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< swaingotnochill[> <zoq "swaingotnochill: I like the idea"> Sure...will use MNIST to understand the ins and out.
< jonpsy[m]> zoq: Hey, now that NSGA2 is done. My TODO list is : Port @favre49 indicator code => Finish up ZDT => Finish function_tools.hpp and Variable bounds. I might not be able to do all of them because end sems have come knockin on my door (april 19) and that'll take a month to finish. Letting you know in advance, thanks
< zoq> jonpsy[m]: No pressure, whenever you have time.
< ABHINAVANAND[m]> zoq As the deadline is approaching, could you review the draft proposal that I submitted on GSOC website.
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< AakashkaushikGit> Hi, Just wanted to know if we have depthwiseconv layers added or if there is a PR for that ?
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< zoq> ABHINAVANAND[m]: Looks like you already submitted the final application?
< ABHINAVANAND[m]> But we are allowed to edit it
< ABHINAVANAND[m]> Till the last date
< zoq> ABHINAVANAND[m]: Ahh, okay.
< kaushal[m]> Hey zoq I sent the updated Example zoo proposal on mailing list ,can you please take a look at that?
< zoq> kaushal[m]: Did you upload the proposal to the GSoC page?
< kaushal[m]> Not yet
< zoq> Maybe you can do that, makes it easier for us to track who likes to have feedback.
< ShahAnwaarKhalid> zoq; I've addressed the comments that you made on my proposal. If you get time, please try to take a look.
< kaushal[m]> Oh ok ,but it was a rough proposal to get the opinion on my ideas .
< zoq> kaushal[m]: You can upload drafts as well.
< kaushal[m]> Ok thanks. will do
< zoq> ShahAnwaarKhalid: I try to do another pass over some proposals later today. If you addressed the comments not sure I have any other feedback.
< ShahAnwaarKhalid> zoq: You had suggested if it was possible to reuse the layers already implemented instead of implementing a layer for Adaptive Instance Normalisation.
< ShahAnwaarKhalid> I understand the concern that AdaIN layer will only be useful for StyleGAN. However, I think it will make it very easy for the user to design the noisemapping network and generator network separately and not have to worry about how the intermediate noise vector is fed into the generator.
< ShahAnwaarKhalid> Just wanted you to see this comment. There's no need to look at the proposal now. 🙂
< kaushal[m]> hey zoq I wanted to know all the methods of GAN from command line
< kaushal[m]> what was the command for it
< ShahAnwaarKhalid> What do you mean @kaushal?
< kaushal[m]> i was referring to the help command usage
< kartikdutt18Gitt> @Aakash-kaushik, I did start some work on it in #2172.
< kaushal[m]> where can I get the "how to use each function " documentation in mlpack
< AakashkaushikGit> Hey @kartikdutt18 thanks for this, i can work on this pr, should make the things a lot more easier.
< kaushal[m]> zoq: there is no GAN documentation in mlpack's documentation ,so how can I know the function, methods ,parameters of the GAN.
< zoq> kaushal[m]: Not sure what you mean with no documentation, has the documentation for DCGAN GAN, etc.
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< kaushal[m]> <zoq "kaushal: Not sure what you mean "> I was searching for something like this ,thanks
< kaushal[m]> hey zoq I submitted the draft proposal on the GSoC page , can u take a look at it
< kaushal[m]> ??
< kaushal[m]> \
< OleksandrNikolsk> ryan could you take a look on my proposal too?
< OleksandrNikolsk> I shared it yesterday, not sure if it was noticed, hope it wasn't, it changed a lot since then 😄