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<zedtwitz> hai!
<whitequark> hi
<zedtwitz> i'm learning nmigen for the first time now
<zedtwitz> thank you for sharing it!
<whitequark> happy to help!
<zedtwitz> a few years ago i remember fun conversations with gatecat on the eevb fora :)
<zedtwitz> accounts long since gone, but very cool to see everyone move forward in time
<zedtwitz> finally came to the realization that i'm too lazy to write good verilog
<whitequark> life's too short for that
<zedtwitz> exactly
<zedtwitz> i think the last time i did fpga things was when gnarlygrey's upduino was the latest hotness
<zedtwitz> followed for me by a few years of being bamboozled by vivado
<zedtwitz> just to clarify the readme, nmigen can target the xilinx 7-series, right?
<whitequark> yes
<zedtwitz> ty
<zedtwitz> offtopic: do you know if any of your works have been to space?
<whitequark> i don't specifically know
<zedtwitz> it probably has, then
<whitequark> i would be unsurprised
<whitequark> it also depends on how you define "my work"
<zedtwitz> well, i define it as widely as is comprehensible
<whitequark> i have a single commit in bluez. that was used in android for a while, i'm sure that traveled around more than a bit
<zedtwitz> there must have been lots of androids in space
<zedtwitz> i sent a little piece of art to space once; it was oddly a very unremarkable experience
<whitequark> things like that tend to be unremarkable
<zedtwitz> not a lot of ceremony; just "drop your sticker in this bucket, we'll launch it to the ISS and put it in this other bucket in a few months"
<whitequark> the gravity they hold is, really, just how you weigh them
<whitequark> i don't know who was the first person to use nMigen to make an ASIC
<whitequark> i just know it's been done
<zedtwitz> who will be the first to connect neurons to logic generated by nMigen?
<whitequark> no idea
<whitequark> it'll probably be some auxiliary piece of hardware, widely spread because of its utility
<whitequark> i mean, i won't be surprised if someone uses nMigen specifically for neurophysiology research, but the other scenario is just going to ambiently happen at one point even if no one cares directly
<zedtwitz> i guess if any kind of HID uses it then that counts
<zedtwitz> did the math (tm) and the energy to put a little slip of paper / sticker in orbit is only the equivalent of a couple french fries
<whitequark> oh, that was me then, back when i synthesized the first blinky
<zedtwitz> solved!
<zedtwitz> optoelectronic gateware
<zedtwitz> er that's not it
<zedtwitz> so this reminds me of vhdl
<zedtwitz> the __init__() and elaborate() distinction, i guess
<zedtwitz> entity and architecture
<zedtwitz> probably not the same things it seems
<zedtwitz> good morning!
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<zedtwitz> does the n stand for new?
<whitequark> yeah
<whitequark> at one point it was supposed to be a successor to Migen. that didn't work out, and we'll change the name to something else, soon
<zedtwitz> oh. i was already confused by the version of nmigen on m-labs repo, which wasn't updated since january of last year
<zedtwitz> do you know when it'll be changed
<whitequark> when i prepare everything needed for it
<zedtwitz> domain names and everything i guess. that's a big project in itself
<zedtwitz> did gatecat still need a particular pcie board? where do i have this memory
<gatecat> huh, not sure
<zedtwitz> hi!
<zedtwitz> it looks like the trellis board is built
<zedtwitz> maybe that was all
<zedtwitz> did you get the ultrascale you were looking for
<zedtwitz> totally forgot that nvidia bought xilinx
<zedtwitz> er amd
<whitequark> i thought i'm in a fever dream for a while, there
<zedtwitz> haha gotcha
<zedtwitz> got myself too
<zedtwitz> xilinx acquiring silexica while itself getting acquired is the same vibe as a fish saying "hold on sharkie baby, let me gobble up this tadpole before you eat me"
<zedtwitz> imo all these companies should be forced to publicdomain all their patents & trade secrets & IP every ten years
<zedtwitz> think of the amazing things they've locked away in a vault for 2045 or whatever
<zedtwitz> but maybe it'd be better if their stuff just becomes obsolete
<zedtwitz> </offtopic>
<zedtwitz> oh i forgot
<zedtwitz> once again offtopic but wtf happened to tinyfpga
<zedtwitz> the twitter acc is gone? did intel decide they didn't want an employee of theirs working on oss for another vendor's product
<zedtwitz> i wonder how many casualties like this happened during the founding of gcc etc
<zedtwitz> i guess the project reached its conclusion
<zedtwitz> good night. thanks all :)
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<FL4SHK> How can I use Xilinx primitives from nMigen? I'm guessing it's some use of `Instance`.
<FL4SHK> tpw_rules: thank
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<FL4SHK> I'm planning on using UltraRAM via an `Instance`
<FL4SHK> I'd like to use that memory for my L2 cache.
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