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<shorne> I didn't realize dev_info doesn't work at all unless I enabled CONFIG_DYNAMIC_DEBUG. Now I need to learn how to turn things on with dyndbg=
<shorne> mine looks the same...
<shorne> clocks {
<shorne> sys_clk: litex_sys_clk {
<shorne> clock-frequency = <100000000>;
<shorne> #clock-cells = <0>;
<shorne> compatible = "fixed-clock";
<shorne> };
<shorne> };
<shorne> maybe I need to enabled the fixed-clock module COMMON_CLK
<shorne> OpenRISC has an internal clock though, but maybe this is ok
<shorne> it doesn't seem to help but it does confirm my suspision that it was the clock changes
<somlo> shorne, so what happens when your litex_mmc_probe() hits this spot: https://github.com/litex-hub/linux/blob/litex-rebase/drivers/mmc/host/litex_mmc.c#L553 ?
<somlo> it's just another way to read the clock frequency from DTS (instead of looking up the CPU clock, which I was -- rightfully, IMHO -- told is super hacky and not generalizable) ?
<somlo> s/the clock frequency/*a* clock frequency/
<shorne> Do you know how to get the dev_info, dev_* print statements to print?
<shorne> bootargs = "console=liteuart earlycon=liteuart,0xe0006800 rootwait root=/dev/mmcblk0p3 debug initcall_debug dyndbg=\"file dd.c +p\" dyndbg.verbose=3";
<shorne> I was trying to do ... dyndbg="file litex-mmc.c +p"... maybe it should be litex-mmc.dyndbg="+p"?
<somlo> shorne: dev_err_probe() should complain about the clock regardless of debug level
<shorne> yeah, I am getting nothing
<somlo> and for the rest, I just add `pr_err()` or `pr_warn()` statements if I want to get it to print things while debugging -- low tech, but works :)
<shorne> [ 6.320000] calling mmc_blk_init+0x0/0x170 @ 1
<shorne> [ 6.320000] initcall mmc_blk_init+0x0/0x170 returned 0 after 3423 usecs
<shorne> [ 6.340000] bus: 'platform': __driver_probe_device: matched device e0005000.mmc with driver litex-mmc
<shorne> [ 6.330000] calling litex_mmc_driver_init+0x0/0x30 @ 1
<shorne> [ 6.340000] probe of e0005000.mmc returned -517 after 315 usecs
<shorne> [ 6.350000] platform e0005000.mmc: Added to deferred list
<shorne> [ 6.360000] initcall litex_mmc_driver_init+0x0/0x30 returned 0 after 22269 usecs
<shorne> the dev_info statement I added to probe doesn't print
<shorne> the above probe statements are printed because I added dyndbg=\"file dd.c +p\"
<somlo> go for pr_warn(), that one's less conditional on a crap-ton of policy...
<shorne> Ill just to go lo tech
<somlo> 517 is EPROBE_DEFER
<somlo> be interesting to confirm/deny it's from PTR_ERR(clk) or somewhere else...
<shorne> I think somewhere else, I added printk's and it never gets to if (IS_ERR(clk)) it looks like
<somlo> the only other spot it could be then is devm_add_action_or_reset()
<somlo> that's the only callee-generated return error code before devm_clk_get()
<somlo> but devm_add_action (which is the thing doing the work) never returns anything other than ENOMEM or 0 (in drivers/base/devres.c)
<somlo> can you get a pr_warn("got here\n") at the beginning of the probe, right before mmc_alloc_host() ?
<somlo> I think terminating with \n is important too, otherwise things don't get flushed out to the terminal reliably (distant foggy memory of me banging my head against the wall wondering where my debug printouts went, and why they're not happening when they ought to)
<shorne> now some more logs
<shorne> [ 10.010000] bus: 'platform': __driver_probe_device: matched device e0005000.mmc with driver litex-mmc
<shorne> [ 10.020000] platform e0005000.mmc: error -EPROBE_DEFER: wait for supplier litex_sys_clk
<shorne> [ 10.030000] probe of e0005000.mmc returned -517 after 8197 usecs
<shorne> [ 10.040000] platform e0005000.mmc: Added to deferred list
<shorne> [ 10.040000] initcall deferred_probe_initcall+0x0/0xb8 returned 0 after 83937 usecs
<somlo> ok, so it's from PTR_ERR(clk), as you suspected
<shorne> I think the platform probe framework is looking at the device tree and seeing the dependency and then deferring the probe before calling probe
<shorne> I could be wrong
<shorne> but need to figure out how to get this "generic" clock dependency satisfied in mor1kx
<somlo> now the question is why does it think it doesn't have the dependency satisfied, since there's clearly a clock in the DT
<somlo> and more mysteriously, why on earth does it work on litex+rocket (I hate not knowing why things do work) :D
<shorne> I think (guessing) its because this fixed-rate clock is part of the COMMON_CLK stuff. I think arch/openrisc does not support it
<shorne> maybe riscv / linux uses a generic clock modules. OpenRISC has a special clock
<somlo> then we need to find an alternative way to specify a dummy clock whose frequency we parse in litex_mmc_probe() that works everywhere
<somlo> and we thought searching for the CPU's clock frequency was a hack :)
<shorne> yeah, I need to go
<shorne> thanks for helping looking
<shorne> Ill look at this later
<somlo> hey, let me know if there's anything I can do to help -- I'll try to teach myself some more DT magic in the mean time
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<geertu> shorne: somlo: .probe() is not called if device links knows the clock referenced from the DT clocks property is not there.
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<Wolfvak> can't you enable COMMON_CLK in menuconfig? according to the Kconfig, the only condition for it not to appear is if HAVE_LEGACY_CLK is enabled, which it only is by some few old SoCs (arm, m68k, sh)
<a3f> geertu: in that case, shorne should be able to set fw_devlink=off and the probe should be entered, right?
<geertu> a3f: yep
<geertu> But the issue with of_match_ptr() suggests he does not have CONFIG_OF=y neither?
<somlo> geertu: what do you mean by "not there" (re mmc and referenced clock)? It's not *really* there on litex+rocket either, it's just a dummy entry whose frequency I need to parse...
<somlo> *dummy DTS entry, that is
<geertu> somlo: If the target clock referenced by the clocks property has not been instantiated yet.
<somlo> geertu: sorry for being thick here, but by my understanding of what you're saying it shouldn't have worked on litex+rocket or vexriscv either
<geertu> somlo: openrisc does not select COMMON_CLK
<somlo> oh, so that's a kernel .config thing, then
<geertu> With COMMON_CLK, drivers/clk/clk-fixed-rate.c:CLK_OF_DECLARE(fixed_clk, "fixed-clock", of_fixed_clk_setup) takes care of instantiating the fixed rate clock
<geertu> Actually Kconfig
<somlo> ok, that makes sense. So then we need a simpler, less dependency-encumbered way to specify a clock frequency for the mmc DT node
<geertu> IMHO OpenRISC should just switch to CCF, like all other modern architectures
<somlo> wondering what the sequencing of that vs. upstreamability of litex_mmc should be :)
<geertu> Then we no longer need things like
<geertu> anyOf:
<geertu> - required: [ clock-frequency ]
<geertu> - required: [ clocks ]
<geertu> in Documentation/devicetree/bindings/serial/8250.yaml
<geertu> Although it's probably too late to kill all of that, due to legacy ("real") OF on PPC etc.
<somlo> ah, so that's a hint for me (and/or shorne) to do something kludgy in the short term :D
<geertu> You could do like of_platform_serial_setup() for 16550. And repeat that for any future driver that uses clocks :-(
<geertu> shorne: just select COMMON_CLK and be happy?
<somlo> shorne: and if that won't be an option for you, let's chat about it on the LiteSDCard review thread on lkml -- if we're going to modify or add alternative ways to specify the sd_clock source in DT
<geertu> If you want to share drivers across architectures, you really want to use COMMON_CLK
<somlo> geertu: as it is right now, I should add `depends on COMMON_CLK` to the litesdcard Kconfig entry, though...
<geertu> somlo: I think so
<geertu> technically, depends on HAVE_CLK should do, as there are non-CCF clock implementations. But if you use OF and clocks, you must use CCF for clocks.
<geertu> (and OpenRISC uses OF, and currently no clocks)
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<shorne> geertu: selecting COMMON_CLK is not enough. I think because arch/openrisc does not call of_clk_init(NULL); and other things to support the common_clk framework.
<shorne> probably we would want: depends on ((PPC_MICROWATT || LITEX) && OF && COMMON_CLK) || COMPILE_TEST
<shorne> I will reply on the list, I am thinking I should just add support for common_clk to arch/openrisc
<somlo> shorne: how about "((PPC_MICROWATT || LITEX) && OF && HAVE_CLK) || COMPILE_TEST" ?
<somlo> I think COMMON_CLK is one of the ways to satisfy HAVE_CLK (per geertu, earlier)
<shorne> I see, it should work
<shorne> now I also see there is HAVE_LEGACY_CLK
<somlo> yeah, that I think would also satisfy HAVE_CLK
<somlo> I'll make this change and line it up for v12, but probably I'll wait for any more feedback (and for news on how enabling common_clk support works out for you eventually)
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<shorne> I got it to work
<somlo> \o/
<shorne> I did the common_clk init in arch/openrisc/kernel/time.c
<shorne> Ill reply on v11
<somlo> awesome!
<somlo> how about the BE memcpy_from_io() thing?
<somlo> i.e., is litex_mmc (v11 + depends_on HAVE_CLK) working OK on openrisc?
<shorne> it seems to just work the whole system boots and works
<shorne> any specific test case?
<somlo> ok, good to hear (I sort-of expected that after digging into the inner workings of memcpy_fromio)
<somlo> nothing fancy, if it even recognizes the card and you can ls on it, we should be good
<somlo> if it were scrambling the endianness of the 4x32-bit response register, we'd know :)
<shorne> yeah, thats what I figured, it works
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