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< rcurtin[m]> huh, well I'm glad the integration sent that message... I'll figure out how to use the new bridge in the next couple of days
< zoq> Hello everyone, mlpack video meet-up in about one hour, checkout for more information.
< ImagineZero0Gitt> Hey, @zoq is there a meeting passcode for the Zoom Meeting scheduled at 17:00 UTC?
< ABHINAVANAND[m]> It's mlpack
< ImagineZero0Gitt> No problem, found it
< zoq[m]> „For security, we use a password for the meeting to keep malicious bots out; the password is simple---it's just the name of the library (in all lowercase).“
< ImagineZero0Gitt> Thanx anyways...
< jjb[m]> Glancing at <|>, the doc links are all coded by version. Any reason for not pushing users onto the stable version of the docs? e.g. `doc/mlpack-3.4.2` vs `doc/stable/`
< zoq> jjb[m]: No reason, I think would be a good idea to change that.
< jjb[m]> zoq are the interactive demos working? Hitting the “run” button doesn’t change the output.
< jjb[m]> Also, I’m assuming the editor component is built into `html/`?
< zoq> jjb[m]: ahh, the cert expired, let me fix that.
< jjb[m]> How are the environments loaded onto <>?
< jjb[m]> Is it just a docker file? We could add an example tab for R there as well.
< zoq> jjb[m]: fixed
< zoq> It's a docker yes, I think I have all the R packages installed, I can add an R tab.
< jjb[m]> Minor note: I think your examples on <|> are suffering from a similar issue.
< jjb[m]> That said, I’m really digging:
< zoq> Should I use the example from the quickstart -
< zoq> jjb[m]: Thanks for the info, I think you are right.
< jjb[m]> zoq sure! Though, it may be more advantageous to realign all the examples to being on the same topic. (C++ is Nearest Neighbor, Python is RF. Julia is PCA,Go is RF, CLI is RF)
< zoq> jjb[m]: You mean having the same example for each binding?
< jjb[m]> zoq yup!
< zoq> sounds reasonable
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