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< Roshan[m]> So, the JacobianBernoulliDistributionTest is failing. I don't know why, it is giving output false. It looks for both "absolute difference" OR "relative difference". Here, none of them are actually passing the case.
< Roshan[m]> how can I know on what values it failed the test cases?
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< jonpsy[m]> any specific reason we have ```template<FunctionType, MatType>``` instead of ```template<MatType, FunctionType>``` ?\
< jonpsy[m]> in ```function_tools.hpp```
< zoq> jonpsy[m]: In this case the order defines what is changed more often.
< jonpsy[m]> is this limited to function_tools.hpp only?
< jonpsy[m]> or is the order spread through ensmallen, or worse, throughout mlpack?
< zoq> We try to use this across ensmallen and mlpack, is there any problem you encounter whith the order?
< jonpsy[m]> yep
< jonpsy[m]> very very big problem actually
< jonpsy[m]> remember our discussion of variadic. template recursion for MOO trait check? I would need ```FunctionType``` to be in the end for it to work :(
< zoq[m]1> Not sure that is true if you iterate over it you should be able to reuse what is there. Maybe I miss something
< jonpsy[m]> zoq: ^^
< rcurtin[m]1> jonpsy: if the arguments are in the wrong order and you need them in the other order for some template metaprogramming, it should be trivial to work around---or to simply write the code assuming that an extra parameter comes last
< rcurtin[m]1> I did not look at the specific code, but based on what I read here there should be no issue
< jonpsy[m]> Basically, since I'm using multiple functional types. Im utilizing parameter pack
< jonpsy[m]> Problem is, we can't have typename after parameter pack (only fully defined types allowed).
< rcurtin[m]1> okay, then write a shim to reverse the order
< rcurtin[m]1> all this happens at compile time. I am certain you can work around the issue
< jonpsy[m]> Yeah I got a solution
< jonpsy[m]> I thought I could define MatType for each type
< jonpsy[m]> I could use template specialization for each and every MatType. Annoying, but doesn't break the API. What's your thoughts? ryan
< rcurtin[m]1> my thoughts are that we should not change the API. past that, do what you need. I suspect that this really should not be impossible at all, and perhaps not even that tedious (at least as far as template metaprogramming goes)
< jonpsy[m]> Yep, I'll find something
< jonpsy[m]> <jonpsy[m] "I could use template specializat"> This would work just fine without breaking pattern. But I'll try and find more neater :)