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< ShahAnwaarKhalid> Ryan Curtin I've uploaded a draft of my proposal on GSoC Dashboard on Monday. If you get time, please try to take look at it. It would be really helpful in fine-tuning it further.
< zoq> ShahAnwaarKhalid: Thanks, just left some comments on the proposal.
< jonpsy[m]> I feel some features on NSGA-II were forced upon it for API consistency
< jonpsy[m]> i think we can do better. For ex: retval of ```Optimize``` should be variance of pareto front (makes much more sense) than accumulation of objectives.
< jonpsy[m]> shall I create an issue, we'll discuss there?
< rcurtin[m]1> sure, the idea here is that the measure that's returned can be used to get a sense of how "good" the result is---which, of course, for multiobjective functions is a little bit difficult to reduce to a single number. so, I'm not opposed to alternatives, we just need to justify what the best choice is 👍️
< jonpsy[m]> Agreed, goal of any MOO is to have diverse set of solutions, so returning the variance would best salvage our API all the while giving useful information.
< jonpsy[m]> Okay, I'll log the remaining on the issue then.
< rcurtin[m]1> sounds good; personally, at least for MOO, I think detailed inspection of the Pareto frontier by the user ends up being necessary in basically every case
< jonpsy[m]> Glad we're on the same page. NSGA2 PR is almost done, so i can give this more time now :)
< Roshan[m]> When I was building the pack, for built target mlpack_test, I got these error in couple of tests like in ann_layer_test.cpp, dcgan_layer_test.cpp, feedforward_network_test.cpp. Is there any way to fix this? I m building from master
< ShahAnwaarKhalid> Roshan: These are just warnings.
< jonpsy[m]> if warnings look scary, just wait till you see SFINAE failures :)
< Roshan[m]> 😅
< Roshan[m]> Hello guys, so I am planning on applying for example zoo for this GSoC. As I am machine learning practitioner, it will be very interesting and helpful for me in the same way to implement various machine learning algorithms and see how they perform.
< Roshan[m]> So can you please advice me a little on how this project direction should go.
< Roshan[m]> zoq I read the future of mlpack and I think there was mention about this as one of key part. I think I can contribute a part here, so it will be very helpful if you can guide me how this should go.
< jonpsy[m]> I'd recommend posting this on the [mailing list](, as some mentors arent present in IRC. You can check the archives for more info. Good luck
< Roshan[m]> <jonpsy[m] "I'd recommend posting this on th"> Okay thanks
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< art3mis> Hi everyone, I'm a CS Junior with keen interest in exploring machine learning and contributing to opensource, I would like to work on Example Zoo from GSOC Idea list for my proposal any advice would be helpful
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< zoq> Hello everyone, video meet-up in about one hour, see for more information.
< shrit[m]> And I thought it is now
< zoq> 17 UTC
< shrit[m]> 😆
< shrit[m]> I know, the issue I tend to forget the change in summer time
< rcurtin[m]1> daylight savings time confuses everyone 😃
< shrit[m]> Even when I set the time on the calendar, it is set with the local time not with the UTC time
< shrit[m]> Therefore, there is practically no way to avoid confusion, unless of a great memory 😀
< rcurtin[m]1> except it has to consider time zone changes automatically 😃
< shrit[m]> Yeah , the day my home will look lie an airport 🛫
< rcurtin[m]1> 😂
< shrit[m]> * Yeah , the day my home will look like an airport 🛫
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< Roshan[m]> > <> I have completed the guide for building ml pack for windows from using cmake to generate intermediate vs soln.After that i was moving to building the ml pack app as im beginner in open source so someone can help me to explain what to do aftr making app inorder to test it and to contribute .
< Roshan[m]> > Waiting for some positive response thankyou.
< Roshan[m]> You can try some tutorials and see how it works. It's one of great way to know the library.
< OleksandrNikolsk> <zoq "Hello everyone, video meet-up in"> what about the super top secret password of the meeting?
< rcurtin[m]1> oh, sorry, it is just 'mlpack' :)
< rcurtin[m]1> the 'video meetup' section on the community page details it, but not in plaintext (hopefully to keep bots from picking it up)
< zoq> We just finished the meeting, so maybe next time?
< OleksandrNikolsk> sure
< OleksandrNikolsk> 🙂
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