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< jenkins-mlpack2> Project mlpack - git commit test build #685: FAILURE in 9.2 sec:
< rcurtin[m]1> looks like polar doesn't have cmake available?
< rcurtin[m]1> (not sure if I read the log right)
< zoq[m]1> I’ll fix it today.
< rcurtin[m]1> thanks!
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< NippunSharmaGitt> Hey @rcurtin i was working on my proposal (revamping mlpack bindings), I have shown the refactoring of one binding (random forest) as you said, do I also need to show how the wrapper classes look in each programming language?
< NippunSharmaGitt> Also, is the code supposed to be in working condition or should it just provide a feeling of what I am trying to say?
< rcurtin[m]1> Just a feeling is fine---it's a proposal after all, not a finished product 😃