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<sensille> is there a naming scheme convention, that everything named litexxx is a library?
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<jevinskie[m]> <MoeIcenowy> "(part of A-E115FB, but no DDR2..." <- I have their Arria V board and would like to get either full litedram support or at least support using Intel memory controller IP if anybody wants to help :) https://m.aliexpress.us/item/2255801119647489.html
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<jevinskie[m]> Anybody have a spiffy setup for editing a project on one device then rsycing the project to a build server, building, then rsyncing the results back to the editing machine?
<jevinskie[m]> If not I’ll try hacking one up using RPyC. I hate having to use a separate (arm64) Mac and Linux machine :P
<tpw_rules> litex one specifically?
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<wild> Hi, does anyone know how BARs are mapped internally with litepcie? Trying to map a BAR to a specific region on the device side.
<zyp> I think by default you're getting one BAR mapped to the CSR region
<wild> how is that set? via the mmap code in gen.py? Im trying to map an expansion rom bar to a region i have initialised with an option rom.
<wild> But havent figured out how BARs get assigned to a memory location on the device side. i.e the CSR region. Okay ill look for the CSR region mapping.
<wild> interesting, but I think this way of doing things id deprecated? https://github.com/enjoy-digital/litepcie/blob/4d9e07c73d7f24eabe3f3f8fe6a062b25be841cf/bench/kc705.py#L77
<wild> you set the pcie wishbone bridge to the base of the csr in the memory mapping. huh.
<wild> if i have multiple bars with different mapping locations on the device side i will need different bridges?
<zyp> I suspect you'll have to edit the xmls for the xilinx IP instantiation to add more BARs
<wild> I already have that covered, in the s7pciephy.py i updated the config for Expansion_ROM_Enabled, Expansion_ROM_Scale, and Expansion_ROM_Size
<wild> and the host recognizes an exp rom now, but its not enabled and doesnt point to anything on the device.
<wild> i could have just supplied a config file actually as well.