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<k-haze> Hello, is there any way to call verilog code from nmigen? (access to PLL is needed)
<tpw_rules> k-haze: yes, use an Instance: https://lab.ktemkin.com/post/nmigen-instance/
<k-haze> thank you!
<FL4SHK> How does nMigen play with stuff like Vivado's Zynq business?
<vup> anuejn and me are using it to great success (https://github.com/apertus-open-source-cinema/naps)
<FL4SHK> vup: that's for Zynq?
<vup> parts of it, yes
<FL4SHK> Neat.
<FL4SHK> I'll bookmark this.
<dragonmux> FL4SHK: we've been working on Zynq SoC and Ultrascale+ SoC support over at https://github.com/shrine-maiden-heavy-industries/arachne
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