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< Aakash-kaushikAa> Can someone help with this PR: the windows build cannot run tests through ctest and i am not really good with cmake but i think the issue is arising because the dll are not in the same folder as the test build and that's why it completely fails. Can someone help with this PR ?
< Aakash-kaushikAa> Also i release i asked the same thing twice, totally knocked off 😛
< kaushal[m]> these gan_impl.hpp and wgan_impl.hpp files show the usage of the these models right?
< kaushal[m]> <kaushal[m] "these gan_impl.hpp and wgan_impl"> I meant what are these _impl.hpp files actually contain???
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< zoq> Aakash-kaushikAa: I'll take a look into the issue.
< zoq> kaushal[m]: I guess you are looking for some example?