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< rcurtin[m]> sure, I'll take a quick look 👍️
< rcurtin[m]> Oleksandr Nikolskyy: seems like I can't leave comments; maybe you can modify the permissions so that I can?
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< kaushal[m]> Hey zoq Sorry for the permission thing I forgot, U can take a look at that.
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< OleksandrNikolsk> zoq permissins fixed
< ImagineZero0Gitt> Hey, @zoq @rcurtin I had worked upon the updates given on the draft of the proposal, Kindly look into them whenever you have time.
< ImagineZero0Gitt> I am also sharing the link here just in case...
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< kaushal[m]> hi zoq I submitted the final proposal as well ,if have little bit of time can please take a look at it.
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< rcurtin[m]> thanks Oleksandr Nikolskyy , I'll take a look in a little while 👍️
< OleksandrNikolsk> great!
< ABHINAVANAND[m]> I was able to make mean_pooling_backward function even faster than what I had proposed. The implementation can be found at <>
< ABHINAVANAND[m]> Do take a look and see if there are any mistakes that I might have missed.
< AakashkaushikGit> Hi @zoq, @kartikdutt18 I have submitted my final proposal, Will you be able to take a look at it?
< ImagineZero0Gitt> Hey, @zoq , @rcurtin should I submit my final proposal through the GSOC portal as PDF, as you guys haven't commented about to change anything in the proposal draft?
< OleksandrNikolsk> thanks for comments ryan.
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< zoq> kaushal[m]: Looks like you submitted the final document already, do you still like me to comment on the draft?
< zoq> ABHINAVANAND[m]: Cool, I'll take a look, once I have a chance.
< zoq> ImagineZero0Gitt: I left some comments on the draft.
< zoq> AakashkaushikGit: No more comments from my side at this point, looks good.
< zoq> Also, please keep in mind that the application is closed doesn't mean we can't reach out to you and ask for clarification if we think it would be helpful. That applies to all applications.
< ShahAnwaarKhalid> zoq Sounds nice! Thanks for all the feedback 🙂
< AakashkaushikGit> So @zoq I think you would be reaching to our mail, right?
< AakashkaushikGit> Can i know which mail if specified you will use so i can see that it doesn't goes to spam by chance
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< Shadow3049[m]> Hi, I am Shivank Mittal. I am a sophomore at JIIT Noida, India. I have submitted a draft for my proposal for the project "Profiling for Parallelization". I know it is very late, but can any mentors, or anyone provide feedback on my draft proposal?
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< RishabhGargGitte> I think that the MacBook azure pipeline is broken. It is unable to download libomp.
< RishabhGargGitte> Hey @rcurtin, I have added the required backbone for the decision tree regressor i.e. the gains and splitting strategies. Please do take a look when you have some time.
< RishabhGargGitte> I know that you are a bit busy these days and my PR is very big. So, this is just to let you know about my progress. I will move ahead from here once I get some feedback on whether the work which is done till now is good enough. So, I'll be waiting for your review on it :-)
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< kaushal[m]> <zoq "kaushal: Looks like you submitte"> yep
< rcurtin[m]> Rishabh Garg (Gitter): sure, I'll try to take a look when I have a chance 👍️ your PR is indeed a lot of work, but I have a good idea of what the goals are, so that should make reviewing it a bit easier. the harder PRs to review are the ones where I don't know the technique or the goals, so I have to go read about those first :)
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< rcurtin[m]> shrit: getting closer with the arm64 build... it seems like for a reason I don't care to dive into, `std::map<int, ...>` behaves very strangely when using reverse iterators like `rbegin()` and `rend()`... but only when cross-compiling for arm64
< rcurtin[m]> I'm just checking now that my workarounds work completely; if they do, I'll open a PR... but it's also possible there may be one more additional workaround I need... waiting on some test results
< shrit[m]> rcurtin: thanks for the feedback, as you I can see the reason why `rbegin()` and `rend()` behave differently
< shrit[m]> * rcurtin: thanks for the feedback, as you I can not see the reason why `rbegin()` and `rend()` behave differently
< jonpsy[m]> zoq: Hi, can we merge that NSGA-II PR pls :) ?