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< jonpsy[m]> <rcurtin[m]1 "all this happens at compile time"> Turns out, I can :). I was able to keep our old API handle both MOO and single objective. I'd love to have your review, but I understand if you can't 👍
< rcurtin[m]1> jonpsy: awesome, I'll try to take a look, but don't hold up the PR on my account
< rcurtin[m]1> I think I saw based on the comments that you were not actually talking about something that is an 'external' user-facing API; those are much more okay to change (since they are 'internal')
< rcurtin[m]1> but, if you've figured out a solution, awesome 👍️ sorry if my comments are a little off the mark---I don't have the full context :)
< jonpsy[m]> Oh, but still, I think I found a much better solution! :)
< rcurtin[m]1> 🚀 awesome, great to hear
< rcurtin[m]1> I'll be out for the rest of the day though, so it may be tomorrow until I see it---so like I said, don't hold the work up on my account :)