_florent_ changed the topic of #litex to: LiteX FPGA SoC builder and Cores / Github : https://github.com/enjoy-digital, https://github.com/litex-hub / Logs: https://libera.irclog.whitequark.org/litex
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<Guest37> anyone feeling bored and wanting to help a newbie?
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<coreamunga> not a guest anymore...
<jevinskie[m]> Just ask what your question is coreamunga
<coreamunga> sure, trying to program a netfpga to act as an nmi button
<jevinskie[m]> Via pcie?
<coreamunga> yes
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<Abhishek_> I installed the OSS CAD Suite from Yosys and also LiteX from their respective git repos to try out Amaranth and LiteX. I feel there is significant overlap between their build systems and right now LiteX doesn't seem to be using Amaranth to the fullest (there are just 3 references in git while installing). Is there anyone else who has created an example to use both of them synergistically?
<Abhishek_> I have a Hackaday Supercon 2019 badge in case there's a question on the hardware I'm using
<Abhishek_> Nvm, I just saw https://github.com/enjoy-digital/litex/wiki/Migen-Amaranth - which is pretty recent stance of the topic
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<bl0x_> Hi, I'm trying to build litex with symbiflow for cmod_a7 and have made a couple PRs in litex and litex-boards.
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<_florent_> Abhishek_: Amaranth's build system is initially a re-implementation of Migen/LiteX's build system. This probably improve some aspects but does not necessarily justify a switch for several reasons 1) different approaches/choices have been made 2) It's easier for us to maintain our build system and make it evolve 3) some features we are using probably lacking. 4) etc... So there is some overlap as there can be in friendly
<_florent_> competitive projects.
<_florent_> bl0x_: Thanks for the PR, I'll probably look at this tomorrow
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<Abhishek_> _florent_: Thanks for your response, also thanks for LiteX too. I haven't been able to get to it personally yet to use it in FPGA designs (I'm a beginner when it comes to FPGAs) but you all have put in an impressive amount of effort to make this happen from the smallest to the biggest boards and I'm looking forward to first trying and then using it.
<cr1901> Amaranth has remote builds over SSH (disclaimer: I added that). That would be nice to have in LiteX, but I think it would require some rearchitecting on the litex build side
<cr1901> Tho it would be useful for me to have this precisely because I'm Not Installing Vivado On All My Machines
<leons> cr1901: I have a bash script doing that with rsync :)
<cr1901> Not what I had in mind...
<leons> Script really is the wrong word. More like 5 commands executed one after another…
<cr1901> (amaranth uses paramiko)
<cr1901> Unfortunately, paramiko is difficult to build, so I think it should be optional in the context of litex
<leons> That’s pretty cool. But isn’t the Vivado invocation just a single one-off `-mode batch -source $TCL` anyways?
<cr1901> Can't remember, tbh. Using Vivado to program your board certainly ain't (tho that's not remote probably :D).
<bl0x_> _florent_: thanks. How does one best debug, if lxterm does not work? Perhaps the default serial is not the one on the USB connector for the cmod a7?
<_florent_> bl0x_: you can redirect serial.tx to a known IO and probe it with a scope, sorry could help more if required tomorrow
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<bl0x_> It's fine, I was mainly asking for directions. Will have a look at the config and what exactly to expect. Thanks
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