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<jevinskie[m]> It’s a good idea though! The litex peripherals would probably be pretty simple to add to qemu
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<sajattack[m]> my friend wants to write some way of trapping ethernet on the litex board and forwarding it out to the host pc over pcie
<sajattack[m]> and same for storage
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<jevinskie[m]> A stream multiplexer would be cool to let you use *bone and Ethernet etc over one litepcie stream
<sajattack[m]> yeah
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<keesj> buildroot is pretty good (designed) to be able to cross compile. What is the reason to run it in qemu ?
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<jevinskie[m]> Anybody know how to keep quartus from optimizing away my signals? /* synthesize keep */ doesn’t work and the sdc constraints for the Ethernet clock nets fail (the port name would work but I don’t want to hack that)
<sajattack[m]> <keesj> "buildroot is pretty good (..." <- for me it would be to check if things are hardware bugs or software bugs
<sajattack[m]> also is there anything special about allocating heap memory in linux-litex? This rust code is segfaulting, and more complicated rust code is giving a malloc error
<tpb> Title: hastebin (at hastebin.com)
<jevinskie[m]> Does rust still do stack probing?
<sajattack[m]> maybe?
<sajattack[m]> dunno
<sajattack[m]> if I use a static str instead of a heap string it's totally fine
<jevinskie[m]> Unclear for riscv. https://github.com/rust-lang/rust/issues/43241 hmm then it’s likely not that
<jevinskie[m]> This is a Linux binary not bare metal?
<jevinskie[m]> Oh then that’s just weird =\
<sajattack[m]> yes it's std linux
<sajattack[m]> https://hastebin.com/sajifuqifa.yaml these are the errors if you think you can glean anything
<tpb> Title: hastebin (at hastebin.com)
<sajattack[m]> I'm just using -Zbuild-std flag on the riscv32gc-unknown-linux-gnu target
<jevinskie[m]> epc is program counter? 0x9 would seem to be a kernel addr no? Or is it a 3/1 GB split?
<jevinskie[m]> But the fault addr is page zero…
<jevinskie[m]> Google fu for cause 0xf is failing, I guess that needs some code spelunking and maybe riscv manual to decode -_-
<sorear> i think it is 3/1, look at the libc load address on the first line...
<jevinskie[m]> Good point!
<sorear> table 3.6, mcause values, "15 Store/AMO page fault"
<sorear> you've pretty clearly got a null pointer deref but without symbols it's hard to say more, do you have a working gdb
<jevinskie[m]> I’m glad we have a human encyclopedia here, thanks :)
<sajattack[m]> I tried to play with gdb the other day but it seems my gateware doesn't have the debug port compiled in?
<sajattack[m]> is there a litex flag to build that?
<sorear> you don't need a special gateware to run a native linux build of gdb *in* the riscv environment
<sajattack[m]> oh
<sajattack[m]> well I don't have that either
<sorear> you would need one for tethered debugging, but that's not very useful with linux
<sajattack[m]> is it easy to add gdb to the buildroot?
<sorear> if it isn't that should be fixed
<sajattack[m]> I only see binutils in the menuconfig
<sajattack[m]> I guess I'll try to cross-compile it
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<jevinskie[m]> Does buildroot binutils include gdb? Gdb source lives in the binutils git repo at least
<sajattack[m]> don't think so
<jevinskie[m]> crosstool-ng can build it for you easily :)
<sajattack[m]> ugh it's complaining because I don't have GMP for rv32
<sajattack[m]> guess I'll give crosstool a go
<sajattack[m]> I installed crosstool and ctl-ng menuconfig doesn't have a riscv option
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<sajattack[m]> gotta run and buy coffee filters before the coffee shop closes, I'll be back in under an hour probably
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<jevinskie[m]> Did you enable experimental targets? It might not yet be in the packaged version in your is
<sajattack[m]> thanks
<sajattack[m]> it's building now