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< jenkins-mlpack2> Yippee, build fixed!
< jenkins-mlpack2> Project mlpack - git commit test build #683: FIXED in 59 min:
< ABHINAVANAND[m]> Ryan Curtin I have addressed the comments.
< ABHINAVANAND[m]> The one thing that I am worried about is the improvement proposed for pooling layers. I am pretty sure that the proposed improvement works as I verified with the timings. But still if anyone else can go through the proposed approach, it would be a great help.
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< shrit[m]> jonathan platkiewicz: What version of mlpack you are using
< shrit[m]> ?
< shrit[m]> If you are using the last release, then you can remove libboost-program-options-dev
< shrit[m]> * jonathan platkiewicz: What version of mlpack you are using?
< shrit[m]> We are currently removing of the boost dependency entirely from mlpack, on the master branch we have already removed boost-serialization
< shrit[m]> * We are currently removing all of the boost dependency entirely from mlpack, on the master branch we have already removed boost-serialization
< shrit[m]> If you are using embedded device do you really need docker? you can use mlpack binaries directly, and cross compile them for an embedded device directly, this will give you the hmm binary for around several megabytes with all dependencies included
< shrit[m]> we are currently adding support for several embedded devices through this pull request
< rcurtin[m]1> on master even libboost-test cam be removed; the only headers that would be needed from boost right now are boost::math, boost::spirit, boost::visitor, and, I think, maybe boost::string (and like @shrit said we are in the process of removing them)
< rcurtin[m]1> our work to make mlpack better for embedded deployments isn't done quite yet, but if you're willing to get your hands a little dirty we can definitely guide you towards how to strip out everything except what you need 👍
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< Roshan[m]> zoq can you help me how do I run tests? I made some changes in test and wanted to make sure it is correct, but I am not able to compile it.
< Roshan[m]> (edited) ... me how do I run tests? ... => ... me on running tests? ...
< Roshan[m]> zoq error: ‘MLPACK_COUT_STREAM’ was not declared in this scope; did you mean ‘ARMA_COUT_STREAM’?
< Roshan[m]> 38 | MLPACK_COUT_STREAM << std::string(indentations, ' ')
< Roshan[m]> | ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
< Roshan[m]> when i try to build tests, it throws this error
< zoq> Roshan[m]: Did you include '#include <mlpack/core.hpp>'?
< Roshan[m]> zoq I was building tests i.e., while running 'make mlpack_test' command, it threw the error....I also tried adding mlpack/core.hpp to the mlpack_test.cpp file but it still shows the same error
< zoq> Roshan[m]: Is the error you see part of a PR?
< Roshan[m]> zoq I don't think so. I just made some changes to a test and wanted to check, I was not able to run it.
< zoq> Roshan[m]: It's the master branch right?
< Roshan[m]> yes
< Roshan[m]> but please check..
< Roshan[m]> I built the mlpack from source and was making some changes init. Is my method acceptable while working.
< zoq> Roshan[m]: You added mlpack_test.cpp right?
< zoq> Can you put your lines into an exsisting test case, and see if that works?
< Roshan[m]> zoq I don't think I added mlpack_test
< Roshan[m]> I made some changes in an existing test cases...
< Roshan[m]> and then tried to build tests following the readme
< Roshan[m]> (edited) ... test cases... => ... test case(ann_dist_test.cpp)
< zoq> In the screenshot I can see you have mlpack_test.cpp open and that's not a file that I can see in
< Roshan[m]> zoqyes...I opened coz the compiler threw an error pointing at it..
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< Roshan[m]> zoq if you can see, the compilation of ann_dist_test is throwing an error "file or directory not found". But, it can be clearly seen in left side that the file "normal_distribution.cpp" exist. So, why does it can't read or access that file?
< zoq> Roshan[m]: I see what the problem is you are trying to build a single test right? That is not possible, you can only build executables, so everything that has a _main, 'make mlpack_test' is one example, 'mamke mlpack_pca' is another one.
< zoq> If you like to build that test, just run 'make mlpack_test' if the test is included here it will be included into the mlpack_test executable.
< rcurtin[m]1> ABHINAV ANAND: I have known about the PR from when you opened it; I haven't had time yet, and it is on my todo list; I will get to it when I have a chance, please don't worry 👍️