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< rcurtin[m]> 👍 I'm excited to help out. I've been trying to make time to for a while :)
< GopiManoharTatir> <jonpsy[m] "> I've been using VSC for about "> No no, it's fine. My system lags with 2 VSCode windows and 8-9 chrome tabs when I start compiling. Otherwise, it was okay sometimes and laggy sometimes...
< jonpsy[m]> Gopi Manohar Tatiraju: I see. I think its indeed thoughtful to have switched to Vim mostly because when you code/debug Remote systems (clouds, dockers) or Android you can only access the terminal. So it'll be super helpful in future, although its a bumpy ride learning it, expect a LOT of compile error though because syntax-highlight won't rescue you :) . Good luck!
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