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<sad_plan> Doomking: well.. tinyx runs through the framebuffer, so theres a performance hit for sure. but you dont need mesa anymore because of it. which imo is nice. theres also no support for super key, at all.
<sad_plan> and yes, dwm will work with tinyx.
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<Doomking> Not having super key isn’t a big deal
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<Doomking> Just wonder how much of a performance hit it’ll be, but I guess I’ll find out once I try it
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<sad_plan> yeah, youll notice when you try it. I personally dont think its such a big deal.
<Doomking> What additional steps do I need to get it to work? I saw on ehawkvu that there were some requirements to get it to work
<sad_plan> yeah, you just have to modify sx abit to be able to launch it
<Doomking> too bad I didn’t get to see this after I started my mass compile of xorg and other stuff
<sad_plan> I have the modified one in my repo. altough now that I think about it, I should really patch it instead of just ship the modified version
<sad_plan> tinyx still requires alot of xlibs, so I dont really see the issue
<Doomking> should i interrupt it? or should i let it finish before uninstalling it
<Doomking> ohh
<sad_plan> but sure, abort, and just kiss b tinyx, and itll fetch any missing stuff
<Doomking> gotcha
<Doomking> what’s your repo btw?
<Doomking> thanks!
<sad_plan> yw C:
<Doomking> since i’m not too sure how to minimize dependencies
<Doomking> how important is cmake and llvm? i must have those right?
<Doomking> i know cmake and llvm are needed for xorg if i’m not mistaken
<sad_plan> llvm isnt needed at all. its mostly needed for mesa, unless you use radeon/amd gpu.
<sad_plan> cmake also shouldnt be needed
<Doomking> oh that’s good, i can avoid finishing llvm. was at 55% before i aborted the build
<sad_plan> but you probably want a background setter, as the *default* background is.. bad
<Doomking> shittttt i wasted so many hours to compile those for no reason:(
<Doomking> what’s a background setter?
<Doomking> like feh?
<sad_plan> yes
<sad_plan> I belive feh also requires cmake. I use bgs, which requires imlib2, which ends up needing cmake.
<sad_plan> not sure about feh, or others for that matter
<Doomking> is there a minimalist background setter?
<Doomking> that doesn’t require cmake
<Doomking> i thought feh was almost as small as you can get
<sad_plan> bgs is pretty small, but its ends up requireing libjpeg-turbo, which requires cmake. Ive been looking for one aswell
<Doomking> so you have cmake compiled right?
<sad_plan> I use cmake for other things anyway, so it doesnt really matter that much to begin with
<sad_plan> yes
<Doomking> oh okay, was about to uninstall it 💀
<Doomking> thank god i didnt
<sad_plan> you can always reinstall it if its needed by anything else
<sad_plan> kiss will just do that for you if its needd
<sad_plan> s/needd/needed/
<Doomking> but don’t i have to compile it again?
<Doomking> that’s the biggest issue, to limit the amount of times compiling on my machine
<Doomking> but if i have to, then i guess i have too
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<Doomking> sad_plan: what window manager are you currently using?
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<sad_plan> if youve already compiled it, and you still have the tarball on storage, then no. kiss will take care of that for you
<sad_plan> im using glazier
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<Doomking> ooou i never heard of that before
<Doomking> how does that compare to sowm?
<sad_plan> its pretty niche tbh :p
<sad_plan> its comparable.
<Doomking> both seem to be very minimal floating window manager
<sad_plan> it uses xcb though
<sad_plan> yeeah, its pretty minimal
<Doomking> so glazier is a bit bigger than sowm?
<sad_plan> in comparisson to sowm, it doesnt handle anything but windows. so one has to use something like sxhkd to launch applications
<sad_plan> yeah, it has more LOC
<Doomking> Ahh, so I can assume glazier has more feature than sowm
<Doomking> In your opinion, what advantages does glaizer provide that sowm doesn’t? I want to get as minimal as possible, but not too the super extreme where it’s not practical.
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<sad_plan> glazier only has some window features really, double borders, teleportation. it can also change bordercolors depending on colors within the window. which is kinda a cool feature, but I dont care for it tbh
<sad_plan> but yeah, I suppose glazier has more features this way. but as I said, it only handles windows. nothing else. so one has to use sometihng like sxhkd to launch applications. with sowm, you dont need that
<sad_plan> regarding advantages.. I dunno. its made to be more unixy atleast. youre less bound to its already configured keybindings though, seeing as it really only has 3, which is move, resize and teleport
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<Doomking> sad_plan: For the font is there one where I can grab from the repo or do I need to download a file?
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<Doomking> Also any template for the sxrc?
<Doomking> Saw online who had a file with “while true; do …”
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<sad_plan> tinyx comes with the neccessary fonts to build. besides that you still need a font of any sort. liberation-mono i.e
<sad_plan> sx buildscript is like this
<sad_plan> this is the only changes you need to start tinyx with sx
<sad_plan> liberation-mono, or rather liberation-fonts as the package is calles is the old default for kiss. its in kiss-xorg
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<Doomking> huh that’s weird, i followed what you mentioned but when i enter “sx” nothing happens
<Doomking> i even tried /usr/bin/sx
<Doomking> but at least my screen doesn’t flicker when i enter sx
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<sad_plan> did you create a sxrc file?
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<Doomking> Yeah, I created a .sxrc file
<Doomking> tried to do something similar to the .xinitrc
<Doomking> and i copied a person’s sxrc config with the “while true; do …” not sure if that’ll work
<sad_plan> its not $HOME/.sxrc. its $HOME/.config/sx/sxrc
<sad_plan> and it has to be executable
<sad_plan> and you have to create your own, so you know whats going to start
<sad_plan> mine i.e. look like this
<sad_plan> if you dont need to start anything but dwm, you only need to add exec dwm into the script
<sad_plan> however, you can do sx sh $HOME/.sxrc
<sad_plan> so you can use that, but just running sx wont do anything, because it looks for .config/sx/sxrc if youve not set XDG_CONFIG_HOME to someting else
<Doomking> oh i see
<sad_plan> theres no reason to overcomplicate your sxrc.
<Doomking> yeah, i just placed one line to run the wm
<Doomking> i think the issue is that my wifi isn’t connecting so sx won’t work
<sad_plan> sx doesnt have anything to do with wifi
<sad_plan> sx works offline
<Doomking> wpa_supplicant went thru but the no queue state is down even after “ip link set wlan0 up”
<Doomking> damn… not sure why my sx still does nothing
<sad_plan> thats just runit trying to start wpa_supplicant. its a separate case
<sad_plan> is it execuatable?
<Doomking> I followed your earlier step with fixing sx for tinyx, but i’m not sure if it went smoothly
<Doomking> yeah it’s executable with chmod 755
<Doomking> but the sed line created _ then we rename it to sx to replace the original one from /usr/bin right?
<sad_plan> if youre refering to from my buildscript, then yes. we basically send the output of the sed to _, then overwrite sx with the content of _. which is what we want in this case
<sad_plan> ive pushed those changes to my repo, so you should basically just be able to use kiss to install it from my repo
<sad_plan> just make sure youre on the latest, as I pushed those changes afterwards iirc
<Doomking> Thank you!
<sad_plan> np
<sad_plan> does it work now?
<Doomking> I’m not sure why my wifi connection is acting up now?
<Doomking> now it says state dormant
<Doomking> nvm now it’s back to down
<Doomking> weirdly the wpa_supplicant successfully initialized but the other part isn’t working
<Doomking> i’m gonna try googling again, but they keep mentioning ip link set wlan0 up or ifconfig wlan0 up
<sad_plan> ive never really liked wpa_supplicant that much. but theres a trick you can use instead. do you have dhcpcd installed?
<Doomking> yeah
<sad_plan> ok, unlink /var/services/wpa_supplicant
<Doomking> my /var/service is blank
<Doomking> hmm something ain’t right with my system
<sad_plan> youve never activated any services then
<sad_plan> dhcpcd has to run for wpa_supplicant to work
<sad_plan> dhcpcd comes with a service script, so you just need to activate it
<Doomking> I ran “doas dhcpcd”
<sad_plan> see here. it gives some more info
<sad_plan> you can instead use the dhcpcd hook to start wpa_supplicant
<sad_plan> instead of using wpa_supplicant serivce script.
<Doomking> let me take a look
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<sad_plan> or use the wpa_suplicant serivce instead, if youd rather use that. its up to you really
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<Doomking> rip to my system
<Doomking> i’ll just chroot into my system and update it
<Doomking> the best i can do for now
<Doomking> thanks again for helping me out with tinyx and sx
<Doomking> I’ll report back on the progress, but hoping sx will work after installing your package!
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<sad_plan> yw
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<Doomking> sad_plan: what should i do with the “Could not init font path element /usr/share/fonts/100dpi” i installed liberation-fonts so i’m assuming this is something entirely different
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<asimovsh> someone have tested if hyprland without x support can run in kiss?
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