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< ShahAnwaarKhalid> stackoverflow post as well. 😬
< kaushal[m]> <zoq "kaushal: I guess you are looking"> yeah
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< zoq> ShahAnwaarKhalid: Sorry, haven't looked at the comment yet, will take a look later today, thanks for the reminder.
< Aakash-kaushikAa> hey, can we include a copyright.txt in models repo too ?
< zoq> Aakash-kaushikAa: Sure thing.
< Aakash-kaushikAa> Can you do it or i should create a pull request for that ?
< zoq> Either is fine for me.
< rcurtin[m]> zoq: your bandicoot Jenkins job exposes the conv_to bugs I still need to fix 😃
< zoq> I thought that one was known :)
< rcurtin[m]> known but hidden 😃
< rcurtin[m]> I've been hiding from it for months now
< rcurtin[m]> :)
< zoq> hehe
< rcurtin[m]> I got the first parts of the adapted clMAGMA implementation for eigendecomposition done yesterday; I'll open an MR for that today
< rcurtin[m]> after that I suppose I'll have to confront this conv_to issue :)
< zoq> I guess I have to update the main test next, because I think right now it's selecting the first GPU.
< rcurtin[m]> if you're using docker containers for the build, we can:
< rcurtin[m]> (a) push the containers to the registry, although I'll have to whitelist the IP of the build slaves you want to use
< rcurtin[m]> (b) also use `pretzel`, which has a pretty old but possibly still capable nvidia GPU
< rcurtin[m]> via `lspci`: `NVIDIA Corporation GK104 [GeForce GTX 660 Ti]`
< zoq> I added a new build node 'glast' that has some cards.
< rcurtin[m]> I can also hook up systems with a gtx1080ti and rtx2080ti if you like, but I don't know if those are needed just for integration testing
< rcurtin[m]> what does `glast` have in it?
< rcurtin[m]> maybe an AMD GPU? I don't have any of those to test on :(
< zoq> 2070, 2080ti and 3090
< zoq> no :(
< rcurtin[m]> nice, a 3090
< rcurtin[m]> I think nobody has AMD GPUs because the nvidia GPUs are so much more useful 😃
< rcurtin[m]> maybe Conrad had a few, but they might be several years old now
< zoq> Yeah
< zoq> I have another k80
< zoq> but no AMD
< zoq> But I guess currently it runs on the first GPU id, which I think is the 2070
< zoq> But should be easy enough to adapt the main to select the GPU
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< zoq> okay ...
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< zoq> Also I put the docker images on dockerhub for now -
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< jeffin143[m]> zoq: where are we on vtable ??
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< zoq> jeffin143[m]: Wll push the updates to the branch I have over the weekend.