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<mcrod> hi
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<bradd> I'm trying to relocate a x86_64_REX_GOTPCRELX. it implies there is a GOT somewhere, but when I objdump, I see no such table.. any ideas? (or even better would be to cause 'ld -r x.o y.o -o z.o' to not add this *REX* relocations?
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<gog> i cannot reproduce the authorization error
<gog> but people have work to do
* vdamewood authorizes gog a fishy
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* gog verifies fishy and accepts
<vdamewood> Good night
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<moon-child> chomp verification fishy
<gog> had to make sure the fishy had the trusted fishy module
<sham1> Is the fishy signed
<sham1> gog signing protocol
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<gog> this was an unsigned fishy but it's ok it's going to be sandboxed
<moon-child> unsigned long long fishy
<sakasama> Unsupported. fishy only uses C89 for ideological reasons.
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<Ermine> GOG_EFI_PROTICOL has been upgraded
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<Ermine> EFI_GOG_PROTOCOL.Pet(& gog);
<moon-child> that has approximately 1% the amount of boilerplate I would expect of an efi protocol
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<mcrod> hi
<moon-child> hi
<sham1> I wonder what is more boilerplate-y: EFI or Vulkan
<moon-child> it is definitely close
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<mcrod> i find bgfx really interesting
<mcrod> i wonder why people don't use it more
<mcrod> I guess maybe because if you're being generic, you lose fine-tuning precision and AAA games care about that of course
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<Ermine> Doing this in my makefile: https://paste.sr.ht/~ermine/642c438cf2ccd767fc1a3442d42addd503153bd1 . Somewhy BUILDDIR doesn't end in / after this
<bslsk05> ​paste.sr.ht: 642c438 — paste.sr.ht
<gog> Ermine: return EFI_PURR;
<sham1> What's the GUID of that one
<sortie> Ermine: Did you do make BUILDIR=foo or BUILDDIR=foo make?
<Ermine> sortie: first one
<gog> 42069420-4206-9420-6942069420
<sham1> Nice
<sortie> If you do make FOO=bar then FOO=bar no matter what, it overrides everything including reassignments and :=
<gog> i took too many inhaler puffs and i feel all jiggly now
<Ermine> Ah, so if I want to modify it, I need to use another variable. Thank you
<gog> inhaler + caffeine = oops all adrenaline
<mcrod> gog may I hug you
<gog> yes
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* mcrod hugs gog
* gog hug
<gog> yay i got two items done today
<gog> weather is beautiful tho i should leave
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<zid> gog: is that a CD key for furry island adventure
<gog> you would know
<zid> I.. wrote their keygen, or something?
<gog> idk
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<zid> I tried to day skip any% rta
<zid> but someone woke me up at 2pm
<gog> dang
<zid> now I have.. 7:30 until honzuki, fml
<gog> wanna do my job until then
<zid> yea go on then
<gog> sweet bye
<zid> *types furiously on three keyboards*
<gog> i only have two keyboards at my desk
<zid> I am doing your job, not you
<gog> sorry
<gog> i'll let you do your thing
<zid> Is it supposed to say "Database connection could not be established"
<zid> I tried pinging it but I think it's... gone?
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<gog> oops
<gog> it's fine
<zid> speaking of fines, we now have a few for international money-laundering.
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<gog> just call bjarni ben he'll sort us out
<gog> he knows all about getting away with finance crimes
<zid> where do you think I got the payments from
<gog> it's a setup
<gog> you're never supposed to particpate in his crimes, just take advice
<gog> good going
<gog> you've made a rube of us
<gog> a buffoon
<gog> an absolute fool
<zid> Anyway, time to go home, I'll take my hour of wages thanks
<gog> :|
<gog> you're fired
<zid> ooh severence pay too
<gog> yes
<gog> a day and a month of pay
<zid> when does the pizza place open
<zid> I've not had pizza in months, too pricey
<zid> tuesday, apparently, lame
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<zid> gog: Is your wage better or worse than 2600 ISK for a month and a day?
<gog> worse
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<zid> hrm, I can't get a pizza then
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<jimbzy> zid, nobody selling it by the slice?
<zid> nobody ever
<zid> that's a very very american thing
<jimbzy> It's a smart business thing. :P
<zid> not here it isn't
<zid> It means you have to run a pizza through an oven to produce a single slice
<jimbzy> Would you buy a slice?
<zid> no because it wouldn't meet delivery minimums
<zid> this is 2023, all food appears on your doorstep
<jimbzy> I never said it could solve all of life's problems.
<zid> pizza by the slice only works for busy high traffic places, I imagine
<gog> we have a lot of pizza by the slice places
<gog> also sbarro is big here
<gog> for whatever reason
<zid> local takeaways in very small business premises with just a kitchen and a counter and 2 parking spaces out front for delivery drivers to pick up orders is much more common here
<zid> They work to capacity and more sales isn't a thing they can really do, they want to sell larger orders, they can't handle more
<zid> the tables exist just for you to wait at, or collapse on while drunk
<jimbzy> Yeah that's how a lot of places are here, too.
<zid> They wouldn't have the room or real ability to sell things by the slice, there'd be a bunch of half-eaten pizzas needing space, and very few sales because it isn't really a concept here
<zid> lot of waste
<zid> and the ovens need to be busy busy
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<mjg> it is totes a concept over here
<mjg> they just have a bunch of pizzen ready
<mjg> and people keep buying the slices
<mjg> when visitingi n person that is
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<jimbzy> mjg, Yeah, plus you call sell "variety pies" with a few slices of different kinds.
<jimbzy> I could go for a massive wedge of Jersey-style right about now.
<jimbzy> The kind of slice that overhangs the plate by about 2-3"
<zid> if it ever catches on as a meme here I will let you know
<mjg> i think makes sense in that people are totally down to eat some pizza
<mjg> but they can't justify to themsleves eating the entire thing for lunch
<mjg> een if split between 2-3 people
<mjg> on the other hand they are totally going to grab a slice as a "snack"
<mjg> 's how pizza goes from party food to lunch
<jimbzy> mjg, Most gas stations here have little ovens and sell it, too.
<mjg> gas stations over here only do hot dogs
<mjg> and really barebone ones at that
<jimbzy> Hunts Brothers is popular, and I've seen a few places with Godfather's.
<jimbzy> Casey's has decent pizza, too.
<gog> sbarro
<jimbzy> I haven't seen that in the midwest, gog.
<zid> our petrol stations have.. subways inside
<gog> there are a few
<mjg> lol @ subway
<gog> they used to be colocated with arby's a lot in the midwest
<gog> idk about now
<jimbzy> Right on.
<gog> but yeah our petrol stations often have a subway ora bæjarins beztu pylsur
<gog> (hot dog)
<mjg> what 'bout STARBUCKS
<zid> I am eating hot dog
<zid> by which I mean random sausage in random bum
<gog> we don't have starbucks, we have té og kaffí
<mjg> liek no starbucks at all? it is plausible
<gog> sosig
<jimbzy> I get free pizza all the time while working. Free food in general.
<zid> we have starbucks but I've been.. once?
<mjg> from what i hear they are struggling big time in europe
<zid> my friend gets costa a lot
<mjg> skyhigh price for a mediocre product
<gog> starbucks is bad coffee anyway
<mjg> ^^^
<zid> It just seemed like... coffee, to me
<jimbzy> When the Pepsi guy shows up to fix the fountain during dinner rush everyone is grateful. ;)
<zid> I don't understand coffee snobbery *at all*
<mjg> they used to be a fake cool kid thing for a time in .pl
<zid> "ah yes, the bitter brown water" is as far as I go
<mjg> why snobbery
<zid> if you swapped it for slightly different tasting bitter brown water I woudln't notice or care
<jimbzy> Sosig
<mjg> godo for you mate
<mjg> meanwhile i tolerate some coffee and really dislike other
<mjg> it's not about some high brow shit either, in fact i like the meh stuff most :]
<jimbzy> I've never had starbucks.
<mjg> meh by snob criteria
<mjg> jimbzy: keep it that way
<jimbzy> I just can't bring myself to pay that much for coffee.
<zid> What's important to me is that someone's labour was exploited
<zid> the more exploitation the better it tastes
<mjg> besides i hear they are not even that coffee oriented nowadays either
<mjg> cookies, weird shakes with 1 metric ton of sugar
<gog> not liking starbucks coffee is hardly snobbery
<mjg> gog: it is a requirement in .eu innit
<gog> i buy the cheapest whole beans and french press em
<jimbzy> My favorite "to-go" is Dunkin Donuts. Dynamite in a cup.
<gog> mjg: i've been a starbucks hater for longer than i've been in .eu
<gog> also yes
<mjg> gog: you fit right in
<gog> dunkin dark roast
<mjg> no wonder you moved :S
<jimbzy> Yup haha
<zid> see if you're doing the work yourself there's less explotation so it probably tastes worse
<jimbzy> Taco Bell has some pretty good coffee, too.
<gog> mjg: they kept telling me "if you don't like america you should leave" so i did
<jimbzy> We fix those machines, too.
<mjg> gog: lmao
<mjg> screw america, for realzies
<zid> I don't like america, can it leave?
<jimbzy> We're not all bad.
<mjg> poorer eu counties fetishize it to a large extent
<jimbzy> Just like 80-90% of us.
<zid> I didn't say americans
<gog> you're good people jimbzy
<gog> <3
<zid> I don't like the concept of america, nor the execution
<jimbzy> I try to be.
<mjg> money laying on the ground man, you only have to pick it up
<jimbzy> And ty.
<jimbzy> I don't consider myself to be American. I have a hard enough time being human.
<gog> same
<mjg> are you al izard person?
<jimbzy> Those lines on the map mean nothing to me.
<jimbzy> I got into a debate with a coworker about this who's always saying, "God Bless Amurica!" I was like, do you think JC would really care about our geopolitical boundries? :p
<mjg> mate you cross the north invisible line and suddenly all the people have heads which split in two
<mjg> when they talk
<jimbzy> mjg, I'm a meat popsicle.
<GeDaMo> Nice hat
<zid> phrasiology like that only exists as part of the red scare propaganda anyway as far as I know
<gog> istg i don't go one day in my life without at least one fifth element reference
<gog> typically "CHICKEN! GOOD!"
<mjg> huh
<mjg> that'sa movie i had seen only once as a kid
<jimbzy> Big bada boom?
<gog> big boom big bada boom
<mjg> i know mcclane is the co-lead
<GeDaMo> Are we green?
<jimbzy> Hah
<jimbzy> Zzzzz
<jimbzy> 5th Element and Demolition Man.
<jimbzy> I woke up around 3am this morning and ate half a head of lettuce... Wtf is wrong with me>
<zid> You're turning into a rabbit
<jimbzy> Seriously. I just cut the head in half, rinsed it off, and ate it.
<zid> leporination drugs in the water
<zid> makes a change from carcinizing I guess
<jimbzy> I think I was a bit dehydrated from yesterday.
<mjg> drink PRIME
<jimbzy> Prime?
<gog> GeDaMo: super green
<gog> jimbzy: energy drink in .eu
<mjg> disclaimer: don't think PRIME
<jimbzy> Oh. Nah, I don't drink a lot of that stuff when I'm not working.
<jimbzy> I have to sample it for my job, but I keep a jug of water in my van and drink water when I'm home.
<puck> the refreshing taste of having a secondary gpu used as render offload,
<mjg> jimbzy: fwiw i used to drink pepsi and mountian dew a lot as a young lad
<mjg> jimbzy: ditched that shit
<mjg> jimbzy: life is better
<mjg> pro tip right here
<jimbzy> Yeah. I'm actually thinking about leaving PepsiCo because it's just not good for us.
<jimbzy> That, and the amount of energy our equipment wastes across the world.
<zid> and you're sick of hearing "Is pepsi okay?" "No"
<jimbzy> I mean, the ice-burn alone on our fountains is staggering just to keep a carbonated beverage cold when it dispenses.
* mjg burps
<mjg> quitting that shite cold turkey was very easy, but also kind of accidental
<mjg> i bought a bottle and it was clearly stored next to detergents in the magazine
<jimbzy> zid, Yeah. I didn't think it would bother me, but it does. The pay and benefits are great, but it just seems wrong morally.
<mjg> it smelled like a fabric softener
<mjg> and that was it :]
<zid> I vote you get a job at dr pepper
<zid> and supply me with free samples
<jimbzy> They're the Bastards of the Soda Industry.
<sham1> Dr. Pepper‽
<mjg> the bastarda are prime mate
<jimbzy> They're in bed with Pepsi and Coca-Cola hehe
<sham1> zid: wait, you drink that crud?
<zid> dr pepper is the one true liquid
<zid> need a solvent? dr pepper. Need a drink? Dr pepper. Need to wash something? Dr Pepper
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<sham1> I get annoyed when Pepsi wants to push things like cherry. I don't like Dr. Pepper, what makes you think I like cherry Pepsi Max, PepsiCo‽
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<zid> I think all 'max' 'zero' and 'diet' formulations are absolutely fucking disgusting, personally
<jimbzy> It's all Zero now.
<puck> i got a free 150ml can of coke zero at the train station recently
<puck> ..it had 15 cents of bottle return on it!
<jimbzy> I've spent a good deal of the last couple of months changing out Zero for Diet.
<zid> did you throw it back at them
<jimbzy> Then there's the whole, "Starrrry" crap.
<zid> They keep cutting the sugar out of the regular shit too, fucking uk regs
<sham1> I've gotten too used to the taste of Pepsi Max. Can't drink the "regular" because it's too sweet
<GeDaMo> I like sugar :|
<jimbzy> It's all HFCS here.
<sham1> The sweet, sweet taste of aspartame
<zid> I'm not an obese blob monster, but SOME people can't control themselves, so I can't have drinks that tastenice
<zid> rude
<gog> i like pepsi max lime
<gog> coke zero lime when i can find it
<jimbzy> Another bad part of my job is that I spend a lot of time in kitchens and it has turned me off to restaurants.
<gog> but they don't stock it at the store i go to
<mjg> jimbzy: dafaq you do as a dayjob
<jimbzy> I'm a equipment tech for Pepsico
<mjg> :[
<jimbzy> I repair fountains, vending machines and visicoolers mostly.
<jimbzy> We also repair coffee makers, tea urns and frozen beverage dispensers.
<mjg> that is *not* service for humanity
<zid> Disregard biological processes, ascend to the wired
<zid> *transformer hum*
<jimbzy> Yep.
<jimbzy> I'm looking for something else as we speak.
<mjg> reminds me of a video i watched about agencies monetizing tiktok content
<mjg> woman roughly outlines how they help creators get views and sponsorship 'n shit
<jimbzy> I mean, I love working on the machinery, but it bothers me what it's doing to our society.
<mjg> but also says she does not let her kids watch any of this :D
<jimbzy> Vending machines are my favorite.
<gog> jimbzy: would you like a job in the exciting tourism industry of iceland
<jimbzy> Not really. I'm kinda sick of dealing with people.
<gog> fair
<mjg> is this what you do gogz
<gog> this time of year you'd be dealing with americans who are confused as to why they can't pay in dollars
<jimbzy> My machines don't give me any crap ;)
<mjg> they probably give you spare change
<gog> mjg: yes
<gog> but thankfully i don't do customer service anymore
<mjg> loller
<jimbzy> mjg, Talking about the tourists or the vending machines?
<mjg> both
<jimbzy> Vendors, no. Everything is recorded and uploaded electronically to corporate. They know how much money is in the machine, how much product, and how many sales between stocking.
<jimbzy> If it doesn't add up, you get fired.
<jimbzy> I even have to leave a not in the money box when I do test vends using coins and bills from the machine.
<jimbzy> note
<gog> heh
<gog> we had an oops with one of our payment processors and we're missing some money but nobody is gonna get fired about it
<zid> "Thanks for the drinks, moron. Bwahahaha. Signed, the Pepsi Plunderer."
<gog> also this oops was not my fault
<gog> i wasn't anywhere near the code that caused it
<jimbzy> zid, You should see what people will do to a vending machine to try and rob them.
<sham1> How do I deal with the situation where a bottle gets stuck in a machine
<zid> I'd just pick the lock, they always looked really shabby
<jimbzy> I mean, it's not a terrible idea because they usually have around $100 in change and the bill magazines can hold up to $200.
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<jimbzy> sham1, Gotta let the proprietor know, and then they have to settle with their delivery driver.
<zid> oh no I'm not a thief though
<zid> i'd just grab the stuck thing
<sham1> I've tended to just buy a second bottle which has managed to get the bottle down
<sham1> And then I've had two things
<jimbzy> zid, Most of the new ones have electronic locks that require a fob.
<zid> neat
<zid> all the ones I've ever seen a tech at just opened with a cheap tubuluar lock
<zid> I've not messed with a vending machine in years and years though
<jimbzy> Those are easier.
<jimbzy> I've had to drill a few because the customer lost their key.
<jimbzy> I have a set of keys for all our managed ones, but the customer-managed ones have their own keys.
<mjg> ther eis no magic service key?
<jimbzy> And by "set of keys" I mean a huge jailer-style ring.
<mjg> and is it problematic to pick these suckers anyway?
<jimbzy> The cylinder keys are damn near impossible, and it's easier just to drill and replace.
<jimbzy> The old stackers usually have a puck-style pad lock.
<gog> lockpicking lawyer can do it
<zid> it's actually really really easy to pick a tubulur lock with a tubular lockpick
<zid> you literally just wiggle it
<zid> and it makes its own key
<jimbzy> Not for our locks.
<zid> they're not magic
<jimbzy> I can't explain exactly why (trade secret), but they're different than most of the ones on the market.
<jimbzy> I know what you're saying, though.
<jimbzy> The first guy I ever worked for was a locksmith before he started his own business. He gave me all his stuff and I had duplicators, combination lock serial-code books and all that stuff.
<zid> They all say that :P
<jimbzy> Yeah, there ain't nothing fool proof.
<gog> meow
<jimbzy> Locks keep the honest thieves out. ;)
<gog> i don't own anything particularly valuable anyway
<zid> oh that's cute, the pins have little notches cut into them
<zid> so you have to rotate the pin correctly too
<zid> (amazing what you can find with 2 mins of google searching)
<jimbzy> Didn't hear it from me. ;)
<gog> zid: yeah picking tube-pin locks you actually have to pick them n+1 times where n is the pin count
<jimbzy> gog, Right? I feel sorry for the poor SOB that burgles my place.
<gog> or you could use a bumping device but serrated and spool pins are also usable in them and will resist being bumped
<zid> I bet you could still rake this open, it'd just take a while
<jimbzy> That's the point. Just make it difficult enough to deter your average thief.
<zid> haha, this guy is saying that if makes rakes for them out of credit cards
<zid> they tend to just be rotated correctly anyway because of the last time they were opened
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<jimbzy> Usually they'll back up to them with a truck and haul them to a remote area where they open them up.
<zid> so he just very carefully files the credit card so that the pins don't spin
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<sortie> Ah the glamorous osdev life where you merge the graphical user interface and then beautiful popstars run into your arms
<sham1> Poptarts?
<GeDaMo> Poptarts with legs? :|
<sortie> Yes first you port the poptart nyan cat and then the next step is to make the popstars go wild
<sortie> Just swap the two letters and boom universe exploit
<heat> does dua lipa like flamegraphs
<zid> is dua lipa that porn star
<heat> no
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<sham1> aw
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<zid> 3 hour until honzuki alert
<bslsk05> ​www.jookia.org: nopl - JookWiki
<zid> ah yea I remember this saa
<zid> saga
<zid> what march and mtune and shit actually mean
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<gog> hi
<bnchs> hi
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<sham1> hi
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<gog> hi
<gog> what's up
<gog> how are you
<gog> tell me about your day
<zid> This is your ONE HOUR warning gog.
<gog> for what
<zid> book
<gog> oh honzuki
<gog> cool
<zid> bookbookbook
<sortie> Rosalía threw water in my face and asked how to say what's up in danish
<zid> is that a someone
<gog> hvad sagir du
<gog> or smth
<zid> rødgrød med fløde
<heat> memory managaemtn
<zid> heat what's the portugese shibboleth
<heat> i dont know
<heat> what's a shibboleth
<zid> very loosely, a belief/princple/etc shared by a group of people
<zid> but in this context it means a thing you'd use in a war to determine if someone is a spy
<zid> by making them say something really hard to pronounce that a non-native can't do
<GeDaMo> I thought that was an Irish stick :|
<heat> i don't know
<zid> squirrel is a good english one
<zid> GeDaMo: that's a shilleliagaugh
<GeDaMo> Or a Lovecraftian monster :|
<zid> that's a sh'illal'au'aigoboleth
<zid> (shoggoth)
<zid> oh
<zid> I used the irish spelling
<heat> portuguese may be a shibboleth altogether
<GeDaMo> How is 'squirrel' difficult to pronounce?
<zid> ask a german
<heat> i can still tell something's up even with like eastern european immigrants that have been here for 20+ years
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<zid> squiddle
<heat> pronounce qemu
<zid> okay I did it
<heat> keymu? or are you weird
<zid> how do you even get keymu
<heat> by not saying queue-emu
<zid> oh you just transcribed it funny
<zid> IPA me
<GeDaMo> kwem-yoo
<zid> qwemyu is pretty fair
<heat> i can't send indian pale ale over IRC
<heat> and i don't know weird-linguistics-people-gibberish
<zid> I like linguistics people gibberish it's fu nny
<zid> saɪˈkɒlədʒi
<zid> guess what that is heat
<heat> satanic ritual?
<zid> silly billy
<zid> It's an ɪgˈzæmpəl of an american saying psychology
<heat> i love igzaempels
<mjg> have you tried updating your windows heat
<heat> it's all updated mate
<mjg> not to be confused with upgrading to 11
<heat> it's all updated AND windoze 11
<mjg> dtrace is able to get backtraces on my magic laptop
<mjg> wut
<mjg> welp
<zid> did you fix your gpt
<zid> nvram
<zid> vars
<mjg> so have you tried the other way of getting fgs/
<heat> mjg: i think i'm just missing symbols
<heat> and have skipped the _NT_SYMBOL_PATH shit or did it poorly
<mjg> #irregardlezz you can still test basic scalability
<heat> zid: nop
<heat> e
<mjg> you can use heat-will-it-scale for that
<heat> i hope you understand this is kind of a futile effort
<mjg> :S
<mjg> dude i'm just fscking around here, if you can't be arsed to do it then don't
<heat> the first problem is that it's a PITA to shut windows defender up
<heat> as in, almost impossible
<zid> defender is easy
<zid> it's the updates that are hard
<heat> i mean "making it not work"
<heat> not suppressing notifs
<mjg> that's the sucker which kills vfs?
<heat> yeah
<mjg> :sadface:
<heat> the other PITA is that this isn't an apples to apples comparison because UNIX libc wrappers are very tiny and basically just do a syscall()
<heat> whereas in windows you go thru like 3 different DLLs before a proper syscall
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<mjg> i thought these are 0 cost dlls
<zid> to be fair, you mainly go through one
<heat> the fuck is a 0 cost DLL
<zid> as long as it's a system dll
<heat> are you on the C++ kool aid
<zid> kernel32.dll is always mapped and does most of the good ones
<zid> user32 and winmm and gdi and a couple of others have 99% of the rest
<mjg> heat: nothin, a random jab at 0 cost abstractions
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<mcrod> yes
<mcrod> a random jab at zero cost abstractions is warranted
<mcrod> I have a friend who I showed that gcc completely shits the bed on a simple std::function case
<mcrod> "i will still use it shamelessly"
* mcrod cries
<mcrod> the sad reality is though, there are some useful features of C++ that I wish made it to C
<mcrod> but it will never happen, and it ought not to.
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<zid> good news, you can just implement the bits you want
<zid> and do std_function instead of std::function
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<mcrod> yes yes I know
<mcrod> but 99% of people don't do that
<mcrod> meet a C++ developer? chances are they use absolutely everything from the STL
<zid> sometimes they run out of stuff and use boost as well
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<sakasama> Most C++ devs I've known only use certain parts of the language, and often much of what they do use doesn't overlap between developers.
<sham1> You simply can't use all of C++ in a feasible way
<sham1> It's too big
<sakasama> The standard containers are thoroughly mediocre too, so other libs will likely be pulled in for those.
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<heat>   the standard containers are okay
<heat> not good not bad
<Ermine> /me boosts sham1
* sham1 prr
<Ermine> hm
<heat> boost is unironically the worst part of C++
* Ermine old fart mode on
<mcrod> frankly, if I was in a hurry to ship something
<mcrod> if I had to pull boost, I would vomit, but I would
<Ermine> C++ is unironically the worst part of C++
<mcrod> I would pull whatever I could to get the job done
<mcrod> because money
* Ermine old fart mode off
<heat> zid: kernel32.dll shit goes into ntdll.dll right?
<sham1> Now, I'm only a hobbyist when it comes to C++ but there have been times where I've needed Boost and I've just reimplemented whatever I've needed, like intrusive lists, because I don't want to include boost in the project. I don't want to increase the compile times by 5 billion years
<heat> like OpenFile calls NtOpenFile
<mcrod> i've heard of intrusive stuff
<mcrod> last time I saw that it was reading over EASTL
<mcrod> give me the rundown
<Ermine> heat: Nt* apis are not considered stable
<heat> struct A {list_node node; int data;}
<Ermine> (afaik)
<heat> doesn't matter
<sham1> So basically, instead of the container "owning" the data and managing it, the data itself knows it's a part of a chain
<heat> you'll still call them indirectly
<mcrod> ah
<heat> anything non-intrusive sucks anyway
<sham1> Like heat just showed. In some sense the data itself manages its own membership in the list
<sham1> The last thing I did with it was a cross-thread event queue, multiple-producer single-consumer
<sham1> And having the events be in an intrusive list made it quite nice
<sham1> And yeah, didn't want Boost just for that, since I had my own event loop and such as well
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<gog> when the intrusive lists kick in
<sham1> When the boost finally kicks in
<heat> extrusive shit just ends up with stereotypically shit allocation patterns
<heat> many allocations, all of them small
<sham1> This is why you collect your garbage
<heat> a well known C++ stereotype
* gog collects garbage
* heat gets collected
<gog> no
<gog> you are not garbage
<gog> stop that
<heat> no
<gog> no
<heat> make me
<sham1> I have a reference on you
<gog> heat
<gog> stop
<sham1> Can't be collected
<heat> gog
<heat> continue
<gog> not yet but i hope so
<mcrod> god DAMMIT
<heat> >Callers of ZwCreateFile must be running at IRQL = PASSIVE_LEVEL.
<mcrod> why the fuck is lld not in PATH on macos using homebrew
<mcrod> fuck! fuck fuck!
<gog> mcrod just put it in yoru path it's fine
<mcrod> it's just a bit annoying
<gog> you're doing osdev
<gog> everything about osdev is annoying and a waste of time
<mjg> osdev is shite, speedrunning dead games is where it's at
<mcrod> no I'm not doing osdev
<mcrod> not yet
<mjg> if it ends with dev, it sucks
<gog> pessimal
<mcrod> I've had the nasty habit of saying what I'm doing and not finishing it, mentally equating talking about it to finishing it
<mcrod> so I won't say what it is
<mcrod> you understand
<mcrod> right? right??
<gog> then i'm doing the dishes right now
<gog> (i'm not)
<mcrod> hah
<gog> i also just painted my nails
<gog> so i'm even less doing them
<heat> mjg lets go come play csgo
<mjg> somunds like a PESSIMAL rder?
<heat> it's in your eastern european genes
<mjg> did you just call me a bitch
<mjg> real men from the eastern europe play quek
<heat> if you started playing cs some years ago you'd be OPTIMAL
<zid> Those are the lyrics to CS
<sham1> zid: gib aqp
<sham1> Awp
<zid> ay vee pee
<mjg> cs is for people who have difficulty grasping SPEED
<heat> KURWA MAC
<mjg> idi na hui
<zid> MAC-10?
<sham1> It doesn't have rocket jumps
<heat> message authentication code
<sham1> 0/10
<gog> osdev
<heat> sham1: aktushally it does have rocket jumps-ish in danger zone
<sham1> osdev is pessimal
<bslsk05> ​'e1m1 ER 0:19' by jukebox (00:00:23)
<zid> gog: good news, the one we left at home for the last novel, did not infact, blow up the entire duchy.
<mjg> og SPEED mofo
<bslsk05> ​'CSS : phoon too much for zblock [FULL HD] bunnyhop fragmovie' by eBATEY (00:09:59)
<heat> og SPEED mofo
<zid> *hums the music*
<gog> that looks boring
<gog> video games suck
<zid> cs is pretty boring unless you're stomping other people
<zid> wait at site for 5 mins and someone peeks and oneshots you in 200ms
<heat> no
<heat> that's the fun of it
<heat> the unrelenting tension
<sham1> If I want tension I'll just play an RTS
<heat> CRINGE
<sham1> no u
<zid> honestly I think doing trick jump stuff is probably the best part of cs
<heat> movement is fun yeah
<zid> or just nailing bots with an AK for 30 mins when you're waiting for a bus
<heat> but doing point-and-click on the opponents
<mjg> i don't know what cs /really/ is abut
<mjg> and i'm not willing to trust genz take on it
<sham1> Terrorists blow up thing. Counter-terrorists try to stop blowing up thing
<heat> i have great takes
<heat> and great memes, ask gog
<gog> they're alright
<heat> weesa in big doodoo this time
<sham1> You get money if you kill people or plant the explosives as a terrorist, etc. You buy weapons to snowball
<zid> admin he's doing it sideways
<sham1> heat: okay Jar-Jar
<mjg> mate that's a level of explanatin to the following: in quake you pick up waepons and shoot peolpe
<mjg> technically true but not what i asked
<bslsk05> ​'Some More Frags by Twister Quake Live 60fps' by LiveQL (00:05:07)
<zid> quake live 1v1s are cool as fuck to watch
<zid> I love that rapha annotated quakecon win
<heat> mjg wtf are you asking
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<mjg> zid: he has more
<mjg> heat: what the strategy is in the game
<mjg> zid: i think he has an archived commentary on twitch
<heat> mjg: depends on the map mate
<mjg> zid: also i think you mean iem, not quekcon ;)
<heat> but the general gist of it is CTs go 2b 2a 1 mid, Ts usually either play the map ("play for picks", aka attempt to kill someone to cause an imbalance and then the game gets way deeper) or rush a site (RUSH B CYKAAAAAAAA)
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<heat> and ofc you have utility that lets you get into sites or flush people out of positions, it's also pretty important
<mjg> so when you rush b, do you even bunny hop?
<zid> If you play pugs it will 100% be 'rush x no stop' where x is A or B at some probability :p
<mjg> is there anything special baout b?
<heat> realistically in csgo you can only do like 2-3 bunnyhops
<mjg> i had seen it memed big time
<heat> B tends to be the simpler, rushier site
<heat> whereas A has a lot more options and is a lot more complex
<heat> common maps have B as a single entrance single exit kind of thing
<heat> ofc a whole other axis of strategy revolves around the economy, cuz you need the moneyz 2 buy da gunz
<sham1> > implying you see a map other than de_dust2
<zid> specifically: you can bhop as much as you like, but without the bhop server settings you won't gain speed from it reliably
<sham1> Although Valve has also changed dust2 which is HERESY
<zid> dust2 is a shit map
<heat> sham1 dust2 is old news
<heat> it's all mirage nowadays
<zid> yea I played most of my cs on mirage
<heat> which i much prefer
<sham1> Yeah, because they changed dust2
<zid> dust2 is shit
<sham1> Always has been
<mjg> is cs played competitively with bhops?
<heat> no
<mjg> :sadface:
<sham1> Sadly no. No speed allowed
<heat> like once in a blue moon you see someone do a bhop to get a bit more speed
<zid> I could bhop semi-reliably on servers last time I played
<mjg> i guess bhops don't let you camp faster
<mjg> :A
<zid> many years ago
<heat> but it's not a phoon too much for zlock kind of thing
<zid> but you wouldn't infinitely gain speed, because the frame window got smaller and smaller the faster you went
<zid> so you could do like, avg 200 speed instead of avg 180 speed or whatever, over a big string of hops
<zid> because you'd get to 220 then drop back to 180 a bunch
<sham1> The last time I played CS:GO was back when it was still pay-to-play
<heat> if you get 2 bhops in a row and that actually gets you to gain more speed you can get to the contact point faster, which is good, particularly as an awper
<zid> the bhop servers just make it so you have a bunch of frames off any jump to maintain a bhop
<heat> but bhop, strafing etc isn't as good as it seems because you go around the place a whole lot more instead of going in a straight line at a stable 250u/s
<zid> or hold space to autohop
<sham1> Well, I haven't played it other than for surf maps
<heat> cringe
<heat> pessimal use of your csgo playtime
<mjg> OH
<sham1> Wot? Surf maps are great
<zid> i got to double ak or something from never having played cs before ever
<mjg> have you heard what defrag is
<zid> which was a good bit of fun
<heat> surf is good, but the actual game is better
<mjg> i had seen surfing videos, looks fun
<zid> but I hated literally everybody I ever played with, so I never bothered to play with a team or learn how to play with one
<zid> comp cs v. different
<mjg> dude it is the fundamental law of the universe
<mjg> that your teammates suck
<zid> longjump is fucking impossible btw
<zid> anyone who can do that shit is a wizard
<sham1> Can't really play the real game. Because my answer to the question "do you speak Russian" is "no"
<mjg> sham1: "blyat"
<mjg> "govno karta"
<mjg> there
<mjg> you got conversational russian
<sham1> Same with Dota, which is also why I never got into that either
<heat> pizdec
<zid> heat what is your longjump record
<mcrod> i was a big league of legends player for a while on the moba train
<mcrod> what a waste of time
<heat> idk i did it like once some 6 years ago
<sham1> I assume the latter means something like "shit map"
<zid> I mean, same
<zid> I was just going to add 5 to what you said
<gog> hi
<gog> i'm osdev
<sham1> hi
<zid> I am gog
<sham1> Osdev is a gaming channel now
<heat> i wasn't very good at surfing cuz i don't have a fast sens and i didn't want to change it for surf specifically
<sham1> Port CS:GO to Onyx when
<mcrod> i've never played csgo
<heat> i'll need wine and a linux personality
<zid> yea surf I can do as long as the map isn't a big ring with a constant turn factor :P
<mcrod> I refuse
<zid> I can do straight lines with wiggles
<mcrod> i don't want to hear cyka blyat every 2 seconds
<sham1> Yeah
<heat> that's super overblown
<zid> (it's not)
<heat> it is
<gog> cyka blyat
<zid> (90% of my teammates were russian when I played_)
<mcrod> i'm older than you. i've seen things you wouldn't believe.
<zid> )))
<heat> and as soon as you get friends to queue with you, you'll never have any teammate issues
* mcrod ages rapidly
<mjg> i had seen a russian speaking english
<mjg> what now
<mcrod> attack ships off the shoulder of orion...
<mjg> IN A GAME
<mcrod> i watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the tannhauser gate
<mcrod> all those moments will be lost in time like... tears... in rain.
<mjg> here is the real q: do androids dream of electric sheep?
<sham1> Run with some blades
<sham1> That might help
<heat> no, they dream of iOS
<mjg> its a fucking book genz, not that i recommend it
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<mjg> on this opsitive note i'm heading off
<mjg> cheerz
<sham1> Blade runner really is a strange name for that adaptation
<heat> finally, a positive note
<zid> Welsh androids dream of fucking sheep
<bnchs> islamic androids kill sheeps
<mcrod> i'm actually kinda impressed at how fast my mac can build clang
<zid> how fast
<mcrod> without LTO, about 20-25 minutes
<zid> notbadnotbad
<mcrod> it was enough time for me to beat elden ring just now
<heat> ok now do it with ds1
<zid> or sekiro
<mcrod> no ds1 is pain and I've never finished it
<zid> I like sekiro a lot
<mcrod> I hate ds1
<zid> people seem to have skipped out on it a lot
<mcrod> ds2, ds3, elden ring, all fine
<heat> ds1 vs llvm speedrun
<zid> but sekiro is really really good
<zid> I can get to anno london in an hour I bet
<zid> quicker if I do senn's skip ofc
<heat> WR is like 20-something minutes for ANY% warp right?
<zid> 20:50
<heat> great!
<zid> 19:20 for remastered
<heat> if you do it on your mac you can even hog a core and make LLVM compile slower!
<mcrod> also, if any of you play elden ring
<zid> I don't own an expensive enough graphics card
<zid> to own elden ring
<zid> I'll just play ds1 and sekiro forever and ever
<mcrod> i have a 3090ti@4K and I can't turn on ray tracing without stalls
<heat> oh look at you
<zid> ER runs like ass on PC is all I know
<heat> mr fancy gpu
<mcrod> oh shut up heat
<mcrod> :(
<heat> i have a fucked up laptop from 2018
<zid> needs like a 1080 ti visually but needs a 4090 realistically
<heat> 1v1 me
<zid> noww is 37:43, dang
<zid> and 36:21 for remaster
<zid> all bosses sat at 1:00:34, gutted
<zid> Randomly got recommended a video of a mathemagician doing an american math SAT, he keeps busting out the quadratic formula to solve them. Bro, it's multiple choice, just plug the value in :p
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<gog> hi
<bnchs> hi gog
<gog> hi osdev
<zid> hog
* vdamewood gives gog a fishy
<jimbzy> That's pretty funny about the quadratic equations, zid.
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