 on mine
<heat_> we're all doomed
<heat_> totally-not-mjg, you should've ran your experiment on the VAX
<heat_> or a 486DX
<geist> but really the cpu is too slow to run much newer than that anyway
<geist> even netbsd 3 is pretty bad.
<totally-not-mjg> you will be pleased to learn they recently committed a patchset to improve vax toolchain
<geist> the microwax KA42 in mine is a really slow cpu, even by vax standards. it's basically a late model cost reduced thing, which is why you see them on ebay
<totally-not-mjg> ooff
<geist> probably 486sx territory
<geist> well, okay it'd have been contemporary to a 486 anyway, since we're talking like 1990
<totally-not-mjg> now that you mention it though, i genuinely have no idea how it compares to early x86
<geist> but 25Mhz
<totally-not-mjg> heh
<geist> 4KB cache, etc
<totally-not-mjg> thank you for answering before i asked
<geist> there were much faster vaxen in the server world by then
<totally-not-mjg> so ye, that would be pretty bad indeed
<geist> well over 100mhz, etc
<heat_> whats up with the -en plurals
<heat_> pluralen
<pog> german
<pog> deutsche
<totally-not-mjg> i fully admit i have no idea, i remember viro and probably some other people referring to "boxes" as "boxen"
<totally-not-mjg> i thught it would be funny to perpetuate
<pog> þýsku
<totally-not-mjg> i have no idea about geist
<geist> yah i think it shows up with things tht end with -x or other harsh vowels
<heat_> yeah but I think vaxen is indeed THE plural for vax
<geist> vaxes would work, but i've heard folks say vaxen
<totally-not-mjg> vexing innit
<geist> but yeah i think it's some archaic germanic influence
<totally-not-mjg> i'm gonna keep writing "patchen"
<totally-not-mjg> don't grammar nazi on me
<heat_> these patchen are pessimalen
<totally-not-mjg> i don't think this works with adverbs
<heat_> adverben
<geist> but yeah there's oxen, brethren, etc
<geist> i think it's just an archaic thing
<zid> Are you trying to suggest germanic languages are pessimal heat
<zid> mr. romance scum
<pog> i'm an anti-vaxer
<pog> say no to VAX
<totally-not-mjg> OH
<zid> I'm sparc-arresting.
<zid> Anyone who uses sparc should be arrested, by me.
<totally-not-mjg> do you say yes to ITANIUM KURWA
<pog> no
<heat_> WHAT
<heat_> /votekick pog
<pog> CISCgender cpus smh
<zid> F2
* geist shakes head and heads to the office
<totally-not-mjg> stop lacing treats with LSD
<totally-not-mjg> 's all i'm gonna say
<pog> the weather is so shit rn
<totally-not-mjg> meh
<mcrod`> hi
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<definitely-mjg> hi
<heat_> oh they closed down a buncha shit today here, because of the wind and rain
<heat_> or as known in england, a typical of summer
<heat_> typical day*
<zid> it's october, heat
<zid> yet somehow 17C
<definitely-mjg> did you know living an island dmanges your teeth
<heat_> is it snowing in england already?
<definitely-mjg> ask the english
<heat_> or just grey and raining
<heat_> lots and lots of grey
<pog> my teeth were in rough shape before i moved to an island
<zid> 17C is a *touch* warm for snow
<mcrod`> i should see a dentist
<mcrod`> nothing's wrong with my teeth yet, but... haven't been to a dentist in a while
<bslsk05> ​en.vedur.is: en.vedur.is | Alerts | Icelandic Meteorological office
<zid> alert, iceland has weather
<zid> There was a big storm over the UK last night
<zid> rained a bunch
<pog> i wonder if this is the same storm
<pog> it's been tracking east to west
<GeDaMo> It's over Scotland right now :|
<pog> o
<bslsk05> ​www.windy.com: Windy: Wind map & weather forecast
<zid> so it is
<mcrod`> today I learned that you cannot build Qt from source easily
<bslsk05> ​www.metoffice.gov.uk: Red warning for Storm Babet - Met Office
<zid> the red is where my friend lives
<heat_> mcrod`, typical C++ project
<mcrod`> absolute painful
<mcrod`> first off I don't want anything other than the GUI stuffs
<zid> qt is a mess of a project to begin with
<mcrod`> and not *only* do I have to provide the longest -skip ever
<mcrod`> but I also need to provide maybe 60-90 -no-feature options
<mcrod`> because otherwise, stupid shit like CUPS support will become part of qtbase
<heat_> to build a C++ project you need: 1) a custom patched toolchain 2) 2-10 hours depending on compile options 3) luck 4) lots of memory 5) lube
<zid> USE="-qt" emerge qt
<mcrod`> it'd be nice if I had an EPYC or something
<zid> heat_: you forgot 128GB of ram, and 14 attempts, to nail down the --with-
<mcrod`> heat_: don't worry, I'm almost ready to nuke the toolchain idea entirely
<heat_> zid, you're *lucky* if it uses autoconf
<mcrod`> for the simple fact that I'm sitting here waiting for shit to go wrong, and then it does
<mcrod`> except 2 hours later
<zid> whatever the cshitmake equivalent is
<mcrod`> then I try again
<mcrod`> then it fails again
<zid> I don't know, I refuse to touch it
<mcrod`> by the time it's all over
<mcrod`> it's dinner
<mcrod`> sick of it
<heat_> it probably uses cmake and bespoke non-documented custom options, and when you attempt to regen cmake and rebuild it fails and you have to do it all over
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<mcrod`> it already failed
<mcrod`> with default options
<mcrod`> I'm not even using my toolchain anything
<mcrod`> just -static -release
<mcrod`> and host GNU
<heat_> i bet 40 quadrillion USD on how it's -static fucking things up
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<mcrod`> that's what I'm going to test
<mcrod`> I know that you *can* build a static Qt
<mcrod`> but it probably fucks up something with qtwebengine, which it was compiling, despite it explicitly telling me it won't compile it because -static
<mcrod`> this time I'm going to provide nothing but --prefix
<mcrod`> and then cry
<heat_> yes given enough memory luck toolchain patches time and lube anything can build
<mcrod`> [QtWebEngine] -- Support check for QtWebEngine failed: node.js version 12 or later is required.
<mcrod`> failed instantly
<mcrod`> not even with qtwebengine, with qtgrcp
<mcrod`> qtgrpc*
<mcrod`> i'm done. done. i'm done with this.
<heat_> if this were google software it'd bundle its own nodejs
<heat_> problem solved
<mcrod`> yeah but when I want to do the same type of shit it all falls apart
<mcrod`> fuck me
<mcrod`> just unimaginable to me that this shit is more complicated than it has to be
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<heat_> this is C++, it's implied
<mcrod`> you guys win with the toolchain stuff by the way
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<mcrod`> it would've been nice to not include 56000 things that a library provides that is simply not necessary or needed
<mcrod`> but that pain isn't worth it.
<mcrod`> toolchain people are geniuses
<Ermine> Happy bday heat !
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<zid> mcrod`: how do you know when heat's birthday is?
<mcrod`> he told me
<zid> omg
<zid> are you two secretly dating
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<heat__> Ermine, thanks
<heat__> you're a bit far off but i appreciate it anyway :p
heat__ is now known as heat
<heat> zid, no i don't date C++ programmers
<zid> that's why it'd be a secret
<zid> a dirty secret
<mcrod`> ugh
<heat> i want a girl who can i can show flamegraphs to
<heat> and she'll be like "oh that's cool" and i'll say "yeah"
<Ermine> heat: I'll market and be on time next time
<mcrod`> i think i'm going to take a break today.
<zid> I just did an equation, where the boys at?
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<zid> I found the birthday present I want
<bslsk05> ​i.imgur.com <no title>
<kazinsal> get in the excavator, shinji
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<SophiaNya> hey osdev, vsauce here
<SophiaNya> but what _is_ a shinji?
<definitely-mjg> funny story mate, i'm liek 2 levels down in youtube debunk
<definitely-mjg> person posts a video, there is a debunk
<definitely-mjg> and there is a debunk of said debunk
<definitely-mjg> at this point i trust noone
<definitely-mjg> albeit the truth is out there
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<Ermine> It's definitely not on youtube
<definitely-mjg> it was total youtube mon
<zid> SophiaNya: A miserable little pile of secrets
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<Ermine> youtube is much more useful for memes than for any content which requires any processing power?
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<definitely-mjg> at this point youtube is mainstream media
<definitely-mjg> that is to say people intentionally misrepresent realities for money
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<Ermine> As they do on TV, in newspapers, etc
<mcrod`> buildjet is cool
<Ermine> Well, on some TVs they go as far as representing alternative reality
<Ermine> But, *very* strictly speaking, the actual scientific truth is so complex that you have to simplify it (and inherently misrepresent) so common folk could comprehend something
<gog> nya
<mcrod`> goggies
<mcrod`> gogmania
<gog> mcroddies
<mcrod`> hi
<gog> this forbes article i read claimed that youtube has "sophisticated technology" to detect adblocking
<gog> it's probably some javascript bullshit, how sophisticated can it really be
<mcrod`> i'm confident the ublock origin people will kill it
<gog> i updated ublock lists and it sort of works
<mcrod`> for fun
<mcrod`> i'm about to see how long the toolchain takes to build with buildjet
<mcrod`> 32 vCPU/64 GB
<mcrod`> what concerns me is
<mcrod`> i'm on chrome
<mcrod`> so I wonder why they haven't just polled what extensions I'm using and see "ublock origin" and say "no"
<gog> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
<gog> can they do that?
<gog> seems like a good way to add a another datapoint to analytics tracking
<mcrod`> i don't know if they can, or do
<mcrod`> but if not, I wouldn't be surprised if that's next on their radar
<mcrod`> the nuclear option is google demanding ublock origin respect google advertisements or be pulled from the extensions store
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<heat_> my ublock still works on youtube
<mcrod`> i get the banner
<nortti> are you logged in?
<mcrod`> me?
<nortti> both you and heat
<mcrod`> yes
<heat_> yes
<nortti> oh interesting
* nortti had a hypothesis that is was targetting only people who're logged in at this point
<heat_> i'm in the EU though
<heat_> maybe they can't/haven't rolled it out in the EU
<nortti> a friend #elsewhere is getting it while being in finland
<heat_> is finland EU?
<nortti> yes, since the 90s
<heat_> ah ok. yeah it's hard to track which one of you NORDIC BASTARDS are part of the EU
<mcrod`> we have friends?
<heat_> since like half of the nordic countries aren't but still have close ties
<mcrod`> holy
<mcrod`> fucking
<mcrod`> shit
<mcrod`> buildjet build LLVM in 20 minutes
<mcrod`> *with* LTO
<heat_> you sure?
<heat_> that seems unrealistic
<mcrod`> i don't believe it
<mcrod`> let me check the logs
<heat_> thin lto or lto?
<mcrod`> thin
<mcrod`> nope, it definitely did
<mcrod`> cmake/llvm/sdl etc, 20 minutes
<heat_> oh ok thin is a lot easier to get done though
<heat_> true LTO is still a bitch
<mcrod`> oh I sent you the logs
<mcrod`> for what it's worth the buildjet runner i'm using is $0.048/min
<mcrod`> so I only spent a dollar
<mcrod`> and they give you $5 to play with
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